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Najib is not above the law in Penang
Published:  Feb 6, 2013 10:48 AM
Updated: 7:50 AM

VOXPOP 'Najib is a politician elected by the people. He should show a good example by being a law-abiding citizen.'

MPSP asks Yen Yen: So, it's okay to break the law?

vox populi small thumbnail Ferdtan: What a shame when a Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) councillor, Steven Sim, can teach a federal minister, Dr Ng Yen Yen, a thing or two on the rule of law.

Is this the standard of our minister? She thought she was smart that by using the good name of the office of the premiership, she would be able to embarrass the Pakatan Rakyat-led Penang state government for removing the banners depicting Prime Minister Najib Razak extending Chinese New Year greetings to the people.

In the haste to curry favour with the PM, she overlooked (or couldn't care less) the fact that what BN did was illegal.

It did not obtain relevant approval from the municipality authorities to put up the banners. The tables are turned now, and the people of Penang are laughing.

Rick Teo: Najib is a politician elected by the people. He should show a good example by being a law-abiding citizen.

If BN wants to paste Najib's photos all over the place, they have to ensure that they apply for the relevant permits. Otherwise like all those who didn't apply for permits, their banners will be taken down.

Ng Yen Yen should know better - Najib banners are no exception. If they don't comply with the law, the banners will be removed.

Anonymous #19098644: The BN has been breaking the law blatantly for years and has no respect for it.

Hence the reaction of Ng Yen Yen and BN is reflective of their mindset - that they are above the law and there is one set of laws for the rakyat and another for BN. Does it mean that just because Najib is the PM, BN can break the law?

Ng's reasoning is perverse, just like when she rationalised that the reason she took an Australian PR (permanent residency) without any intention of moving to Australia or becoming a real resident was to save educational expenses. What kind of morals has this minster displayed?

Gods Messenger: Kudos to Sim. You said it right. The BN politicians think Malaysia is theirs and they can do as they like. The law applies to everyone.

Swipenter: Umnoputras and BNputras believe that they are above the law or that they are the law unto themselves. What they do is always beyond rebuke. That is why we have the rule of law being replaced by rule by law.

Misuse and abuse of the law, blatant corruption and unethical behaviour is a norm to them. Just look how scandals of epic proportions are handled by the authorities, you see how morally decadent these ruling elites are.

Odin: The tourism minister is clearly illustrating BN's complete inability to distinguish between right and wrong, and that they can do no wrong. That is a sign of evil. And the evil must be exorcised at the GE13.

Enuf: Of all organisations, the least I expect to hear regarding being law abiding is MPPP or MPSP (Penang municipal councils). What kind of law are you talking about?

Selective prosecution? Why aren't any action being taken against illegal hawkers and coffee shops who extend their structure illegally? Are you encouraging lawlessness?

Fantastic4: This is another case where people in power is above the law. That's what happened when a ruling party has been around for too long.

They take for granted the law that governs the country applies to them as well. The crying shame is that as the head of the country, Najib chose to disrespect the law.

Ah Gu, Ah Beh: What is the big deal if the poster carries the PM? He is the servant of the rakyat and can be changed at the polls.

The law is above every citizen and must be abided. Maybe Ng Yen Yen and the BN cohorts are so used breaking the laws and getting away with them.

This is Penang and the law is still the law. Even the state government of the day must follow it.

Anonymous #32444974: Sim still do not know that BN ministers and PM are above the law and constitution. They can do whatever they like.

Mydin's son not linked to Psy's Penang gig

Alfa: Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd is an event management company based in Taman Connaught, Cheras. The company's paid-up capital is about RM20,000 and gross revenue for 2011 was about RM2 million.

This company cannot be sponsoring such an event with a huge budget. MCA and BN should disclose the full details of the actual sponsor to dispel the allegation of using public funds.

Mushiro: When money becomes the sole criteria in a political campaign to bring in the crowd and buy votes, it makes people want to puke. It gets worse when we realise that it is our money.

Wira: Mega Ultimate Sdn Bhd is an event management company. So who is paying that company to organise this event?

OMG!!: Najib has to come clean which crony is paying for the show, which is actually a political campaign, and it must be investigated whether there is any corruption involved.

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