Don't hold your breath, Ibrahim Ali is untouchable

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YOURSAY 'If the Bible-burning remark is considered not serious enough for the police to charge him, I do not know what is.'

Ibrahim Ali called up by cops

your say Louis: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is given too much face by the authorities. His racist remarks would have landed any other person in jail long, long ago. But the authorities seem to tolerate him willingly.

If the bible-burning remark is considered not serious enough for the police to charge him, I do not know what is. Wait till the troubles start?

Odin: See the preferential treatment that the police have accorded Ibrahim Ali? They only called him up to talk about his threat. He did not even have to travel to a police station to be questioned. That was done on the telephone.

Were it someone from the Pakatan Rakyat or you and I, they would despatch their men to our house or office, handcuff us, and take us back to their station.

Tehachapi: This is the best opportunity for the BN government to demonstrate that it is for fairness and justice. If it handles this case well, it might regain some credibility back.

If it yet fails again to bring Ibrahim Ali to justice, then the prospect for regaining credibility is gone forever.

Omega: I agree with Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hasan Syed Ali that blogger Patrick Teoh's remarks were very irresponsible. These people say senseless thing just to be famous and attract attention without realising what a fool they have made themselves look like.

Multi Racial: Syed Hasan, have you just came back from Siberia? Patrick Teoh was called by Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for questioning about a week ago.

He has since withdrawn his statement and apologised to the Muslims. If you read some of the blogs, you will realise nobody is happy with Patrick Teoh's statement.

Now comparing what Patrick Teoh and Ibrahim Ali did, it is obviously what the Perkasa chief did is more serious. However, unlike Patrick Teoh who was immediately called up for questioning, Ibrahim Ali was left alone as if his action was condoned by the BN government and the authority.

I suggest in future before you make any comment, Syed Hasan, it would be wise to know the facts first. Keeping yourself updated will be useful. Otherwise you make a fool out of yourself.

Anonymous_4144: I'm a Sarawakian and I have checked with several Christian groups in Sarawak, which include several native communities, on this currently hot issue.

Christians in Sarawak have been using the word 'Allah' for as long as they can remember. Most of Christians I spoke to are irked by what is going on. To them, this is religious persecution.

Most of them have traditionally been BN supporters but that is fast changing. Eight out of 10 rural Christians I spoke to are switching sides.

Onyourtoes: Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail had said police must investigate actual incidences of bible-burning in order for any action to be taken. Really?

We must wait for actual incidence to happen before any action can be taken? Is this the new definition under the Sedition Act?

Was he saying now we can say anything we want, inciting and causing hatred anyway we like so long as no actual incidences of any kind have happened?

Bystander: The AG said nothing much can be done unless and until there is actual burning of the bibles. So now everybody can threaten anyone and the police can do nothing.

I can now threaten to kill someone I hated and the AG will only instruct the police to take action only when I actually kill him or her? Stupid as stupid as he could be.

No change in Pakatan stance on use of 'Allah'

JMC: I salute Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim for his consistent stand on the issue of ‘Allah'. It's time the people of all faiths wake up to face the stark realities in our country at present.

Anwar has demonstrated his magnanimity and it is the people who must now respond with restraint and concern for those of other faiths, to accommodate and respect their unique differences and sensitivities.

Hbasill: I hope the doubt is cleared and that the PAS syura council can say what they want and it only applies to PAS only.

Otherwise Anwar and DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh would be wasting their time talking to guys who don't have the mandate, including PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Jiminy Qrikert: Anwar said that their (Pakatan) stance has not changed - Christians can use the ‘Allah' word but he stopped short of qualifying " the Malay Bible and in worship".

Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) legal adviser Professor Emeritus Shad Saleem Faruqi, called a spade a spade - he said to the effect that PAS syura council in making those statements preventing use of ‘Allah' by Christians as having very weak knowledge of Islamic teachings and its history and it contradicts our freedom of religion and free speech.

Anwar stands for political expediency. Shad Saleem stands for simple truth, honour and principle. We want people with values like Shad Saleem for the next generation of our leaders.

PAS lacks these values, having decided to sacrifice the Christians in order to appeal to the Muslims. We cannot have such people in government.

Anwar is careful in balancing the situation to ensure everyone wins and no one loses. It is people like Anwar that the rakyat can check with as we go into the future. Therefore, we must register our protest against PAS.

Barnie Flintstone: Anwar can even wear an Indian costume and be at ease in it. I respect him for respecting other religions and cultures.

Indeed, Anwar was so much at home in the recent Sri Sentosa ceramah. He even joined the young dancers on stage and did not think he was doing anything wrong.

Relevancy: All I can say is, isn't religious corruption one of them? As it is, there are religious idiots who think their way is better and are stopping others.

Yes, we should fight corruption that includes religious corrupt bigots who intend on using their power of earthly-defined knowledge, not God's words.

YF: Pakatan's stance may not have changed but the perception of the rakyat for PAS has changed dramatically. PAS is not for all and their ‘You Must Not Oppose' stance is just another Umno in disguise.

Thetruth: If asked to chose between a racist and corrupt secular government, or an Islamic, clean and non-racist government, I will chose the latter.

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