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So who made the decision to deport Xenophon?
Published:  Feb 18, 2013 8:20 AM
Updated: 4:32 AM

YOURSAY 'An attack on him is an attack on the Australian Parliament and the Australian political establishment, especially since he has committed no crime.'

Are you really in charge, mister prime minister?

your say Tholu: If PM Najib Razak's regime can't even tolerate a comment made in disfavour of our government's running of the country by a national of a foreign country, how can we trust it to transform Malaysia into a modern, developed and truly democratic nation with their attendant attributes of free speech and expression and an impeccable human rights record?

Starr: The barring and deportation of senator Nick Xenophon has not only damaged our international image and standing, but it has also helped create a higher profile on the issue of free and fair elections in Malaysia.

It was an ill-considered decision which reflects badly on the capacity of our decision-makers to see issues beyond their immediate parameters.

Xenophon is not only a member of the Australian Parliament, he is well-respected within the Australian political circles.

An attack on him is an attack on the Australian Parliament and the Australian political establishment, especially since he has committed no crime.

Apa Nama: Najib, please issue a statement denying that the instruction to detain and deport Xenophon came from the Prime Minister's Office.

There is speculation saying it came from your esteemed office. Moreover, the officer is charge said the order came from the top. How top is top?

Better do it fast. The press there in Australia is already screaming left, right, and centre. Australian Premier Julia Gillard also wants your explanation.

Our good relations with Australia is at stake. The more you keep quiet, the more damage you do to the relationship between Malaysia and Australia.

No Fool: The premier keeps quiet while the home minister said that the deportation was not a political decision .

The BN government still take Malaysians for fools.

I really feel very ashamed of the BN government, which is totally undemocratic and deserves to be voted out in GE 13. Malaysia has no future under this corrupt government.

Ren Ai: BN is technically the real ‘enemy of the nation'. Time for reflection, BN - winning the next election is not everything. Re-examine yourself and prioritise the well-being of our country above all else.

Mr KJ John: This is not the civil servants' decision. They have already lost that capacity for professional decision-making.

They are now idiocrats blindly following the instructions of their political masters as established in the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Immigrants in Sabah. It's time for real change and the rebuilding credibility of all our institutions.

Chandran Sukumaran: Do you notice nowadays, a deafening silence from senior non-Malay civil servants who used to make comments on the government policies?

They have suddenly become cowards or perhaps disgusted with Najib over his 1Malaysia nonsense.

Mohican: You must understand, Neil Khor, we have a man who is not impeccable. His tarnished image in the eyes of Malaysians and the world acts as a severe handicap to him to carry out policies with vigour and determination.

An example is the independent police commission suggested some time back. He does not dare to implement it because the cops know too much and the information they know can be used as a bargaining chip.

Ipohcrite: This BN government cannot take criticism and has to resort to underhand tactics to silence its critics. It has no right to continue governing this nation.

Trying to justify its irrational actions with illogical and absurd reasons merely confirm its desperation and sheer dishonesty.

Boom Boom Pow!: Please be reminded that Najib does not have the people's mandate to rule. He was "appointed", or should we say "inherited" the PM's job, after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was forced out in 2009.

Instead of calling for immediate elections to establish his mandate to rule, Najib dithered, having have to battle a raft of misdeeds which dogged him, such as the Scorpene submarine corruption case and of course the now infamous murder of a Mongolian woman.

The key word here is "people". No one is entitled to rule, regardless of his or her pedigree. It's about honesty, integrity, benevolence and justice. And the people will decide who will rule this beautiful country of ours.

Always remember: "Bad officials are elected by good people who don't vote!"

Anonymous_40dc: I have always had this question on my mind: Is Najib a fork-tongued?

Meaning he doesn't mean what he says or he tries to doing something but not supported by his own party and the civil service.

Cogito Ergo Sum: The next government will be handicapped by a educationally challenged civil service, intellectually challenged police force and a totally inadequate school system.

Of course, we can circumvent all changes by retaining the imbeciles in GE13.

Ngecui: I'm afraid so, Cogito Ergo Sum, the scenario is as you described. It will take a long time to change but any journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Better to take that step now when better things are still in the living memory of many of the seniors who are around.

Mahadead: Najib lives in fear. And a man who is afraid is a dangerous man. He will do anything to safeguard his interest.

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