'Polls panel's honest-work productivity at zero percent'

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YOURSAY 'The EC is just like the police force in Malaysia - useless and unreliable. It should win an award for its data inaccuracy.'

More 'phantom' voters get Najib's New Year letter

your say Another Egypt Or Another Syria?: The Election Commission (EC) is the biggest hurdle for Pakatan Rakyat to form in the next government.

In 2008, they was caught by surprise, but they have since had five years to plan. For Pakatan Rakyat, postal and overseas ballots remain their weakest spots.

As to whether Malaysia is another Egypt or Syria, I hope it will be the former, because Anwar is known internationally for his modernistic and moderate Islam, which makes him an acceptable alternative to the Americans and the West.

All this while, PAS (which is giving Umno a big headache in the rural heartlands) and the Malay middle-class have certainly have had enough of the BN government's corruption and cronyism.

FellowMalaysian: There are 500,000 new voters in Selangor, and 134,000 of them were found to be "displaced persons of questionable origin". A quarter of the new voters are of suspicious background.

This figure is far too big for my comfort. The EC needs to explain this discrepancy and be more transparent in its work to resolve the problem of 'phantom' voters.

Clever voter: It's time to step up the pressures for change. We must get this right, otherwise we are no different from a feudal system where the few privileged, but powerful landowners rule the land, while many of us are being fed with once-a-year handouts, subsidies for a smart phone, and having to beg for small contracts. Get the picture?

NewMsia-GE13: This can only mean that BN is determined to take back Selangor with whatever means possible. So Pakatan must have an alternative course of action, if BN plans to win by even a small margin with these phantom voters in their list.

Anonymous #25595435: We want the whole existing EC team to resign, and a new team set up to get the electoral rolls cleaned up so that Malaysians will have fair and just elections.

BN is going all out to play dirty, and if we suspect any foul play, we should ask for a re-election. BN, don't ‘play play' with the rakyat. We all know what you are doing.

Kgen: The EC has no interest in cleaning up the electoral rolls. In fact, the EC is actively padding the rolls with phantom and illegal voters.

With BN's control of the postal votes, media, money and machinery, as well as the gerrymandering of the seats , the opposition is going into the fight with one hand tied. But this is not enough for BN, and they still want to cheat massively. Shameless cowards.

Anonymous #79199503: What a waste of money it is to pay for all these employees at the Election Commission for allegedly cheating and committing fraud against Malaysian voters. Their ‘honest work' productivity is at zero percent.

Anonymous 11: Listen (11 times), act like gentlemen and don't play dirty just to win GE13. The rakyat are now alert, aware and diligent. You can't fool them with your dirty tactics anymore.

Fairnessforall: Where is Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin? He was the one talking big that BN is not cheating. This is a clear-cut case, what with people who have not registered being registered, people being registered in other people's addresses... why is he so quiet now?

Onyourtoes: If PM Najib Abdul Razak had not sent out the New Year letters, does it mean that Pakatan would have no means of knowing all the phantoms that exist in the election rolls? I don't think we can fight electoral roll frauds on a piecemeal basis.

Has Pakatan sent up a team to systematically comb the rolls, and highlight all the discrepancies once and for all? What has political analyst Ong Kian Ming been doing since joining the DAP?

Pakatan must highlight all the discrepancies and take the EC to court as a test case.

Anonymous #07910507: The fact of the matter is the opposition has been talking/shouting/stopping buses/made police reports/taken up cases, etc, about phantom voters for decades.

But the rakyat never heard or listened. Why? Some rakyat self-reflection might be in order. And as long as the "duped/fooled rakyat" didn't hear or were too afraid to take action, the EC, Umno, MCA, MIC, etc, could get away with murder.

Now the rakyat's eyes are wide open, change has to happen. Now is the time. Each and everyone one of us has to go out and open more eyes. It is not just the opposition's job. It is our job as responsible citizens in a democracy. The question is are we willing?

Shemc2: The EC is just like the police force in Malaysia - useless and unreliable. It should win an award for data inaccuracy, being an Umno slave, and most of all, it must win an award for being the most corrupted commission.

Appum: The person to answer and be held accountable should be Najib, since his signature on the letter is there for all to see. It is obvious that the plan backfired.

Raja Chulan: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is a cheat. By promoting the ‘Leadership by Example' slogan not so long ago, many in Umno, EC, and the National Registration Department (NRD) are following his example. Najib is merely following tradition.

Relevancy: One can wonder, how about the other states, and how many more phantom voters are there? It would not be surprising for me that the numbers could be much higher.

Liujinzhong: My wife and I had voted in Taiping in the last two GEs. We have never moved our house in the past 12 years.

Now online searches show that my address remains in Taiping, but my wife's address has gone back to Penang. Just how can you tell citizens to take their voting rights seriously?

Dappy: What does the Election Commission have to say about this? They will say that this is a very small percentage of the overall total of the nation's voters. So it is negligible, and no action by them will be required.

Mahashitla: By not taking any action, the EC commissioners are putting their heads on the chopping blocks. It is better for them to do something now rather than keeping quiet. Otherwise, should Pakatan win, they will have to face the full force of the law.

Anonymous #33877536: Umno-BN did not make a mistake, the almighty God is revealing all the dirty work done by them. Sooner or later, they will have to answer in this world, not the next.

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