Nik Aziz on a mission to douse Bible-burning threats

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YOURSAY ‘In a world full of strutting arrogant peacocks, Nik Aziz is an icon of moderation, peace and fairness.'

Tok Guru to mend ties with the Christian community

your say Mirror On The Wall: In one quiet, swift move, PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat in particular, and Pakatan Rakyat in general, have defused a powder keg lighted by Perkasa and accelerated by Umno's mysterious silence.

All pronouncements by BN and its minnows have only been to fan the fires of religious intolerance.

From the (and this is serious) Friday sermons to the Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria's pontificating on infidels to Umno's silence, they have all fanned the flames, perhaps with the hope of starting something.

Fortunately, good sense prevailed in Pakatan and many other Malaysians. Nik Aziz, you have the thanks of a grateful nation.

Vijay47: It is rather sad that in Malaysia, a meeting of leaders of different religions is seen as a wonder and a surprise, when it should have simply meant another day in our lives.

Now the norm is to challenge members of another faith and threaten violence onto them. What is even more disturbing is that such calls to violence are often made by religious leaders themselves.

In Nik Aziz, we have a frail man in his 80s quietly going about reaching out to others of faiths and races different from his, to comfort and assure them during these stressful and frightening days.

In a world full of strutting arrogant peacocks, Nik Aziz is an icon of moderation, peace, and fairness. Again, how sad it is that others in their 80s fail to share in this vision.

Moontime: Here is an elderly man demonstrating what it means to be a good Muslim by extending his hand in friendship and mutual understanding to people of different religions.

Tok Guru Nik Aziz is a man known to be magnanimous and calm, despite all the brouhaha surrounding the controversies that affected Muslims and Christians alike.

He is so very different from ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who has time and time again demonstrated how vindictive and Machiavellian he is in his approach towards life.

I have nothing but the utmost admiration and respect for Nik Aziz. We are truly blessed to have a man like him as a leader who knows that there is more to life than material gains and physical structure. Indeed, spiritual growth is more important.

This is a fact that most Umno-BN leaders failed to understand, or perhaps chose to wilfully ignore. May Allah bestow upon him a long life, good health and the capacity to continue as Kelantan's menteri besar. Amin.

Tehachapi: You can see real leadership on display here. As fellow Malaysians, we should find every occasion to reconcile with one another in the spirit of love and unity.

After all, who cares more about Malaysia and its future than we ourselves. Isn't the whole concept of Pakatan about unity in diversity?

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecc 4:12. We ought to learn from this truth.

Tok Guru, you have honoured Islam and unmistakenly demonstrated what Islam is all about - tolerance, compassion, understanding, and humility before man and God.

Deep personal spirituality and conviction is to be shown in kind deeds, comforting words, quiet demeanour, and acts of courage and leadership, not by crude, threatening words intended to hurt and sow hatred and fears in the hearts of hapless people.

Never mind those false muftis, fake leaders and charlatans who claim to speak for the Almighty, the people know better. You have rightly reminded them to repent and to forsake their wicked ways if they are to find favour with God, the Almighty.

Anonymous_3e21: A sincere effort will bore lasting effect, while a public relations stunt will soon vanish into thin air. Malaysians must realise how the regime has practiced the ‘divide and rule' and it's about time we claimed back our beloved country.

NX: In Malaysia, Muslims in political positions practice 'political Islam'. Meanwhile, the average hard-working Muslims practice Islam the way it is taught in their holy book.

If only all the Muslims could differentiate between what is happening and don't succumb to the so-called false guardians of religion in this country.

Anonymous #43051382: Yes, just leave religions to the individuals. Just continue to teach people to do good and not evil. That will suffice.

Proarte: Before Christians heap praise on PAS and in particular Nik Aziz, did he announce to Pakatan that he would abide by the Pakatan consensus that Allah would continue to be used in the Malay Bible?

If the answer is yes, then why did he endorse the Syura Council's unanimous decision to ban the word ‘Allah' from the Malay Bible?

PAS has shown itself to be duplicitous and untrustworthy, making them unfit to speak on behalf of Islam. All Christians must make it a point not to vote for PAS election candidates who do not agree with the Pakatan consensus with regard to the use of the word ‘Allah'.

Christians must think very carefully about whether PAS can be trusted. It is the substance and consistency of policy which ultimately should matter to voters otherwise their vote would be a wasted vote if they allow themselves to be swayed by the public relations antics of PAS.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Both sides have made their point and let's leave it at that. The Federal Court should decide on this issue and either side must accept the decision. Enough of all the antagonism, suspicion and name calling.

As it stands, the status quo remains. The Alkitab can be used by East Malaysian Christians in their worship as agreed to by the federal government. As a gesture of goodwill, the PAS Syura Council should agree to meet with church leaders to discuss this issue with a view towards a permanent solution.

The ‘Allah' issue is just one of a few where PAS can agree to disagree with the PKR and DAP. It is not an issue on which the future of the nation ought to be decided.

The fight for democracy, justice, the rule of law, freedom, fairness and tolerance must continue. The enemy is Umno-BN and not Muslims or Christians.

Mahashila: Such a kind and warm gesture by Tok Guru not only touches the hearts of Penangites, but also Malaysians of all walks of life, especially the Christians, who were the most battered in recent times.

We should be putting our religious differences aside. Instead, promote the good that is taught in our religions, such as kindness, love and compassion, honesty and generosity, tolerance, thoughtfulness, etc.

When such a healthy atmosphere is dominant, we will surely come to appreciate and enjoy our diversity, deservedly calling Malaysia "truly Asia".

Hplooi: This is precisely the bridge-building between communities that we need. Real and sincere. Not the 'bridge burning', 'us against them' kind which we have been afflicted with for the past 40 odd years (since 1969).

Anonymous #29641466: Umno and its BN partners are running scared now that the winds of change are blowing from all sides.

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