So the North Koreans want to assassinate Psy?

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YOURSAY 'After the show was over, Psy spent three hours at a local Korean restaurant. Whoever was threatening his life must be working half day on that day.'

Teng now alleges there was an attempt on Psy's life

your say CiViC: Thank you Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow. If not for your stupid statement, I wouldn't have searched for the embarrassing video on YouTube showing BN repeatedly inviting K-Pop singer Psy to come up on stage for the ‘lo shang' during the Chinese New Year concert in Penang.

Teng, if there was a threat to Psy's life, the emcee wouldn't have called for him time and again to appear.

Just&Fair4All: The would-be assassin must either be insane or plain stupid to attempt to kill Psy in front of thousands of people and in the presence of the PM and other dignitaries, many of whom were accompanied by their bodyguards.

Secondly, if Psy life's was in such grave danger, how come right after the show, he and his entourage visited a Korean restaurant on their own without police protection.

Thirdly, if the police really have news that someone was going to assassinate Psy, do you think they would allow Psy to walk around town on his own? What if really something were to happen to the internationally famous artist?

Teng, can't you come out with something more believable?

Giudice: This is getting better and better, or more accurately, more and more ridiculous. Look, it was a shambles. Admit it and move on. Why make up such ridiculous stories?

And Teng, we are not interested who you can bring to perform should BN be elected. We are interested in eliminating corruption, racism, crime, etc.

You are typical of BN politicians, focusing on what you think will attract votes and ignoring the really important issues.

Anomnim: Psy must be really in danger because after the show was over, he spent three hours at a local Korean restaurant. Whoever was threatening his life must be working half day on that day.

Onyourtoes: So now there was an attempt on Psy's life! Look, if that was so, please let the police or the home minister to make the statement on this. It shouldn't be Teng.

I disagree with the PM on many things, but I do not want him to stand on the stage together with our former PM waiting for this ‘Ah Beng' from Korea. It was embarrassing and undignified.

If Psy was not aware or not informed earlier, the fault lies with you, period.

Keneoh: Do they expect us to believe this ridiculous story? If there was an attempt on his life, would Psy still appear on stage and dance around for another eight minutes at the concert?

I Spy: I used to have some regard for Teng in the previous Gerakan-led Penang government. Now he has lost it. This threat to Psy's life is a completely stupid statement.

If this was true, to allow Psy to perform and to allow thousands of participants to be there must surely be an act of grave irresponsibility, endangering everybody's life.

With this stupid statement, which foreign entertainer will dare to perform in Malaysia in future?

Anonymous #49297474: Penangites deserve a complete explanation and a thorough police investigation on the alleged threat to Psy's life. Teng's statement has created a negative perception of Penang - that it is hostile and unsafe to international artistes.

Mohamad Abdul Malik: My God, stupidity knows no bounds. It's okay being stupid but to exhibit your stupidity to the public as what Teng has done is beyond me.

If this is the best leader Gerakan has to recapture Penang than they can only dream on. We hope that next time he won't be telling us that the Thais are going to invade Penang.

Geronimo: This is really, really pathetic to come with such an excuse as to why Psy did not want to 'lo shang' with the BN leaders.

Let's admit it. It was a public relation exercise that went atrociously bad resulting in a slap on Najib's face. So to save face, they have to come out with lame excuse like this to win sympathy from the public.

Sinner: Teng is finished. He messed up. He made Najib look like a big fool. He's history.

Telestai!: Psy came directly from Brazil, a country that is well known for hired killers. If there is an attempt in Psy's life, would it not be easier to "finish him off" in Brazil rather then let him perform in Malaysia?

Teng, please read the comments in Malaysiakini's Facebook posting and you will know how silly you look.

Can we now demand that PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) track down the people behind this assassination attempt? After all, the PM's life was at risk too. Honestly, I'll never ever underestimate the power of stupidity.

Tehachapi: Teng Chang Yeow, you should immediately apologise to the whole nation for putting the PM at risk just to boost your own political standing.

Do you know that you have endanger our national security by not calling off the show after knowing that there was an attempt on Psy's life and that our PM would be in attendance.

You are a menace to the nation. I suggest that you make a full report of your knowledge to the police and then resign because the task is too big for you to handle.

Hah Thiam Khean: BN is too incompetent to be an event organiser, too incompetent to concoct a coherent lie to cover up their incompetence, but it wants us to believe they are competent enough to run the country? Are we even living on the same planet?

Changeagent: Yes, I believe there was an attempt on Psy's life, especially after the way he embarrassed the top BN leaders by refusing to 'lo-shang' with them.

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