Nation can't wait, act now on citizenship-for-vote scam

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FREE VOXPOP 'Although the proceedings are still ongoing, what has been revealed so far is already staggering, sending shock waves across the nation.'

IGP must investigate electoral roll fraud now

your say Starr: The RCI (royal commission of inquiry) on illegal immigrants in Sabah is not a local issue; it is a national issue of gigantic proportions.

Not only MyKads have been issued illegally but also these illegals have been enrolled as voters, hence tainting the integrity of our electoral process.

The attorney-general has to act and do so without further delay. Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his deputy at that time, Anwar Ibrahim, have the duty to appear before the RCI voluntarily, as the illegal activities occurred during their tenure.

The whole world is watching the unfolding of the RCI inquiry, not only Sabahans and Malaysians.

Although the proceedings are still ongoing, what has been revealed so far is already staggering, sending shock waves across the nation.

So far, the Election Commission's relative muted response is only to be expected given the backgrounds of those manning the commission.

They are more interested in defending the image and reputation of the EC than righting the wrongs.

Joe Lee: Thank you, Mat Zain Ibrahim. The most revealing comment: "I do not know if it was our Election Commission (EC) which copied (Zimbabwean EC head) Tobaiwa Mudede's methods or the other way round, or both coincidentally shared the same ideas."

There is a good chance that it wasn't the respective ECs that shared notes, but the two respective dictators who shared notes - Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and our venomous and obnoxious Mahathir.

OMG!!: This is a treacherous act of the highest order. But can the inspector-general of police act when the Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak himself is mum on the subject?

Hplooi: If the rakyat needs to fund a class-action suit on this, so be it. I will be ready to contribute. I strongly suggest that 'civil society' (not political parties) should take this issue up as a matter of urgency.

Armageddon: If things said during an RCI cannot be used in a court of law, then what is the point of having an RCI. It only serves one purpose - for BN to use the findings.

If it is not in favour of them, the whole story will be swept under the carpet.

Fairplayer: On crimes committed by Umno, the machinery of the police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) instantly go into malfunction mode.

On trumped-up charges against Umno's rivals, or the simple-minded, they are extremely fast to act and arrest.

The police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the AG's Chambers, are seen as Umno's lapdogs and brutal thugs. Kick out this illegal government and their illegal MACC and judiciary.

Appum: Dear AG, IGP, and MACC, isn't treason a criminal act?

When there is evidence that a criminal act (which has no time bar) has been committed, why are you all still sitting quiet and impotent?

I should think the investigation should have already commenced. Or are you following the principle of the attorney-general - "that until the Bible is burnt, we will not act based on threats"?

My question to the AG is: If a person threatens to assassinate the good PM, will the AG wait till the assassination takes place before he acts? Can the AG and IGP answer this simple question?

Sabah CM admits he is related to Filipino conman

OMG!!: Sabah CM Musa Aman has to explain whether this distant relative of his, Philippine's most wanted conman Manuel Karingal Amalilio, is a Filipino or Malaysian.

If he is originally a Filipino, how and when be became a Malaysian? Was he a product of Project M or was he naturalised by Musa?

Finally, Musa should explain whether Amalilio assumed a Muslim name to get his Malaysian citizenship?

Mushiro: If this alleged conman was whisked away 10 minutes before he was to be flown to the Phillippines and the Malaysian police are not shedding any light on this, then the only possible reason is interference from Musa Aman or higher-ups. Malaysians are very capable of forming their own opinion.

Fair&Just: After reading this, it is very obvious that Bolehland is indulging in all sorts of crimes of corruption, plundering, cheating, stealing, etc and the latest is obstruction of justice.

It seems like they are all evil reincarnates and abhorrence to good and honest governance. Most of the ministers in the government do not have the nation's interest at heart and seems hell-bent in siphoning and plundering the nation to bankruptcy.

Ramsingh: Sabah police chief Hamza Taib, in your previous statement you said the alleged conman is not related to anyone in Malaysia. Refer your statement in Malaysiakini . Now, what have you got to say?

Clever Voter: What's the difference? Beyond their uniforms, their DNA are the same - anything but clean.

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