Slip sliding away from world's best democracy

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YOURSAY 'I would like to thank Najib for putting us on the world map again, where even outsiders clearly feel that our current government needs to be changed.'

M'sia slides in global human rights assessment, too

your say Starr: It came as no surprise that our human rights ranking is plummeting instead of improving despite PM Najib Razak's infamous statement to make Malaysia the "best democracy in the world".

It's only the Umno-BN politicians who are deluded from seeing the serious problems confronting the regime. They are blinded by power and position, not willing to look at themselves in the mirror, never mind about admitting their shortcomings honestly and humbly.

The number of negative international rankings of late is a clear testament of a government that is failing in all respect. Only the deaf and dumb could not see this, which is very much the case with Umno-BN politicians.

Mirror On The Wall: And the downward spiral continues. But what is frightening is that the BN couldn't care less. This is symptomatic of a crumbling empire (yes, empire is an apt description of what they have created here).

It seems that new and shocking discoveries are being made daily. And this regime ignores common sense and logic, creating its own set of warped thinking to justify its malicious misdeeds. And they still have the audacity to actually think that the people have voted them in.

Mr KJ John: Of course, any Malaysian will tell you that we are ruled by law, not the rule of law. Two rules for two groups of citizens. Others call that discrimination. Meanwhile, the Perkasa joker is still running loose.

Heavywater: Well, I would like to thank Najib and his government for putting us on the world map again, where even outsiders clearly feel that our current government needs to be changed.

Let's change the government, for our sake, for our children's sake and for our children's children's sake.

Abuminable: As a government that has mismanaged Malaysia since Malayan independence in 1957, BN has failed abysmally. The report card clearly shows F-minus.

Q..!: Congratulations, Najib Abdul Razak. You are a man of your word. If this is not a transformation you promised then what else is it? After another term under your premiership, Malaysia will be equal to Timbuktu.

Wira: Q..!, please don't malign Timbuktu. They have more press freedom than us.


Macabre Dr M vs Anwar story takes a predictable turn

Mohamad Abdul Malik: Well, I still remember the time when Anwar Ibrahim issued a directive to the state governments when he was the DPM. But it was not adhered to by Sanusi Junid, who was Kedah MB at that time.

If I am not wrong, Sanusi's recalcitrant attitude was publicly reported in the mainstream media then. And nobody could tell Sanusi otherwise.

It's public knowledge then that then deputy home minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub and Sanusi were both Mahathir's men. So going by this episode, I believe Anwar was indeed kept out of the loop.

I hope Mahathir would have at least some class by not resorting to implicating someone else and further diminishing his credibility if indeed he as any left.

Anonymous #32993250: I just want to remind Mahathir about his statement recently that Tunku Abdul Rahman, our first PM, should also be investigated under RCI (royal commission of inquiry) for issuing ICs to so-called non-qualified people at the early years of independence.

Without this issuance of IC and citizenship to Indians and Chinese at that time, we would still be Malaya and would not be able to convince Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore to form Malaysia in 1963.

Louis: A traitor never has principles. When he is cornered, he will use whatever underhand tactic to drag others down. The unkindest cut by this traitor is his accusation against our beloved Tunku. Yes, Tunku is by far way above this traitor.

P Dev Anand Pillai: We expected this and we also expected the sudden increase of "registered" voters who don't even know that they are registered in Selangor.

We have waited 44 years for this to happen, the last was in 1969. This time however the Malays themselves are the victims, soon they will have to ask themselves who the real Malays are, especially with so many 'new' Malays already being given ICs.

But this time, we have to come together and make the change happen. The change will be for the betterment of the country.

Mushiro: Accusing Anwar of direct involvement in the Sabah's Project M is an expected move from Mahathir.

With the backing of the MSM (mainstream media), Mahathir hoped to inflict maximum damage on Anwar, but this will backfire on him through the alternative media.

As Terence Netto wrote, even though not a single witness in the RCI has pointed a finger at Anwar so far, Mahathir still chose to implicate his enemy.

Fair Play: I suppose the man knows his time is up or will soon be up. There is no way out. So, why not bring down as many as possible and be damn with what is right or wrong.

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