Nik Aziz's 'divorce' too kind for Nasharuddin

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FREE YOURSAY 'Like an unfaithful wife who had been sleeping around, Nasharuddin should not just get a divorce but be kicked out of the family home.'

Nasha to Nik Aziz: Don't be cruel

your say Ferdtan: Nobody in their right mind can sympathise with the ousting of the former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa as he was really the author of his own misfortune.

It is rather surprising a person of his high status in the party (being once the second most powerful man in the political arm of the party) and a trained ulama to have a character of a ‘small-hearted' person with a massive attitude problem.

Immediately after he had lost the deputy presidency in the party, he became a problem child in the party. He has been sulking because of his loss of position in the party - the better Malay word for it is ‘merajuk'. How dare he accuse PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat of being cruel to him?

To us, it was too kind of Nik Aziz to use a mild word such as ‘divorce' on the person who had betrayed the party. We would much prefer to use words like: "You are sacked, terminated, expelled." Better still, tell him to get lost.

Louis: Nik Aziz used the right word: divorce. Nasha was married to PAS, but secretly slept with Umno. PAS, being the ‘husband', has a good reason to divorce him for committing adultery with Umno.

It is so obvious Nasharuddin is out to create trouble for PAS, and yet the party still want to retain him? Nik Aziz did the right thing.

Anonymous_4031: Divorce in Islam is easily executed. Just say "I divorce you" three times, the job is done.

By cohabiting with your enemy, you have sinned. So, go sleep with your new partner. Since BN leaders talk about "winnable" candidates, why not be a winnable candidate under BN?

Never mind if you lose, you can still become a minister. See how many unwinnable candidates in 2008 became ministers and deputy ministers: Sungai Siput (MIC), Hulu Selangor (MIC), Petaling Jaya (MCA), Batu Kawan (Gerakan), etc.

Wanderer: As a matter of fact, Nik Aziz was too kind and polite. Like an unfaithful wife who had been sleeping around, Nasharuddin should not just get a divorce but be kicked out of the family home.

Jiminy Qrikert: In a divorce between a man and his wife, a pronouncement via even SMS is sufficient for a man to get rid of his wife, but when it comes to sacking a party member from a council, a simple pronouncement is insufficient but needs to be 'properly done' via an official letter.

This twisted logic is amazing but then so is the logic that while the Muslim world at large has no problem with the Christians' use of ‘Allah' in their Bible, only in Malaysia do Muslims claim exclusivity.

I wonder how Malaysian Muslims reconcile such twisted logic. Or perhaps they don't and just accept whatever those in white robes and skull caps dish out.

Rahman: It's sad that the older he gets, the more arrogant Nik Aziz has become. This is a classic example of power corrupting absolutely. Nik Aziz is turning PAS into his fiefdom. He can do whatever he wishes.

The chairmanship of the syura council doesn't give him the licence to make a pronouncement on Nasharudin's membership. The party has rules and procedures to deal with delinquent members.

Nasarudin participated in the PM's trips as an MP. Can't PAS members engage Umno members? Otherwise how does PAS want to win over Umno supporters?

PAS has created unnecessary barriers in the Malay constituencies. Even Islam encourages engagement and brotherhood. What is Nik Aziz doing? It looks like PAS has suffered due to Nik Aziz's unreasonable enmity and hatred with Umno. The devil has won him over.

Rick Teo: Rahman, you are a political novice. Umno wants to get closer to PAS now because of its own personal agenda.

Umno hopes to win the next election with PAS' help. That's why it is finding ways to have the so-called Islamic unity embracing the Muslim ummah. That way Umno is certain of getting the Muslims' support using PAS as a conduit.

Armageddon: Nasha, we respect your belief that Umno and PAS should be cooperating with each other or even merge, since both are fighting for the same cause, i.e. race and religion, as you have claimed. It's a free country and no one should stop you from doing that. After all, it is your democratic right.

But you have to respect PAS' right as a party to fire you, and you can still fight for your honourable cause through Umno assuming Umno wants to have you as a member. So, please get lost from PAS, you are not wanted.

Kunta-Kinte: I say, accept the divorce, no need to lament this and that. In short, you have overstayed your welcome so please go and join Umno and convince them of your politics. After all, Najib is very impressed by you. You might even become a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department.

TJK: Nasha is a wolf in sheep's skin. He is not stupid and he knows the consequences of what he has been doing with Umno. Why is he still insisting to be in PAS? He is just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Amoker: And Nasha still continues to talk to Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia instead of talking to PAS. How to sympathise with such a rotten character?

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