Between Anwar and Dr M, who do you believe?

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YOURSAY 'I dare to say that if Mahathir's antics work this time, then he will go down in history as the only living mortal who has fooled all the people all the time.'

I had nothing to do with Project IC, reiterates Anwar

your say Slumdog: I think the time for talking and speculating about the extent of the electoral fraud that the Election Commission and Umno have masterminded in Peninsular Malaysia, and in particular Selangor, has to stop.

The opposition parties, NGOs and Bersih need to come together as soon as possible and in a concerted effort to decide what needs to happen.

The country is facing a very serious situation. Various past and present politicians and civil servants have been complicit in this massive electoral fraud and have committed treason against the Agong and the citizens of Malaysia.

LittleGiant: The claim by Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader and PKR de facto leader, that he did not know anything about Project IC in Sabah during Dr Mahathir Mohamad's tenure as prime minister seems quite credible.

Having said that, I am shocked with his claim that this project continued even after Mahathir stepped down in 2003. It will be interesting to know when Anwar found out that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak, as prime ministers, continued with Project IC and his belief that Abdullah and Najib headed the project's task force.

If Anwar had knowledge of it earlier, why did he not expose this issue then? He certainly would have been aware of illegal actions and abuse of power involved in it. Did he keep it 'under wraps' for some reason and wanted to use it to his advantage later?

Though disappointed, I appreciate Anwar's willingness to testify at the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry) and hope to hear his 'revelations', which could clear doubts about how and when he came to know about Project IC and why he did not expose it earlier.

ONG: Anwar did not have a role in it does not mean that he did not know what was going on. It is extremely hard to imagine that as the DPM he did not know what was going on.

If he knew what was going on, did he or did he not agreed with Project M? If he did not agree with what was going on when he was the DPM, did he voiced his misgivings and objections?

While waiting to be called to testify, which may not happen, why not tell us everything that he knows about Project M during his time as DPM?

Mangodurian: Surely as DPM, Anwar knew about it as he already said he knows it is still going on under Abdullah and Najib - though he may not have a hand in it.

Will people fault Anwar for knowing about it and did not/couldn't do anything about it? I think not.

The PM is ultimately responsible, and the thing is Mahathir is not denying he was directly involved by defending the treasonous act as legal. So Mahathir has already relinquished his plausible deniability privileges with his comments.

FellowMalaysian: Wasn't Mahathir the guy who had 'selective amnesia' during the course of Lingam's RCI proceedings in 2007? He also testified late last year that during his 22-year rule as PM, he found former cabinet member Ling Liong Sik incapable of cheating or lying to the government?

And he is at it yet again, but this time around he suffered from 'cronic relapse'; inexplicably, what he had presumably forgotten in the past 15 years has somehow surfaced in his memory again only a few days ago.

I dare to say that if his antics work this time, then he will go down in history as the only living mortal who has fooled all the people all the time.

Kingfisher: There is very strong suspicion, if not increasingly obvious evidence, that a treasonable offence has been perpetrated by some senior officials in the Mahathir administration.

The offences, if true, will strike at the very heart of the constitutional legitimacy of the nation. It demonstrates contempt, betrayal and brings indignities to the constitutional monarchs and legitimate citizens.

Ordinary people are now left with a sense of desperation. How can this be possible and what else is wrong with this nation? What is the future for all its people of all races if such blatant crime can be undertaken by those who should have uphold the public trust?

Hibiscus: Between Anwar and Mahathir, I would believe Anwar. It is reasonable to believe that Project M was part of Mahathir's schemes to stay in power whatever the cost to the nation.

Mahathir's other schemes included gerrymandering , which resulted in widely disproportion representations of MP and state assemblypersons, the engineering of the sacking of the Lord President Salleh Abbas and other Supreme Court judges, the abuse of power to form Umno Baru using lies and deceit to sack and humiliate those who were a threat to his position as Umno president, and the abuse of the ISA to the hilt in Operation Lallang, among others.

DontPlayGod: What is to happen to those illegals who have been given citizenship? Will they have their citizenship taken back by the authorities (as should be the case)?

Will they still be allowed to vote in the next GE? Remember, they have been instrumental in helping put BN in power in Sabah as well as in peninsular Malaysia during the last three to four GEs?

If nothing is done, they will still help to put BN back in power in the next GE. It's time to come out in the open on the electoral rolls now, before the next GE.

Bender: Don't be surprised if Mahathir will claim that the ‘M' in Project M was not referring to him, but former deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub instead.

It would be easier to put the blame on an already deceased accomplice. Judging by Mahathir's behaviour lately, he could be contemplating on that even as we speak.

If the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) can do the same to the late Sarbaini Ahmad, then what's to stop Mahathir from victimising Megat Junid.

He tried to aim his gun at Anwar, but the bullet seems to bounce off him like a tennis ball. Next he might just take a bold but much easier step of shooting a dead man and see if that works to his advantage.

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