Burma may soon overtake us in press freedom

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YOURSAY 'What does Najib have to say about the drop in press freedom ranking? We will probably be below Burma next year.'

M'sia records worst-ever ranking on press freedom

your say Tehachapi: This drop in press freedom ranking reflects poorly on how Malaysia intends to build a vibrant knowledge-based economy. Without press freedom, intellectual exchange and debates are impossible to flourish.

Consequently, the nation is deprived of original ideas to transform itself. Threats of prosecution and various form of sanction will only breed politically-correct polite propaganda but devoid of originality and substance. An oppressed mind is not a productive mind.

Cala: The intention of having the mainstream media under the control of the powers-that-be, the Official Secret Act and the unequal treatment between Utusan Malaysia and those not favoured by the ruling elites, is to create a situation where information flow will be restricted so that rent-seekers may continue to do what they know best with impunity.

Of course, due to lack of information, there is no need to account for one's conduct and so irregularities in governance is the rule of the day.

Kgen: What does the ‘false democrat' Najib Abdul Razak have to say about the drop in press freedom ranking? We will probably be below Burma next year.

Paul Warren: Well, at least we can be proud that we beat Singapore all the time on this one.

Multi Racial: I would not even consider some newspapers as media. Utusan for example, is more of a Umno newsletter or propaganda sheet.

The Star , News Straits Times ( NST ) and several others are not far from it. The local TV stations are equally just as bad.

Ngecui: If everything about Malaysia is reduced to a "perception", the problem remains that only Umno's perception is regarded as valid.

The perceptions of others have no place whatsoever. This is the prevailing rotten situation for far too long.

Kelate: Listen, listen, listen. It is not that bad. We are better than toilet paper and disposable diapers.

We are better than Palestine, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Iraq, Burma, Gambia, Mexico, Turkey, Swaziland, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Equatorial Guinea, Djibouti, Laos, Yemen, Sudan, Cuba, Vietnam, China, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea.

Malaysia Boleh.

Madcow: I don't understand why so many people want to change government. BN has been keeping Malaysia prosperous and peaceful.

Our foreign reserves is among the highest in the world thanks to the strong economy. We have also consistently achieve surplus budgets year after year, thanks to our natural resources.

Crime rate is so low that we do not see police on the streets. Our top class universities produce top quality graduates so much so that other countries are pinching them.

However, we do not need to worry about the so-called 'brain drain' because there's a constant influx of talents from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Burma, Philippines and Pakistan.

In appreciation of such talents, we even give them citizenship. Other countries are so jealous of our achievements that they are trying hard to dislodge Malaysia as the world champion in corruption.

We are already a world champion. So why the need to change the government?

M'kini most trusted among undergrads, study finds

Mirror On The Wall: What is heartening is these youth will be the leaders tomorrow. If they read Malaysiakini , then there is hope yet of a better tomorrow.

Abuminable: Congratulations, Malaysiakini ! Apart from being a bold and fearless pioneer in the field of online news, your readers also leave the most enlightening comments - apart from the small handful of paid Umno cybertroopers who serve as comic relief.

Wira: Still, 23.6 percent of our students in those premier public universities believe Utusan Online . Umno has been effective in sowing racist lies and spinning news.

Onyourtoes: The survey said more than 50% of the students surf Malaysiakini , 40% Utusan , and 30% Harakah and Star .

I can tell you this - probably the same students are surfing all these online papers. No meaningful conclusion we can get from here.

Hermit: Utusan surprisingly obtains close to 24 percent. More often, those who buy Utusan use the paper for cleaning purpose.

For me, I despise reading Utusan but my spouse, a government servant, loves reading it. After my spouse finishes reading it, the paper is used to clean the kitchen and to wrap kitchen rubbish.

Gotcha: My friends and I have stopped purchasing NST , The Star and Utusan sometime back due to their one-sided and tampered news. Just look at the recent number of court cases against these media.

PCIM: After reading the different news portals, my friends and I affirm that Malaysiakini is the best source of political information. It's indeed worthwhile reading.

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