EC, there is no trust left to be destroyed

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VOXPOP ‘Is it wrong for Ambiga to urge all Malaysians to come out to vote, and thus bury the phantom voters?'

EC warns Ambiga not to disrupt GE13

vox populi small thumbnail P Dev Anand Pillai: It is not a matter of sacrificing 30 days in five years. We have sacrificed 55 years as a people. It is a matter of trust.

We can't trust the Election Commission (EC). All this while, the people were ignorant about how the EC makes it foolproof for Umno to win perpetually.

Now since the whole world knows how they manufacture identity cards, addresses and even new individuals for voting purposes, the EC can never be trusted again.

The postal votes can be manipulated and discarded if they do not favour the BN. The best would be to come home to vote. So let's do it... for Malaysia.

Alex 'Alexis' Charles: I am shocked at the unwarranted attack on Bersih's Ambiga Sreenevasan. She is stating what all right-thinking Malaysians already know, that the EC has no credibility.

And is it wrong for Ambiga to urge all Malaysians to come out to vote, and thus bury the phantom voters? Any action on Ambiga will be disastrous - be forewarned.

LittleGiant: Why should EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar get so upset with Ambiga? She is speaking for Malaysians who have lost confidence in the country's EC, for the endless irregularities in its voters' registration and voting procedures.

And lawyer Ranjit Singh Dhillon's statement that overseas voters can sacrifice 30 days in five years to be in the country, and which will ensure their loyalty and patriotism is most ridiculous and laughable.

If the loyalty and patriotism of Malaysians can be easily measured by the number of days they stay in the country, then Ranjit should have no problem in advocating this to the hundreds and thousands of Muslim foreigners who did not have any loyalty to the country, but were welcomed and given Malaysian identity cards (IC) and citizenship on a golden platter through the government's Project IC in Sabah.

And all this was done just so that the government could buy their votes, thereby further reinforcing its sheer mockery of thousands of genuine citizenship applicants.

Peacemaker: Wan Ahmad humours us when he says that the public's belief in the EC will be reduced by Ambiga's statement.

Hasn't anybody told this moral featherweight and nano-intellectual that all trust and belief in the EC has been completely destroyed by the EC's own buffoonery, dishonesty and obvious bias in favour of the BN?

Wan Ahmad should realise by now that there is no trust left to be destroyed. Unless, of course, he's become addicted to his own lies and the EC's delusional parade in the "emperor's new clothes".

Anonymous #13268827: It has been a long, long time since the EC has had the public's confidence. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any need for the Bersih rallies in the first place.

Save our currency: Make public the voters who are registered overseas. Let them vote electronically and in a public place, just like we do at home.

Use indelible ink on them as well, and let the whole world see your process of cleanliness. It will be a joke if you speak of a 30-day stay in five years. You think you can manage to trace that?

You can't even clean the list of voters, and you speak of a 30-day stay. I would think that it will be those who vote for BN who will be classified as having stayed for 30 days.

You don't know how to clean the list, call in others and open the registration department's records. But don't worry, we will help you.

King: Ranjit Singh, my son is studying overseas and has spent less than 30 days in Malaysia during the past five years. Is he not a true Malaysian?

I am sorry that a lawyer can't understand the meaning of a true Malaysian. At your request, I am willing to tell you what a true Malaysian is.

Kgen: Guess who has done the most to destroy the public's confidence in the voting process? I'm looking at you, Wan Ahmad.

Amnesty slams Malaysia arrests under 'flawed' law

Abuminable: We have seen that Umno, like the Third Reich, can conjure up threats to the "national security" at the snap of a finger and use this as an excuse to trample on our civil liberties.

Remember, Ambiga Sreenevasan and her Bersih 2.0 steering committee were publicly accused of plotting to overthrow the government (an accusation every decent Malaysian will proudly own up to), and the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) 6 were even accused of "waging a war against the Agong".

Please... where's the remote? I want to fast-forward to the post-BN era.

Starr: It just goes to show that Malaysia is still very much a Third World country, despite PM Najib Abdul Razak's efforts to turn the country into developed status by 2020.

But what's the point of being a First World country with a Third World mentality? Meaningless, really. And it's clear to me that Najib's administration is "one step forward, two steps backward".

Cogito Ergo Sum: What then constitutes a security offence? Wanting a clean and legitimate election roll? Supporting the opposition agenda to win Putrajaya? Wanting a fair go at life and equal opportunities?

Anything that does not support the ruling regime is deemed a security offence, it seems.

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