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It's Dr M's citizenship that should be stripped
Published:  Feb 10, 2013 12:45 AM
Updated: 3:20 AM

YOURSAY ‘Project IC is a highly treasonable act and the former PM has forgotten that the law can often be a double-edged sword.'

Dr M: Amend constitution to strip Ambiga's citizenship

your say ipoh2: Is there any country in the world that strips citizenship, which is the birthright of a person? If the citizenship was granted to an immigrant, perhaps it could be done. But definitely not from someone whose citizenship is from birth.

By even suggesting doing such a thing, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is very evil and vicious. He forgot that the law can often be a double-edged sword and may backfire on him.

Good Men: It's funny how one becomes an "errant lawyer" whose citizenship must be stripped for opposing the misdeeds of the government of the day, while judge-fixing lawyers such as the "correct, correct, correct" case remain untouchable.

I tell you who should be stripped of their citizenship - it is those who abuse their position to give citizenship to unqualified illegal immigrants in order to manipulate election results. These are the real traitors.

Malaysiawatch4: Mahathir, if anyone's citizenship should be stripped, yours should be the first for the Project IC amounts to high treason. That is, if the next government prefers not to charge you in court.

Citizen_1b85: Mahathir, does your daughter Marina have the same opinion about Bersih co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan?

If not, you should also strip your daughter's citizenship as she is mixing with troublemakers. It looks like you are really very, very scared now.

Hermit: Only a devil like Mahathir is determined to strip the citizenship of those who fight for freedom, while he himself has committed treason of the highest degree - selling citizenship for his political survival.

Multi Racial: Ambiga is an honourable citizen who sacrifices her time to champion a noble cause - to fight for free and fair elections. Mahathir, on the other hand, divided the country with race and religion during his rule.

Now, we discover he masterminded the treasonous act of giving away citizenship to foreigners with the objective of keeping Umno in power.

Now tell me, if you are given a choice to disown and strip a person of his or her citizenship, between Ambiga and Mahathir, who would you pick?

God bless this nation by guiding all Malaysians into making the right decision in this coming election.

Brahman: What has Ambiga done wrong by asking for free and fair elections?

If that is an offence and the punishment is revoking her citizenship, then what is the punishment for plundering our country's wealth by family members and cronies or giving away citizenship for votes?

Malaysia still has the death penalty. Can this be applied for such offences?

TehTarik: This is another reason why all Indians should vote against BN. By threatening to revoke the citizenship of Ambiga, he is insulting all Indians.

Let him continue making threats against all those who stand for justice and fair play. Ironically, statements like Mahathir's are good for Pakatan Rakyat. Every time he opens his big gap, BN loses more voters.

Kudos to Mahathir and his sidekick, Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.

Ah Boss: Mahathir is the one who should be stripped of his citizenship for betraying all Malaysians by giving citizenship and instant bumiputera status to illegal and unqualified immigrants.

Now, the poor ‘real' Malays will have to share the bumiputera cake with three or four million others.

Pemerhati: Quote: "Mahathir explained that Malays have lost all that they owned in their own land because of their lack of industriousness."

Another racist can similarly explain that the Orang Asli lost everything to the Malays because of some reason or other.

The same mischievous ultra-racist could then say it is a good thing that the Orang Asli did not send the Malays, Chinese and Indians back to their respective countries of origin in Indonesia, China and India as it would have caused economic hardship to the Orang Asli.

The stark reality is that Mahathir decided to take advantage of the definition of a Malay in the constitution and become a Malay.

This showed his extreme greediness and ruthlessness because he took advantage of the privileges reserved for the backward native Malays.

He then become PM for 22 years and stole billions and BN now steals about a billion ringgit per week. Any current backwardness of the Malays is the result of BN's massive theft and its policies.

Rakyat-in-Grief: He is trying his old trick again. This was the way he became prime minister. The ‘Malay dilemma’ was his trump card then.

He is using it again in a different way to achieve his aim. Pity the poor Malays; he is using them for his benefit, which most of them do not realise.

Taikohtai: I can never imagine that the patron of Perkasa has become so much of a coward these days that he is afraid of the shadow of a righteous woman.

Mahathir, your turn to apologise to Ambiga

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