Doubts on oldies expose EC's frailties yet again

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YOURSAY 'From hordes of foreigners to phantom voters, and now suspicious numbers of aged voters, the electoral roll is riddled with doubts.'

Study finds centenarians registered as new voters

your say Onyourtoes: Election Commission, you are always giving moronic answers. No one is saying that those who are above 90 cannot register themselves as voters. Why do you keep deflecting the issue?

We are talking about the likelihood of those who are above 90 to register themselves as new voters. Most of them are probably too frail and senile to do anything.

Why is there a sudden increase in this group of people intending to vote? It does not hurt to check everyone above 90.

EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, don't just deny or give flimsy replies to specific allegations levelled against EC. Your reply on ntv7 was no reply at all.

You said those who appeared in the electoral roll were in fact registered by the persons concerned but you were unable to produce their Form As to confirm.

You said EC is now looking for their Form As. Well, we are waiting, how many days do you need to find those forms? Don't even think we will forget.

Malaysian Electoral Roll Analysis Project (Merap), well done. Pakatan Rakyat and right minded NGOs must continue combing the electoral rolls for any discrepancy.

LeeZ: Come on EC - only 146 voters - you can surely do a random check on them to determine their authenticity.

Giudice: "The EC claimed that it had conducted some investigations randomly on electors who were 90 years and above and found that some were still alive and were therefore genuine voters."

Only some? So the others were dead and not genuine voters? And EC still claims the electoral list is clean?

Sarajun Hoda: Maybe these new elderly voters just got politically aware. Maybe the political awareness this time around is so intense, that even those who never voted will want to vote this time.

Hopefully they are real humans not ghosts from graves.

Ourvotesdecide!: In Sarawak, I heard that the names of voters in the longhouses who had died still remained in the electoral rolls because their deaths were not reported to the NRD.

Another problem faced by voters in Sarawak is that many of them are made to vote at a polling station very far away from their longhouses.

They therefore cannot go and cast their votes on polling day because of the distance and the huge costs involved to travel from their longhouses to the polling stations. The EC should help solve their problem.

Cogito Ergo Sum: We must be having one of the highest life expectancies in the world. If you want to cheat, cheat intelligently and not be caught out on a matter like this.

Voiceless: May I suggest the following: For those of us who have deceased relatives or relatives living overseas who are unable to vote, please check their voting centres from the EC website, and give their names, IC numbers, and voting centres to Pakatan.

It will help them to monitor and catch the fake voters.

Kgen: A few hundred centenarians is not a major problem compared to the hordes of foreigners on the rolls.

If Pakatan Rakyat wants to have a chance of winning, they will have to find a way to clean the rolls of foreigners or stop them from voting.

Paul Warren: Will the Election Commission (EC) be prepared to challenge individuals bringing in suspect identity cards?

The polling agents should be in a position to challenge an identity card holder as to his or her place of residence as stipulated in the identity card. That is all.

When there is a challenge, the National Registration Department (NRD) has to be able to immediately verify the truth of the information provided by the holder.

If it is unable to, then it is a forged document that is void and invalid.

Bijan: Merap head Ong Kian Ming, if you have insufficient manpower, please announce it either in Malaysiakini or Facebook to request for volunteers to help.

We might want to help, but don't know how.

Whatsup: Every aspect of this so-claimed best democracy is hijacked and compromised by Umno. Sadly, even the EC, the very last bastion of democracy has been corrupted.

It can arbitrarily add, move and delete voters but when challenged, it moves as slow as a snail to act on obviously dubious voters.

The rakyat can see through their shenanigans but yet these shameless traitors running the EC dare to lie straight into our face. The game is up, EC, and so is your time.

Stop the fraud, uphold the democratic process and help the rakyat just this once.

iPhone: So what is new? The whole of Malaysia knows the EC list is not accurate and not clean. Thanks to BN, which in the past 55 years has done nothing but damage to the integrity of the EC.

What can the rakyat do to stop all the foreigners from voting in Malaysia? What can we do to ensure a clean EC list? Take to the streets? Been there and done that.

We are just super fed up as the EC is just another toy of BN. We know GE13 will favour BN what with all this fraud. Can we revoke the outcome of GE13? Can we stop BN from forming an illegal government?

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