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Unsolicited SMSes from BN an intrusion of privacy
Published:  Jan 23, 2013 3:22 AM
Updated: 10:20 AM

VOXPOP 'Never in the history of the nation has the ruling party intruded into our privacy with unsolicited mail and SMS shamelessly begging for support.'

'How can PM get voter details for new year letter?'

vox populi small thumbnail MW: Selangor BN coordinator Mohd Zin Mohamed spammed my handphone six times on three different phone numbers during the Christmas week, and before that it was consistently once or twice per week.

They even managed to spam my sister's newly registered phone even before my family members got her number from her. This is ridiculous.

Lin Wenquan: Never in the history of the nation has the ruling party intruded our privacy with shamelessly begging for support,

Is ‘Big Brother' of George Orwell's ‘1984' finally here? This is clearly an abuse of the machinery of state.

Will Umno-BN also have access to information on how we voted at the polls and use it to incriminate and blacklist those who went against them?

Should we lodge police reports against the National Registration Department (NRD) and the telecommunication companies (telcos) which supplied our names, addresses and mobile phone numbers for such devious undertaking?

I shall treat all unsolicited mail as junk and chuck them into the garbage bin where they rightly belong.

Llfly: I know of two young voters in my constituency who were apparently registered by some unknown people. They realised this when both of them received the letter from BN sent to their IC (identity card) addresses.

Funny though, in both cases, they have been overseas for years and did not register to vote themselves. Who is going to steal their votes, I wonder?

Jiminy Qrikert: Pakatan Rakyat should not have to worry too much. After having endured so much abuse by Umno-BN and literally living in fear of government reprisals and government-sanctioned assault of the people in Bersih rallies, the rakyat are exhausted.

For how long can the rakyat run and hide? For how long can the civil servants run and hide? Umno-BN thinks they can blackmail Selangorians on the water issue.

Come GE13, Umno-BN will be water-blasted into the sewage. Then the rakyat will drown them in spit.

Xiao Zhu: Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act, can it be applied here?

PKR marks Ropiaah's land in symbolic move to block deal

Anonymous #21828131: Every month we have a new expose pertaining to corruption involving the BN. Still, those accused have remained silent and never dared to rebut the allegations.

In the corporate world, there is no room for this kind of behaviour. You would be sacked within 24 hours as corruption can lead to the downfall of a great company due to the loss of trust by its employees.

Employees would resign to seek other companies which are transparent, efficient and clean.

Anon: Well done, PKR women. Do not let it die down. Expose this corrupt woman who earlier criticised Shahrizat Abdul Jalil over the National Feedlot Corportion (NFC) scandal.

Of course, she was not standing up for what's right, just merely wanted her out of the way so she could make money on illegal Umno-sanctioned land deals herself.

Rally at Guan Eng's service centre urges fresh polls

Gods Messenger: It's very obvious that the protestors are supporters from certain top party members from the mainland.

All members should respect the party's decision and stand taken by their leaders on the matter. Those party leaders who lost in the polls must not use such tactics in getting supporters to turn protesters.

Party ethics and rules must be upheld at all times. It's time to focus on GE13.

Anonymous_4056: It is interesting to note that former DAP vice-chairperson Tunku Abdul Aziz's degrading comment regarding newly elected central working committee (CEC) member Zairil Khir Johari.

How true that God's word says that education does not make a man mature, so it is God's word hidden in our heart that will do it.

Kosongcafe: I watched tonight's TV news - the staged protest by so-called DAP members got the attention of the home minister.

That was a giveaway as only BN-initiated protests get wide TV coverage and personal attention of PM, DPM and/or other senior ministers. Those candidates who lost at the CEC election should be the ones concerned if ever there was manipulation.

At this stage, whoever won or appointed to be CEC members have yet to taste real power at federal level. Compare this with Umno, a party which president invariably becomes PM for the past 55 years.

Were the public allowed to question their elections; no-contest for top post; and so on?

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