As polls near, BN gets more intolerant

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YOURSAY 'Regardless of whether Azrul is a member of PKR, that was his professional view. You could agree with him or disagree with him.'

Suspended economist stands by his analysis

Malaysian Born: Actually what is wrong with the premise of Bank Islam chief economist Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajudin's presentation?

He has presented what is abundantly obvious to any reasonably intelligent person who has even the most basic exposure to local conditions and facts on the ground.

I will admit that if you were to have made these comments even soon after the 2008 political tsunami, it would not have been supportable. However, Azrul's presentation was made at the tail end of 2012.

In fact, I would even go as far as to say his positions are conservative, and as well they should be.

Cala: I am delighted to learn that Azrul Azwar is standing by his statements made in Singapore recently. By being professional in his assessment, I am sure he has conducted his study based on industry's accepted practice.

In any scientific research before a finding can be taken seriously, normally a prescribed set of methodology must be followed, either conducted through a qualitative or quantitative method, or a mixed of the methods.

He can restate his findings in a court of law to support his findings.

Anonymous #75854042: The government should be thankful of Azrul professional analysis on Malaysia's economic outlook for 2013. His prediction of a narrow lost for BN is based on the current situation on the ground.

Based on this opinion, it is never too late to turn around the current political situation from a narrow lost to a narrow victory. BN must now work harder to overcome the high probability of a Pakatan Rakyat victory.

Multi Racial: Regardless of whether Azrul is a member of PKR, the presentation in Singapore was his professional view. You could agree with him or disagree with him.

Suspending Azrul made Bank Islam and Malaysia look bad. It seems the government is so intolerant and narrow minded. It shows to the world, one cannot express any opinion that is favourable to opposition otherwise you may lose your job.

Reformasi: I salute you, Azrul. What's happening to you is symptomatic of the culture in the bank and in this country - an intolerance of opinions that differ from that held by the powers-that-be.

You will be vindicated by the results of GE13. Be strong and take legal action to protect your reputation and your right to express your professional opinion.

Fairplayer: I think it is a gross injustice to punish anyone for speaking/airing their views or analysis, for that matter.

I share your analysis that Pakatan may win in the 13th GE. It doesn't matter whether the victory is narrow or huge. My heart's desire is to see a new, clean, fair and just government in place. God bless you!

Swipenter: Azrul, they expected you to behave, act and perform like Ms Listen 11 Times, but you didn't. You have a mind of your own and that is frightening to Umno and their crony linked GLCs (government-linked companies).

Who knows, if you had acted dumb and conforming you might be Bank Islam CEO in a few years' time. No Malaysian GLCs would dare to employ you now but the private sector is always looking for talents. Singapore too.

Look at how Singapore head hunted Hasan Merican once he decided he had enough of Umno politicians meddling in Petronas and decided to leave. What about becoming your own boss doing consulting work?

Good Men: This is old-style politics ala Mahathir. This is BN caught in a time warp, and this is the only answer they have when faced with those with independent thinking.

Suspending this young independent thinker was presumably to punish him and scare off others, but in today's environment, it has inevitably backfired, and will have cost them yet more votes.

But they can't seem to learn, because they know of no other way.

GBH: Azrul is rare in a sea of thieves, liars and cheaters. The truth shall prevail.

Ghkok: Encik Azrul, in my opinion you did your job as the chief economist of a bank, and you did it with great professionalism, competence and integrity.

Indeed, if you had not presented your findings, you would have been delinquent. You have no fear - any major international bank would be glad to offer you a job.

Stop Lynas Now: My salute to you. Mr Azrul. You are the type of talent this country needed badly - "professional, honest and impartial".

Unfortunately, this are code of conduct BN never practice and afraid to go anywhere near it.

Abasir: Young KS Bawani (University Utara Malaysia law student) stood her ground against an uncouth bully. And now to hear of Azrul doing the same is heartening.

If more Malaysians stand up to the tyranny of these self-serving Umno bullies, there is hope. If this awareness and resistance had been rhere over the last 50 years, we would not be in the hole we are in today.

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