So Harussani, are Muslims in other countries all infidels?

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YOURSAY 'Maybe he should also explain how Muslims must disallow non-Muslims from using ‘Allah'. And what happens when Muslims ‘lose their patience'?'

Muslims become infidels if they let others use 'Allah'

your say Tholu: The assertion by Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria that Muslims in this country will become infidels if they allow non-Muslims to use the word ‘Allah' is ridiculous and entertainingly ludicrous.

He is one of those low intellect bigot who is blind to the religious understanding, acceptance and practice of the people world over.

Is he saying that every Muslim, I mean every single Muslim in Islamic countries such as in the Middle East and Indonesia are infidels since they allow the Christians to freely use the word ‘Allah' in their own faiths?

And like all non-analytic and dimwit bigots, he has appeared to be subtly calling for harsh actions (perhaps even ‘jihad') against the non-Muslims by his insidious words, "this would challenge the patience of Muslims in the country."

Isn't this statement much more provocative than Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's? At least Ibrahim just urged printed materials to be burnt, unlike the mufti who appears to want to see the ‘Allah' using non-Muslims physically attacked.

Vijay47: Maybe this latter-day Solomon should also explain how Muslims must disallow non-Muslims from using ‘Allah'. And what happens when Muslims "lose their patience"?

Anonymous #19098644: Based on this irrational, hate-filled statement by this ignoramus, all Muslims in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt and the rest of the world are infidels except for this idiotic Umno-linked extremist.

Gerard Lourdesamy: If by just allowing a non-Muslim to use the word ‘Allah', a Muslim becomes an infidel, what about Muslims who are corrupt, who commit murder or adultery, who drink alcohol, who eat pork, etc, etc - do they not become infidels?

Going by his statement then a good 95 percent of Muslims around the world have become infidels because there is no such ban in other Muslim countries, including the Arab peninsular where Islam originated.

Harussani, it is also the same infidels who are defending Muslim governments from Jordan to Oman, from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia even with troops, from the likes of Muslim extremists in Iran, Iraq and Sudan.

How come the Saudi Wahabbis are not concerned about the presence of infidels in their midst, where Christian worship is freely allowed on US military bases? Or in Kuwait, UAE and Qatar, where Christian churches can now be built. Even Saudi Arabia, which is the most conservative Muslim country in the Arab world, has not banned non-Muslims from using the word ‘Allah'.

Harussani is the same mufti who claimed that 140,000 Malay/Muslims had converted to Christianity. We are still waiting for the proof.

Then he said hundreds were to be baptised at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Silibin, Ipoh, causing a mob of Muslims to surround the church but it turned out to be another lie. It was only majority Indian Catholic children about to receive their First Holy Communion.

This man is nothing but a peddler of lies and deception. He frequently incites Muslims against non-Muslims and claims to know the whole truth. And yet he is in imperfect mortal. Harussani is nothing but an Umno politician disguised in religious credentials.

Onyourtoes: Harussani, how do you know when the word ‘Allah' is used by Christians, they are referring that word to a "lesser being"? How much you know about Christianity? How much you know the attributes of God that Christians believe?

Frankly, the holy God needs no protection or defence from defiled or depraved men. This issue would have died a natural death if only people like you have not been so assertive and dogmatic.

Anonymous #58458950: Can someone please translate what "lesser beings" mean? Is he referring to all non-Muslims? Is he implying that Allah made the Muslims and another God made the rest of us and formed the other religions?

He better go do his homework - the same Allah is the one and only supreme almighty being of Abraham who is the ancestor of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Incidently, Abraham was a Jew and as Ishmial was his son, he is also a Jew and that is the ancestory of the Muslims.

So, don't condemn the Jews so much. That is where your roots are.

FairMind: What is the supposedly holy man doing at the official opening of the Damara Care and Herbs Sdn Bhd? That tells how much of worldly interest he has.

Mahashitla: A religious man is always seen to be upright. He will never use harsh words on people who differ in opinion from him or even criticise people of other faiths. Religion teaches good and produces men of exalted honour.

If a man continues to close one eye on the wrongdoings of the party he preferred and continues to support it, then he is only a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Sikh or a Buddhist by name only.

And if he continues to condone such wrongdoings, he not only betray his religion but has sold his soul to the devil.

Julia: This explains why Muslims in Malaysia have become what they appear to be now - intolerant, uncompassionate, unjust and arrogant. I am a Malay Muslim, but I am sick of this.

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