'Better to wait another five years than to give in'

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YOURSAY 'Hindraf, perhaps fearing being snubbed by Pakatan over its demand for seats, has now resorted to blackmailing Pakatan.'

'Pakatan may lose 25 MPs without Hindraf's support'

your say Mohamad Abdul Malik: Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy should be smart enough to know that he has to win first before talking. Is he in a position to do so? Without the support of the other races he is a goner.

Has anyone notice that he has not issued any ultimatum to BN? Pakatan is lucky that he has shown his true colours before the election.

Is there any guarantee that he would not jump ship if his interests were not taken care of if indeed he wins the election under Pakatan?

Broken Foot: Insanity is described as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different result. What would you call the Indian community, if they are warming up to BN again as claimed by Waythamoorthy after 55 years of broken promises.

Wouldn't 'completely insane' aptly describes it? Hindraf should be fully cognisant that Hindraf is not a political party and has very little or no appeal to the other communities.

Trying to punch well above your weight is an exercise in futility. God is not going to change the fate of the Indian community, if they themselves are unwilling to change.

Munisamy Sinniah: One of the major setbacks in the Indian community is the stateless issue. Anwar has promised to solve that within 100 days if Pakatan comes to power.

Pakatan is also willing to accommodate the other blueprint demands, which are considered by Anwar Ibrahim as a Malaysian problem rather than Indian problem. I wonder what more support Hindraf is expecting from Pakatan.

Kee Thuan Chye: It's unlikely that BN would agree to Hindraf's blueprint because the demands are pretty excessive, especially the one asking for Hindraf to administer the Minority Rights Ministry.

Also, if Hindraf were to ask for seats at the GE, I doubt BN would agree. The MIC would go berserk. So Hindraf might as well not warm up to BN and stick with supporting Pakatan.

Or be neutral and support neither. This is because if Pakatan were to win after Hindraf endorses BN, Hindraf's future might not be so rosy.

Tholu: Hindraf, perhaps fearing being snubbed by Pakatan over its demand for parliamentary and state seats, has now resorted to blackmailing Pakatan.

Waythamoorthy, you are once again insulting the Indians. I admit that Hindraf has successfully made the Indians take stock of their political and socio-economic position in this country. Hindraf has indeed triggered an unprecedented change in the Indian community's perception of BN.

But that, however, should not make you assume authority and power on behalf of and for the Indians and claim that the Indians' choice of candidates will now depend on your (Hindraf's) influence.

I think this is stretching things a bit too far, Waythamoorthy. The Indians have shed off their herd mentality and therefore, please do not try to be the good Shepard to lead them forever.

Angry_Voter: Hindraf is beginning to sound like a broken record. Pakatan, please don't lose your dignity by giving in to their threats and blackmail.

Cogito Ergo Sum: The truth finally shows you up for what you really are, Waythamoorthy. It's not the poverty of Indians that matter. Your political ambitions are paramount.

And the Indians will remain none the wiser for your ambitious and selfish designs. Thousands if Indians will still remain stateless and in poverty-stricken state.

JooGuan: Pakatan should think twice before accepting whatever ‘offer' from Hindraf. If it could threaten to back BN for the sake of bargaining for the seats (to contest), what would stop them from becoming ‘independent' BN-friendly MPs after the election?

I would vote for PSM (Parti Socialis Malaysia), but not Hindraf.

Telestai!: Waythamoorthy, there is no point making threats. If indeed it is true that Pakatan will lose 25 seats and fail to win GE13, so be it.

I don't think Pakatan should pay heed to Hindraf's game of brinkmanship. Go and support BN if that is Hindraf's calling. The rest of us are prepared to wait another five years to unseat BN.

Anonymous_40c3: It's their choice to perpetuate the problems like racism, detainees dying in detention, unemployment, gangsterism, lack of education and investment opportunities, poverty and the other socio-economic ills facing the Indians.

Let's all suffer together if selfish reasons prevails. What's another five years after 55 years of BN ‘proven track record'.

I don't need to hear you sing the song of optimism for change with BN as this song has been sung for years and look where you and the rest of the ‘pendatangs' are at today.

For a feel good factor and only for a short duration, Psy the Korean singer was even brought in to provide a false sense of expectation. When the feeling is gone after you have cast your vote, reality sets in.

Be the leader you are born to be and not be led to lead with false hopes. Give your community and the rest of the ‘pendatangs' in Malaysia hope for tomorrow for we have seen what yesterday was.

Hindraf is playing poker with Pakatan

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