EC must answer for 'automatic' registrations

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YOURSAY ‘I doubt if anything can be done to undo such a large scale fraud in such a short time before the 13th general election'.

My daughter in London is a voter in Selangor, says DCM

your say Mirror On The Wall: This is the mistake that broke the camel's back. It's now clear that the problem is endemic and has spread to the peninsula as well. I doubt if anything can be done to undo such a large scale fraud in such a short time before the 13th general election.

Of course, nothing will be admitted by the Election Commission as they keep searching for that elusive 'detergent' to clean the rolls.

Anonymous #67264380: I have written this before - my daughter, who is also studying overseas, never registered but is in the daftar pemilih (voter register). Is somebody suing the EC? I would like to join them.

Anonymous #15315623: My daughter who is in New Zealand was also sent a letter from PM. She definitely did not register as a voter as she turned 21 while overseas and did not come back to Malaysia during her entire stay overseas.

Onyourtoes: I think we have to be absolutely clear first - receiving a letter from Najib Abdul Razak is different from registering oneself with the EC.

It is reasonable to assume that those who received the letters from Najib are registered voters, but it is better to check with EC first whether or not their names have been registered.

Anonymous #10786680: A pastor friend of mine, on reading this article, checked his older brother's MyKad in the EC site and to his horror, his brother, who has never registered before, is listed as a voter in Semenyih. Is this BN's desperate ploy to win back Selangor?

Anonymous_3e86: This illegal registration exercise has been going on even before the 2008 general election.

A friend of mine found her name in the polling list when she checked online after she heard about this fraudulent registration. True enough, she found her name on the list.

EAD: Can there be a legal recourse to this? With so many people claiming that their children overseas have been registered without their knowledge and the EC does not seem to be doing anything, can they now challenge this in court to uncover who is up to this?

Krissman: Chances are if Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy had not caught it, his 25-year-old daughter Sri Vaitheki would have ‘voted' for BN.

How many Malaysians, besides those illegal voters, have been and will be voting for BN without their knowledge? All these show sheer desperation on the part of BN and its component parties.

Hplooi: This is just the tip of the iceberg. I predict BN will win and possibly retake Selangor, but with a thin majority.

Watch out for marginal and rural constituencies. That's where most of the 'new' voters (remember the bus loads caught ostensibly attending a ‘kursus'?) will be.

Multi Racial: Yes, yes, yes there are just too many of this happening. Some hanky panky is going on. It this PM Najib Razak's Project IC?

The EC chief and his deputy should resign immediate if they do not provide any credible answers to this. We propose Bersih co-chairperon Ambiga Shreenevasan be the new EC chairperson.

Saddened: Might as well delay the election and re-register everyone in Malaysia. A clean-up must be expedited because it is pointless to vote under such unfair means.

Foo: Ramasamy, by now we all know all the dirty tricks of BN and EC, which were whispered and rumoured in the past. It is nothing new but what is Pakatan Rakyat doing about it to ensure a more level-playing field?

Anonymous #47497449: May I please ask - since you are DCM of Penang and you are telling everyone to register to vote - why your daughter did not do the same?

The same goes for your aide - why is her brother not registered to vote in the first case? It's better for politicians to walk their talk. A bit disappointed I must say.

Gunner: BN is feeling the pressure and stress so it resorts to more desperate tactics. Don't be surprised if Umno-BN goes to all the zoos in this country and register the orang utans, monkeys, crocodiles and elephants as voters.

This has been done successfully in Sabah. Believe me, desperados will do anything to survive.

Anonymous #10786680: Besides checking whether you are in the electoral roll and also whether you have been relocated to another area, everyone must also now start checking the ICs of family and friends who have never registered to see whether they are now registered and, if registered, where they are registered to vote.

Anonymous #26001671: This is very dangerous game to play. If they can use our IC details to register us as voters, they can also use it for other illegal things.

Malaysia, what have you become? How can the PM do such a thing and God save Malaysia if he were to rule again.

Anonymous_40c8: It is a crying shame that The Star dare not put this in print although this is shocking news. If Pakatan takes over, what will happen to all the mainstream newspapers which are the tools of MCA and Umno?

Fairplay: It is not a matter of the EC not being able to clean up the electoral roll, but they do not want to. How can they? If they do, BN will be out for sure.

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