Only four BN leaders fail MACC's test?

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VOXPOP 'MACC should be doing its real job of charging the corrupt, not rubber-stamping candidates for a political party.'

Four BN top guns fail MACC's GE screening

vox populi small thumbnail Ferdtan: Please tell us which camps were these top four big guns who failed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) GE screening?

Are they from PM Najib Razak's, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin's or Dr Mahathir Mohamad's camp? There is always a political reason when MACC steps in.

Whichever camp they are from, sparks are going to fly. If these leaders are from Umno, we know for sure it would be a time bomb; they will only quit over their dead bodies.

Too much is at stake for them - without power, there will be no millions or billions worth of contracts to be gained. Moreover, it is a clear case of abuse of power, making use of a public institution like MACC for BN's private agenda.

SteveOh*: MACC should be doing its real job of charging the corrupt, not rubber-stamping candidates for a political party. You wonder if those they failed in the screening had been justly judged.

As I understand, the MACC did not pass the test of integrity itself in the Teoh Beng Hock case and in light of allegations of corruption by watchdog groups Suaram and Sarawak Report and opposition politicians and former top cops and public servants.

Until the MACC has passed the integrity test itself, one wonders if it should be screening anyone.

Slumdog: Every Umno-BN politician is tainted, but MACC can only find four who have problems with the law.

No fair-minded Malaysian will give any credence to anything MACC says or does. They are incompetent and an abject failure as a corruption-fighting body.

Two innocent people under their custody have died under mysterious circumstances with none of their officers made accountable. They never investigate any Umno-linked politician or any of their cronies despite mounting evidence of major corruption against many.

So how can anybody trust MACC to do an independent or impartial assessment of Umno-BN candidates?

OMG!!: Please elaborate, the four fail what test? If they failed the test, does it mean that they should not only be dropped as candidates but should also be prosecuted?

In any event, why are they not stripped of their party and government positions immediately? It only goes to show that Umno is not transformed and does not have the guts to transform.

Changeagent: There are so many strongmen and warlords in BN - every federal minister, menteri besar and chief minister is one. I doubt if BN has the resolve or moral conviction to drop any of its top guns from contesting in the next general election, let alone four.

Sinner: You must be kidding. You mean there are people from Umno who actually passed the test?

Himpunan Hijau shears credit cards in HSBC protest

David_3cfd: The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) has a dark history which they never talk about.

The truth is the bank was set up by drug dealers trading in the deadly opium trade in Shanghai. With all that money, they created a bank. Today they act like saints. Blood money become snow white with passage of time.

Two opium wars, also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars - involving the First Opium War from 1839 to 1842 and the Second Opium War from 1856 to 1860 - were the climax of disputes over trade and diplomatic relations between China under the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire.

The Treaty of Nanking (or Nanjing) was signed on Aug 29, 1842 to mark the end of the First Opium War (1839-42). It was the first of what the Chinese called the unequal treaties because Britain had no obligations in return.

HSBC was founded by Scotsman Sir Thomas Sutherland in the then British colony of Hong Kong on March 3, 1865, and in Shanghai one month later, five years after the Second Opium War was finished. So much for being a world citizen.

Ferdtan: The Malaysian HSBC's in their official website stated that the bank has a strong commitment towards the conservation of the environment, and is doing its part to protect and preserve the natural heritage for future generations.

HSBC is also helping to tackle one of the world's biggest environmental challenges, climate change, by becoming the first bank to go carbon neutral.

Really? How come they are apparently in business with the environmental unfriendly Lynas Corp by funding them?

Their commitment to their stated corporate core values and principles are certainly not in sync with openly declared statements to the public. Hypocrisy, not to say the least.

Boom Boom Pow!: I will cut my HSBC card and sprinkle the pieces with chemical by-products and mail it to the bank. I urge every person living in the country, be it foreign or citizens, to join our brothers in Himpunan Hijau for a better Malaysia.

Saying no to HSBC is saying no to environmental piracy.

Enlightened: I also cancelled my HSBC credit card a few months ago when I heard about this. Please don't forget to call them and tell them that you have cancelled your credit cards or they will continue to charge you the annual fee.

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