Will Sugumar's custodial death become Kugan II?

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YOURSAY 'What has happened to Sugumar could have happened to any of us. People are justifiably angry about the way precious life is being trampled on.'

Cops blasted for covering up 'turmeric murder' case

your say Tehachapi: We should cry out and demand justice for C Sugumar and his family. This is a waste of a life one too many.

What has happened to Sugumar could have happened to any of us. People are justifiably angry about the way precious life is being trampled on.

Lim Chong Leong : The police say this is a case of "sudden death". Of course, that is true. Sugumar died suddenly after being beaten while he was handcuffed and choking on turmeric. That does not make it less of a murder.

Just like when Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu was shot and blown up with C4 plastic explosives. As with Sugumar, death too came suddenly for her.

Odin: One simple question - if Sugumar had died of heart attack, which we shall presume to have come on naturally and thus there was no foul play, why then were members of his family not allowed to view his remains? There would have been nothing to hide, would there?

Gerard Lourdesamy: It is time for Indians to take to the streets to demand for justice for Sugumar. He was a mentally-ill man with no criminal record.

We demand an royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to investigate the circumstances of his death and the immediate setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

If the Malay-dominated police force thinks that it can get away by exterminating innocent Indians simply because of race and religion, they have it coming.

I am sick and tired of this rogue and lawless behaviour from the police. They are nothing but hired assassins with a gun.

Anonymous #43051382: As usual, the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) will point fingers at their victims. Don't you realise that those deaths under police custody all involved young adults who were fit and healthy but suddenly suffered some ailment?

What is worse is that the government hospital staff doing post-mortem on those bodies have also become devils covering up the evil work of the PDRM.

Cala: Based on Durkheim's social fact argument, when there is a pattern of systemic mistreatment of the Indians by the police that causes deaths, the social phenomenon must be explained in a social context, beyond the actions of actors-agents.

Are such incidents not the result of five decades of marginalisation of the Indian community by the Umno-led BN regime?

Jambu Batu: Where are the MIC leaders? For the Batu Caves condominium issue, they were there with the press. For the demolishing of the Hindu altar in Sepang, they too were there with the press. When a poor Indian died in custody, they were missing.

Disgusted: These types of police brutality and deaths will go on indefinitely unless the people who empower the police are removed from their seats of power.

Vote Umno-BN out in the coming 13th GE and we may have the police force revamped from top to bottom and have an IPCMC at last.

Gandhi: MIC Youth's T Mohan or C Sivarajah - the so-called champions of the Indians - where are you? I guess they are thinking of forming a committee to find out why Sugumar's family is making so much fuss.

MIC is phobic to do anything that needs gonads to go against the BN government. So far not a word from them about the tragedy but yet they want Indian votes. MIC should get turmeric powder and feel the people's agony.

Tehachapi: First, we have to hold the home minister responsible and he has to come up with an explanation to all Malaysians, not just Indians.

Ask him what he would do if one of his children or relatives is being treated the same way as C Sugumar? Do you think Sugumar and his family are not human beings with feelings?

Mat Salleh: When even a police chief can lie blatantly, you don't have to guess very much where civil liberties and human rights are headed in Malaysia.

One ex-PM started this rot and it appears the entire Umno bureaucracy is now under his spell. God bless this cursed nation.

Anonymous_3e86: It is sad the way the country is heading. There is no accountability in all government agencies. Those upholding the law break the law themselves and show no accountability nor responsibility towards the actions of their employees.

They get away with corruption and even murder.

Tidakboleh: Cover-ups to make the police and the regime look good have been the standard operating procedure (SOP) from day one.

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