Ex-IGP Musa joins BN to spook voters ahead of GE

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YOURSAY 'Creating unfounded fear and chaos as unintended consequences of the GE is unnecessary and irresponsible. It is to frighten the people into voting BN.'

Losers might spark 'Arab Spring', says ex-IGP

your say Malaysian Born: So who exactly is ex-police chief Musa Hassan supporting and who is he criticising?

I know that he was the main tool to go after Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim so he is unlikely to get too much trust nor support from the opposition and having fallen out of grace with the ruling government his services were not renewed, which explains why he is suddenly expounding a more critical view of the existing system.

On the one hand, he is preaching against greedy leaders, organised crime, loan sharks, religious fanatics, incitement and underground movements (the last two being odd), then he attacks transparency, liberalism and somehow links them with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community's) activities.

He is one really strange and confused man, an individual we should avoid and ignore.

Clever Voter: Creating unfounded fear and chaos as unintended consequences of the GE is unnecessary and irresponsible.

There is only one motivation for this - to frighten the people into voting BN. It would be a terrible mistake, if citizens are gullible enough to fall for this.

Hold Awam Accountable: Najib has done it. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has done it. The Election Commission chief has done it.

And now, the despicable and many times discredited former IGP joins the fray to warn Pakatan against causing trouble if it loses. This is an old ploy and the people can see right through it.

By hyping a sense of likelihood of Pakatan losing to BN, they want people to think BN is very confident of winning. However, the darker motive is to instigate people to suspect and/or blame Pakatan for any violence that may be caused by BN and their allies.

LittleGiant: Why should BN supporters, like Musa Hassan, talk about Arab Spring? It looks like they are more interested in Arab Spring and know more about it than the opposition politicians.

Is the fear of losing the elections become so real for BN supporters that they are making a pre-emptive move to put the blame squarely on the Pakatan coalition, if some miscreants and senseless idiots cause some mischief?

It is in the hands of the country's police force to ensure peace and nothing untoward happens. The opposition politicians and supporters have no time think about 'Arab Spring'. They have total respect for the ballot box and will accept the outcome, both for and against, with strength and dignity.

By the way, it must not be forgotten that it was BN that blatantly grabbed the Perak state government from Pakatan, which was democratically elected by the people of Perak.

Was it not obvious that BN did not have the tolerance to accept the peoples' wishes and had no respect for democracy?

Onyourtoes: Musa, I think you do not understand what Arab Spring is. Arab Spring came about because the people are denied of their democratic process.

Whether or not this will happen in Malaysia would depend on the incumbent government, and whether or not the government recognises the inalienable right of the people to choose the government of their choice, freely, democratically and transparently.

Starr: Yes, former IGP Musa Hasan is so clever in predicting future events, even the home minister thought it fit to turn down his contract extension. Otherwise, the crime index in the country could have been brought down by now.

Perhaps, he can also second-guess that infamous incident of May 13 was also sparked off by the 'losers' in the preceding election, but no marks for guessing it right though.

Apart from colluding with the attorney-general to 'fix' Anwar on sodomy charges and his controversial links with the underworld, what else is Musa Hasan famous for in terms of his performance as IGP?

One wonders what's his agenda behind his public statements? What can he do now that he can't while still in the service?

Anonymous #67264380: Is he describing the current government when he said, "National security will be threatened if the government fails to deal with greedy leaders, organised crime, loansharks, religious fanatics, incitement and underground movements."

Geronimo: By demanding that the government become more transparent will weaken Islam? OMG (Oh my God), what kind of logic is this?

It is no mere wonder there are no open tenders, corrupt politicians are never brought to trial, insofar as the big fishes are concerned; Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is for show only and there is a clampdown on whistleblowers. No wonder the country is going to the dogs.

Gobsmacked!: The opposition has been losing all this while in general elections since independence and yet there was no problem except for 1969 when the riots were started by Umno Youth under Harun Idris.

So if there are any riots after GE13, it must be because Umno-BN lost Putrajaya. As the party has never lost in a general election before, it would not be able to stomach a loss and hence would cause chaos so that a state of emergency would be called and with the army and police under the thumb of Umno the loser would regain power through this illicit means.

The EC has hardly exerted efforts to gain public confidence on its integrity, independence and impartiality hence there will always be doubts on the reliability of the election results.

The government establishments are so shamelessly partial towards the ruling political party that our democracy appears to be a sham.

The first establishment in need of urgent reform is the EC - its head and his deputy should be removed and people of trust appointed to replace them.

Hmmmmmmmm: So far, quite a few BN leaders have already warned Malaysians to accept the results of the coming GE and not to resort to violence. I wonder what makes them so confident that they will win it?

Could it be that they are going to manipulate the GE and they know that the rakyat will not accept the results so they try to preempt this by issuing all these warnings? I smell a rotten fish.

Lynn: The only party thuggish enough is Umno. When Pakatan won Penang, all supporters were told to stay indoors and not celebrate.

So I have no doubt that they will use the same May 13 tactic since they have been threatening opposition supporters anyway.

But don't worry, when Pakatan wins, we will certainly stay indoors and switch off all lights so no excuse can be given to the gangster Umno.

Hermit: Malaysia under Umno has produced illustrious and outstanding IGPs. One IGP brought disgrace to the nation, when he was convicted and jailed for punching DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) in the face whilst the victim was in police custody, helpless and handcuffed.

Another IGP was duly promoted for carrying a mattress into the court, allegedly stained with the priceless semen of DSAI.

Having risen to the highest post in PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), yet the lowest court of the nation has passed judgment that this IGP was an unreliable witness, a polite way of saying a liar.

Perplexed: His cheque is finally approved, and the cash is in the bank. Honestly, how many of you will trust a police officer?

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