Shahrizat cloud over Nong Chik's Lembah Pantai bid

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FREE YOURSAY ‘Voters should not be influenced by any scandal, said Raja Nong Chik. Is this the new normal? Or are we so desensitised to scandals that they no longer matter?'

Nong Chik says NFC scandal won't affect him

LittleGiant: Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin has the audacity to say "voters should not be influenced by any scandal".

But on second thought, he could be right. After all, doesn't he belong to the elite class of "thick-skinned" BN politicians not concerned about scandals involving their party colleagues and members?

After being in power for more than 50 years, BN politicians have probably become so accustomed and immune to the scandals rocking them or their party colleagues that they couldn't be bothered with them.

But the rakyat's patience is exhausted, living through these scandals which has robbed the nation of billions of ringgit of its wealth and resources.

I am sure PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar will give a tough fight to Raja Nong Chik if he decides to contest the Lembah Pantai seat. But my respect for Nurul Izzah will remain intact even if she loses the seat in GE13.

Cheong Sai Fah: "Voters should not be influenced by any scandal." Is this the new normal? Or are we so desensitised to scandals that they no longer matter?

So if we vote for Raja Nong Chik, does it mean that scandals do not matter to us too? We should never go down that road.

P Dev Anand Pillai: So is the minister trying to say that we ought to just sit back and allow all the plundering from the federal coffers to which we have to contribute every year through our taxes, whilst his colleagues in BN have a good time siphoning as much as they can on some grand phony projects?

Come on Mr Minister, we have been duped for far too long. We will retaliate through the ballot box this time. Note that it is the year of the snake, you will never know when it will strike.

Clever Voter: Shameless and indecent are immediate descriptions of the party this man choose to represent. He is probably a decent person, but if he believes that National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) has nothing to do with him, then he is wrong.

Onyourtoes: Raja Nong Chik, so what a minister from your party did has nothing to do with you as a candidate seeking re-election to replace that disgraced minister. How do you expect the rakyat to rationalise that unless you think we are stupid.

Have you realised that you have more or less said "Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's scandal has nothing to do with me"? May be you should add I am not like her.

You have just admitted to the fact that Shahrizat, the Umno Wanita chief, has committed the scandal and she is from your party that ruled this country.

Now you are asking us to vote for you, the same party that have maligned this country for years. Can we have smarter politicians, please?

Versey: When Raja Nong Chik gave away mandarin oranges in Bangsar's Lucky Garden, did he notice the condition of the road behind TMC Supermarket, where there are many hawkers stalls?

Friends who frequent the stalls there said the road is not even fit for a bullock cart and it had been in that condition for years. Is this not under the care of your Federal Territories Ministry?

Unmasked: Are you implying that the rakyat should close one, or worse, both eyes when politicians take our money? The oranges you gave away may be sweet, but your intention is bitter.

Tehachapi: Precisely because veteran Umno leaders like Raja Nong Chik can no longer understand the basic tenet of good and responsible governance and the destructive force of rampant corruption, that the people must embrace change.

This disease of corruption is so deep and widespread that if we don't kill the mutant zombies, everyone will end up a zombie. It is clear that Raja Rong Chik wants the corruption culture in Umno to continue.

Ferdtan: Raja Nong Chik, your statement of "voters should not be influenced by any scandal" certainly don't go down well with most of the commentators in Malaysiakini .

You see, people nowadays are smarter. They can discern what is right and wrong. How can you say scandals committed by your BN colleagues are not relevant and should not influence the voters?

You are part of the system which is corrupt to the core. Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in his numerous ceramahs around the country has said it many times - it is the system we are fighting to change, and not to replace BN leaders with another.

Starr: What sorts of a leader Raja Nong Chik is in asking the voters not be influenced by the scandals plaguing the federal government?

Does it mean that Raja Nong Chik is condoning such ill practices in the government? The NFC scandal is not an isolated case involving Umno-BN leaders, but one of many such incidences of corruption and abuse of power.

Clearly, it depicts the moral decadence of a government that is going downhill and severely lacking in 'bersih, cekap dan amanah', a motto once adopted by the Umno-BN government.

Bash: Though not involved in NFC, haven't you heard the saying 'birds of the same feather flock together'?

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