Loh, stop playing 'video' games with rakyat

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YOURSAY 'Loh, why release the tape now? Are you trying to be popular just before the election, similar to what you did with the Lingam tape in 2007?'

Gwo Burne releases new 'judicial fixing' clip

your say Anonymous #29641466: There's some truth in the video, but Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne released the tape to enhance his credibility and integrity, expecting PKR to give him another chance in GE13.

Kelana Jaya voters, and Malaysian as whole, had known his antics. My personnel view is that it's not wise for Pakatan Rakyat to give him another chance.

Whatsup: Gwo Burne, stop flogging a dead horse. Come GE14, will you be showing another decade-old footage again?

It was good that you denied a BN seat in 2008 but you had your term and should be matured by now.

This time round, it is critical for every MP has to work hard to build a better Malaysia. Seat warmers are not welcomed.

Ourvotesdecide!: Whether the MP is re-nominated to contest again is a PKR internal matter. Here it's very crucial to look at the issue raised - judicial integrity.

Do we still want a tainted judiciary for Malaysia? If that is what Malaysians want, God please help save Malaysia.

In future, Malaysians may not want to refer their disputes to the courts but resort to the law of the jungle. Is that what we want?

Hum the Naz !!!: Gwo Burne is a non-performing MP. In the last GE, he was elected on the popularity of the VK Lingam tape. It has been five years.

This year another GE is coming and he is releasing another video? What nonsense. Judge-fixing is wrong and as MP one should have acted on it immediately and not kept it for release just prior to GE.

It appears that his motive is to win seats by showing videos.

Wira: Be fair, fellows. YB Loh was an unexpected and reluctant candidate in a seat which the opposition never expected to win. It was a classic case, to be crude, that if Pakatan had then fielded a monkey, it would still beat that ‘monyet' from BN.

At least, YB Loh stayed true to Pakatan even though he was obviously a target for cross over. He could have made his millions from BN but didn't.

Swipenter: Loh Gwo Burne is warming the seat for someone more suitable to be a MP. He is just an accidental MP. He is not MP material and that is a fact. PKR please get someone to replace him in GE13.

ACR: I have lived in Kelana Jaya since 1999 and not a day since the 2008 GE have I seen Loh there and neither have I heard him say anything in Parliament.

I hope this latest expose by him isn't a way for him to stay relevant and in the news. I trust PKR has identified a suitable and reliable candidate to field in the upcoming GE in my constituency.

Senior Citizen: Absolutely. I can easily say Loh is a waste of time and an absolute waste of taxpayers' money. I doubt if he knows anything about law-making.

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim should get rid of him and find a proper MP for Kelana Jaya. Even the Adun (state assembly person) should be changed.

Let there be no more time wasters who are simply more interested to be called YB or Adun, when this means nothing to them. I am sure there are more credible politicians in the making.

Just try and identify them, men or women, it does not matter. The selected candidates should first be sent for a short course on how and what an MP or Adun should function and what is expected of them.

Furthermore, I wish to also suggest that certain words that is derogatory, obscene or racist should be strictly banned in Parliament and anyone found guilty of such behaviour should be severely punished with a fine and a suspension for at least one year from attending parliament sessions without salary.

Otherwise our MPs are no better than the gangsters in town.

Anonymous #21828131: I like the comments in Malaysiakini . Compare these comments with those in BN-controlled MSM (mainstream media).

A PKR candidate who has not performed is the contention here and rightfully, the rakyat decide. We want good governance from PKR elected representatives.

The same also applies when PKR takes over Putrajaya, they have to prove themselves. Quite easily done, I believe.

Go back to the basics and eradicate all forms of corruption. That itself should be enough to give Pakatan another mandate in the next GE.

Atas-Pagar: Loh, why now to release the tape? Are you trying to be popular before the election, similar to what you did with the Lingam tape in 2007?

Clever Voter: Although we can thank Loh for the revelation, we are not sure what would be his motives. He has to do more than this to keep his seat in the next Parliament.

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