The only difference is no groveling EC in Australia

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YOURSAY 'The Elections Commission in Australia is independent and neutral, whereas the EC in Malaysia is helping BN to win by hook or by crook.'

'What detergent do I use to clean electoral roll?'

your say Starr: Yes, Malaysia and Australia are poles apart, not because we have different laws, different electoral systems and different conventions, but we have rogue characters manning the Election Commission (EC).

Malaysia and Australia are basically modeled from the Westminster parliamentary system which both countries inherited from the British. Since independence, Australia has moved on but we are heading the reverse direction.

Today, we don't have free and fair elections, we all know that and the EC knows that. It's not about different laws and systems, but about responsibility, transparency and good governance.

As to what detergent to use to clean up the electoral roll, to start with, the EC should take action against those involved in enrolling illegals as voters.

The on-going Sabah RCI (Royal Commission of Inquiry) provides ample evidence that action must be taken.

Telestai!: EC chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, the only major difference I see between the two countries is the Electoral Commission in Australia is independent and neutral, whereas the Election Commission in Malaysia is helping BN to win the election.

Apart from that, the entire electoral processes are 99 percent similar. In Australia, we have the state assembly called the state parliament for each of the seven states, and the federal parliament. Like Wilayah Persekutuan, Canberra is the federal territory with no state seats.

The party that wins the majority seats of each state forms the state government. The same applies to Parliament. The head of the state government, the premier is chosen by the assembly, which is the same for menteris besar or chief ministers in Malaysia.

The small difference is the states don't have a ruler and the country's head of state is the governor-general representing the British Queen, the equivalent to the YDP Agong.

Other than that, I suppose the people in Australia will not tolerate a clown like you running the EC.

Geronimo: "As far as the EC is concerned, we only accept citizens with blue MyKad as voters," said Abdul Aziz.

Is the man deaf or what? This is what we have been harping all along - illegal immigrants having blue MyKad. These are the people we need to weed out from the electoral rolls.

In other words, what he is saying is whether the person is illegal or otherwise, as long as he has a blue MyKad, he is entitled to vote. What bird brain explanation is this?

In fact, when you get certain constituencies experiencing a sudden jump in voter figures, don't these areas deserve some form of investigation?

No, no, the electoral roll doesn't need detergent anymore, you do. You need to be cleaned out from the EC office and the sooner the better.

YF: Abdul Aziz, the detergent to use is called "your brain", that is if you have one. It is not that the electoral roll must be 100 percent clean that the rakyat is asking for, it's that no action has been taken to rectify all the obvious errors in the roll.

So either you take action now or you've proven that you are part of the dirt in the electoral roll. Your inaction condemns your credibility, that is if there was ever one in the first place.

Mirror On The Wall: Your response of asking what 'detergent' to use just gave your intellect away. Do we, as members of the public, must teach you how to do your job?

By your statement, you have annulled the fact that we have free and fair elections. I was about to suggest that you step down but then an even bigger ignoramus may replace you.

Trublumalaysian: Dear EC chief, your response is clearly reflective of all that is wrong in our system.

Your misguided ignorance of the integrity of the electoral roll doesn't bode well for someone of your standing in the Malaysian civil service.

As a Malaysian; you should have been guided by moral tenets in your response instead of insipid answers which are seen to be beholden to the Umno government.

Simple tenets which any decent and responsible senior civil servant should stand by - courage, vision, trust and virtue.

None of this exists in the system anymore but only the threat of gloom and doom of violence and mayhem by the outsourced racist rottweilers who wail and howl at Umno's beck and call.

Paul Warren: You accept citizens with MyKad you say. But here you assume the MyKad is all clean. That it is a ‘good' MyKad. But I say it is not.

If I were to tell you that you can actually dispense with everyone with ‘71' in the middle, will you do that? No, you won't. Why? That is because you don't know what honesty means. You are a liar and a cheat.

Gordon Gecko: Excuses, excuses, excuses. Try not to use a ‘detergent' supplied by Umno-BN. You'll be amazed by the effectiveness of the ‘other' brands.

Not Convinced: Here's a quick response from DAP. Watch this video . It's hilarious.

What detergent to use? Get Be-BN-Gone

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