Don't just deny, Najib must answer Deepak's allegation

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VOXPOP 'Najib, even if you are not ashamed of such allegations, we are. We do not want a PM who is continuously being accused of one scandal after another.'

PM ordered Boustead to buy my firm, claims Deepak

vox populi small thumbnail Changeagent: All defence personnel who have contributed to the Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT) should seek clarification from the Boustead chairperson if PM Najib Razak had personally interfered in the company's acquisition of carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan's Astacanggih.

After all, it is their own pension money which is being irresponsibly abused and misappropriated.

Louis: How is Najib going to face the world when he is accused of committing scandals publicly?

Najib, even if you are not ashamed of such allegations, we are. We do not want a PM who is continuously being accused of one scandal after another.

As Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen said, you represent Malaysia and already one person was arrested for stepping on your image during a protest.

Now, Deepak did not only step on your poster but he is directly soiling your image beyond recognition with his allegation.

Giudice: I don't care what Deepak's motives are (although that doesn't mean that PAS should not be wary of him) so long as he continues to reveal the dirt on Najib et al. This will benefit the opposition.

ABU Member: The information about this controversial deal is slowly being revealed. The credibility of the allegation should not be an issue since Deepak has been a close friend of the Najib family and was involved in many dealings with its members before.

If it is not true, he knows very well what to expect. After all, he is going into the lion's den.

Mushiro: Deepak is saying that Najib's family members are involved in the land deal and that was why Najib got involved in the Boustead acquisition.

I tend to believe Deepak because the whole Najib family, including his brothers, his wife and his children, are involved in many crony businesses. Najib should answer Deepak, not just deny the allegation.

BN men score prime land at RM2 psf

Raja Chulan: "Umno disciplinary committee chief and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board member Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas denied any wrongdoing. He also questioned why no issue was raised when Chinese new villagers and Felda settlers also obtained state land for almost free and later sold it for high prices."

Can you see this man's reasoning? Justifying his corruption by equating himself with the poor.

Victor Johan: "This is so ridiculous, why are you so obsessed with what happened in the past? You should be focusing on the future," said Megat Najmuddin.

Yes, since you are Umno disciplinary committee chief and MACC advisory board member, the past has come back to haunt you.

Lim Chong Leong: I bought a factory lot 18 years ago and sold for RM60,000 profit, I can still remember it. I can remember even the name of the person who bought it.

But these BN guys who bought land for a song and sold for a tanker cannot remember how much they made or how they got it so cheap?

And he is the Umno disciplinary committee chief. How can we expect Umno warlords to have any discipline and be corruption free when their discipline chief who advises the MACC is doing the very thing that they are not supposed to do?

Anonymous #23456263: Land grab is the fastest and easier way for BN cronies to enrich themselves. It is allegedly happening in most states.

Many of the water chalets in the coastal areas are alleged to have freehold titles. We can only know for sure if there is a change in power.

Psy needs to tutup 'her' aurat, says Nik Aziz

Onyourtoes: You know what, PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz Nik Mat; this global "sensation" (Psy) is now a semi-god. All must claim that they love him or want to watch him. If they don't, they will be branded as Ah Beng and Ah Lian.

But all these hip people do not know they are actually the victims of mass hypnotisation. I guess it is alright, let it be. These people will grow up eventually just like many of us have grown up with the Beatles, the Bee Gees, the ‘moonwalk', Justin Bieber, and now ‘Gangnam style'.

You said why not engage local singers. Well, if local singers want to be a global sensation, they must first elect to become non-Malaysians. Malaysians will never want to see one of their own to be a superstar. This is our national ethos.

Anonymous_4056: Nik Aziz is not talking about Psy himself but his back-up dancers who appears in sexy clothes and even show off their panties.

Boiling Mud: I too find it equally perplexing that people listen to songs in a language that they do not understand, but I certainly would not suggest for Psy to ‘tutup aurat'.

Tok Guru, with due respect, you are such a gem... No matter, the news report provides some comic relief.

Mushiro: When it comes to the latest music, Nik Aziz is clueless. When it comes to personal wealth, Nik Aziz has none.

But this honest and sincere man is focused on the people and the state, and he wants to make sure that the devil that we know is thrown out of power.

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