Last dance, BN-style, before the final curtain?

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YOURSAY 'Umno-BN needs foreigners to vote for them, and now they need foreigners to sing and dance and campaign for Najib.'

Penang gov't ex-Psy-ted over pop sensation's show

your say SKT: Come on Najib Abdul Razak, please bring Psy and free food to Selangor too. It is unfair for the Selangorians, who voted for Pakatan Rakyat like the Penangites.

I promise that if you help us, we will also help you - to become the opposition leader after GE13. Janji ditepati .

Disgusted: As long as BN is footing the bill and not using taxpayers' money, it's alright. But then again, there seems to be no difference between the government's public funds and BN's funds.

Splurging the rakyat's money goes on unabated until the elections. After that, our country's deficit will exceed RM600 billion and if BN is kicked out, it will be Pakatan's baby.

If BN wins, all the monies doled out will be taken back two or three folds through increased taxes and rates. God help this country if BN rules for another five years after that.

Anonymous #29641466: Let everybody enjoy Psy's ‘Gangnam Style' concert. The fact that Psy will be performing a concert in Penang does not mean that the fence-sitting voters will change their minds and vote for the corrupt Umno-BN coalition.

Corruption, arrogance, extremism and racism in Umno will not ceased or be erased by the Psy concert. Most of all, the young voters are intelligent enough to know who to vote for.

Lie detector: In Lim Guan Eng, we truly have a people's chief minister. Umno-BN needs foreigners to vote for them, and now they need foreigners to sing and dance and campaign for Najib - this is a social phenomenon only to be found in Umno-BN Malaysia.

BlueApple: I am sure that BN can win any seat in Penang... provided that it's contested by Psy, of course.

I Miss The Real Malaysia: Let's kill two birds with one stone. We should promote Penang with free food and entertainment for our fellow Malaysians.

No matter how low DAP gets, they will not be able to top BN. After all, BN has gone so low until they are now almost at six feet underground.

Anonymous #13268827: I can't see any reason why Lim Guan Eng shouldn't be the next PM of Malaysia after Anwar Ibrahim. Gobind Singh Deo can get a stab at it too... truly muhibbah (peaceful and tolerant) indeed.

Ah yes, I was only dreaming. Back to reality, let's make every vote count for Pakatan.

JomUbahUbah: I call on all Penangites to come out in full force to enjoy themselves by wearing the three colours of clothes - yellow, green and red representing Bersih, Himpunan Hijau and DAP Penang, respectively.

Fair and Open: Don't wear blue - it is the unluckiest colour, and only worn by the crook politicians of Malaysia.

Psy, please don't attend BN's party, plead Malaysian fans

2LAN: You ask me what are the chances of a Pakatan victory; I answer, have you ever seen BN so desperate that they would even spend more than a million ringgit to attract the crowd as they know that their message alone will not.

This is a first in the world where a serving PM needs to bring in a foreign pop star to boost the attendance at their event. I am sure that the sponsor will be getting back contracts worth much more, or perhaps it's just creative billing?

Anonymous_4031: Why not? After all, it is the last dance for MCA, so let them have the tango - provided that they use their own money, and not the taxpayers' money.

Why deprive them to have the last laugh, the last joke, the last tango, and the last hurrah before the curtain comes down?

Haveagreatday: I think Lim is on the right track with his handling of Psy's appearance at the BN function in Penang. Let's give credit where credit is due - Psy is now a worldwide sensation and the fact that he has been 'caught' by the Umnoputras is credit to their creativeness.

But as Lim advised, why not take advantage of this 'coup'? Why deny Psy's draw power and the entertainment he will provide his fans and the rakyat. So let's send our own message of change at that event by wearing yellow and green.

Ruben: Well done to the rakyat to reach out to Psy to tell him the truth. BN is so desperate, that it has to resort to this, and at what expense?

Penangites, as Lim Guan Eng has said, go to the event in red, green and yellow. Everyone should enjoy the event, but show the nation that you cannot be bought.

Rakyat Malaysia: First they get pandas from China, and now Psy from Korea, while we still have poor children without education in our country. Talk about priority-setting.

Well, I have seen too much of Psy's video already in shopping malls. Anyway, go on and take BN's cash and dinner, while knowing in our hearts and souls that we will change the government nevertheless.

Onyourtoes: You know what, if Psy wants to come, let him. When he comes, and if one million people turn up for the free show (paid for by BN through taxpayers' money eventually), is it a yardstick of support for BN?

We should all know by now that this is all BN has got - by trivialising the debate on the future of this country through ‘Gangnam Style'. Many people will turn up to watch for sure, but whether or not it will convert into votes is an entirely different matter.

Fighting: There is no reason to party now. Our country is being robbed and stolen everyday. Psy, if you want to help us, please do a song condemning corruption of Malaysia.

Omega: How about Tina Turner? I always imagine Tina singing a duet with former minister Rafidah Aziz. The two ladies have some of the most infectious energy. Don't you guys imagine stuff like these?

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