Hindraf a political party or rights movement?

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YOURSAY ‘Now you demand for seats to contest and later, without doubt, you would ask for a minister's post.'

Seats demand behind the Hindraf-Pakatan impasse

your say Anonymous #47497449: If what is reported is true, the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is not being fair to Pakatan Rakyat. It talks about its blueprint and Indian rights but not about the demand for seats.

I suggest Hindraf negotiates with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak - possibly he will agree to give Hindraf the seats they want.

Unmasked: If what is reported by Terence Netto is accurate, then it is a sad day for the rakyat. Now you demand for seats to contest and later, without doubt, you would ask for a minister's post.

P Dev Anand Pillai: It is definitely not fair for such a demand to be made. If Najib can agree to such demands, it would be better for Hindraf to throw its weight behind BN and MIC.

What the Hindraf fails to understand is that with or without the Indian votes, change is bound to happen.

The people have seen a two-party system at work over the past five years and are ready to accept this as a proper form of check-and-balance system instead of the same old Najib's "nambikei".

It would be far easier for Najib to just appoint the Hindraf leaders as senators and subsequently ministers. It should be enough to quell the dissatisfaction, but will the Indians be treated as equals?

The Indians can go back to BN - at least we would still have a few state governments under Pakatan's control and a strong opposition to keep BN on its toes.

HYL: They (Hindraf) expect to be given the lucrative seats without even an ounce of hard work. Please show us that you deserve the seats through your hard work and not by making demands and through blackmailing.

Kgen: This is shockingly greedy of Hindraf. Why don't Hindraf go to Najib and demand those seats from BN? This organisation, as Terence said, is hawking the welfare of the Indian poor to the highest bidder for the benefit of its own leaders.

Hindraf leaders doesn't care one iota about marginalised Indians, the whole game has been political self-promotion on the backs of the Indian poor by touting the race champion line.

Pakatan should have nothing to do with Hindraf. Let them support BN if that is what they want.

Jedi_Who: We don't need another (former MIC president) S Samy Vellu party. One moment they say they are non-political and only out to fight for the rights of the poor Indians, and now they want more than a dozen of seats.

Lionking: If this is true, then Hindraf will be end up as the major loser. It will mean a further step back for the Indians.

In fact, there is no reason why PKR must agree to them as PKR has already stated they will resolve the stateless issue within a month of capturing Putrajaya.

Solaris: It is not appropriate for Hindraf to demand for seats at this point. The seats must be earned.

Pakatan is right to refuse this demand. However, there is absolutely no reason why Pakatan should refuse Hindraf's six-point demand as they will only serve to benefit all Malaysians.

Incidentally, is Pakatan also not guilty of 'prioritising expedience above principle and sectarian interests over national ones?' Just look at DAP's and PKR's unholy marriage with PAS.

Fair Play: So finally the truth is out. Fighting for the rights of marginalised Indian Malaysians? Who will believe you now? Why don't you go see BN and see what you will get.

Yeow: Indians, please stand up to these opportunists. To contest in a seat, Hindraf should have worked alongside Pakatan and their potential candidates be made known to the constituents.

PKR, DAP, and even Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) have been working hard in these seats. Stop baying and start cooperating by getting your candidates to join one of these parties and work hard to be worthy future candidates.

Sinner: Let's bury the few opportunists who, by a stroke of luck, had managed to hijack the legitimate grouses of the Indian community in 2008.

Clever voter: Throughout history, there were individuals who enriched themselves either wealth or power or both, in the name of the poor and the deprived.

It seems that Hindraf is no different. By focusing on a very narrow and sectarian issue, it stands a risk of being marginalised and forgotten.

Hindraf is slowly but surely losing its relevance. Pakatan leadership did the right thing to stand on its ground.

AnSoN: Well, Pakatan or any component parties within Pakatan may not be the best alternative, neither are all the politicians are saint, but what is of utmost importance now is to get rid of the corrupt regime.

Josephine: Remember this is a democratic country and Hindraf has the right to be in Parliament. If Pakatan leaders do not need their help, they should say so. Hindraf would know how to find their own way.

LittleGiant: I am disappointed with the Hindraf leaders. Do they really want to contest in the elections? Is this what they wanted when they started the movement?

If Hindraf wants political representation and its leaders are confident they have the support of the electorate, including the Malays and Chinese, then Hindraf should not be afraid to put its candidates as independents in the constituencies they demand to contest.

Perhaps Hindraf may get a better deal from BN

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