What detergent to use? Get Be-BN-Gone

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YOURSAY 'There is no known worldly detergent that can clean what you have done to the election roll by registering hundred of thousands of illegal immigrants as voters.'

'What detergent do I use to clean electoral roll?'

your say Not Confused: I just cannot believe that a supposedly professional head of an important national agency like the Election Commission (EC) can make such an empty headed and insultingly flippant statement as this.

EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof epitomises the quality (or lack of it) amongst the country's leaders and civil servant heads. It's an utter disgrace that this over-the-hill individual is still allowed to totter on in his important position.

The electoral roll should be squeaky clean, not just "as clean as it can be." With all the recent revelations (and some older ones), his credibility is now non-existent.

He is still in his position because he is a card-carrying Umno member and is carrying out Umno's orders.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: The arrogance and mocking tone of Abdul Aziz's comments are typical of one so steeped in Umno culture that he can no longer remember what his professional duties are.

Hermit: When the National Registration Department (NRD) was issuing hundred and thousands of new identity cards to illegal immigrants, and while the EC has been following suit by registering them as voters, only a monkey sitting as the chairperson would not have realised that a treason of the highest degree is taking place.

There is no known worldly detergent that can clean what Abdul Aziz has done to the election roll by registering hundred of thousands of illegal immigrants as voters.

You will be remembered as a traitor by million of Malaysians and the curse on you and your offsprings will continue till doomsday.

Onyourtoes: Listen Abdul Aziz, first you must understand what we are talking here. We are not talking about random mistakes. We are not talking about genuine mistakes.

We are not taking about mistakes due to events unfolding each day such as deaths and voters changing address, et cetera. On the contrary, we are talking about manipulations.

We are talking about deliberate mistakes. We are talking about scheming and illegal actions knowingly taken by certain quarters to change the electoral rolls to favour certain parties.

The way you answered on blue IC holders' right to vote only show your contempt for truth and fairness. To you, it does not matter whether the ICs are genuine or legally obtained.

You are effectively saying as EC chairperson, you would allow these people to vote even though you know they are holding fake and illegal blue ICs?

This is who you are, may be you don't have the brain to see your own baloney.

Anonymous #21828131: Banks undergo these changes daily, yet they tightly control withdrawals. I say EC and Abdul Aziz, appoint an independent (not a crony company ) system auditor.

Sit down with them to identify the various weaknesses, now that we know as they are being revealed slowly by the ongoing RCI (albeit in controlled fashion).

But first be honest and let them know about the possible time frame, types of illegal entries and the secret codes that you have created.

Liujinzhong: For the past 12 years, my wife Ooi Boay Lan of Taman Suria Taiping, has voted twice in Taiping. Now her address has been changed back to Penang. Abdul Aziz, your officers said it would take four months to rectify the mistake.

Is your roll clean? No, it is not, not because someone has died but because your guys are messing things up.

They have just denied my wife her right to vote in Taiping. Of course, this is not a matter of any significance to you.

Aaron Fernandez: The only way to ensure free and fair elections, I believe, is for the EC to implement a new rule that all voters must bring their original birth certificate to the polling booths and present it on request by the returning officer.

This is an effective measure to ensure that only eligible citizens are allowed to vote. This is because all fake IC holders will not posses birth certificate since they received their identifications by signing statutory declarations.

Being foreigners, I don't think they have a birth certificate that shows that they are born in Malaysia.

OMG!!: The EC is a failed institution, run by incompetent people and treacherous people who were deeply involved in Project M.

It can't even maintain a clean electoral roll and is not transparent in the exercise of its "prerogative", which is tantamount to abuse of power.

If it is dysfunctional, just disband it and outsource it to some other more competent and credible organisation to do it.

Safety First: If your house is dirty because your maid think there's no point cleaning it since it will become dirty again, do you still want to keep the maid?

Dood: What detergent to clean the roll? Easy. Use BN-Be-Gone.

The only difference is no groveling EC in Australia

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