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Umno members have got their brief - sow fear
Published:  Feb 20, 2013 3:08 AM
Updated: 3:42 AM

YOURSAY 'I wonder if Ridhuan Tee, by inciting or fomenting racial polarisation, is going against his religious teachings?'

PKR decries Ridhuan Tee's 'racist' article

your say Milosevic: I do not know if Universiti Pertahanan Nasional lecturer Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is masquerading as a Muslim chauvinist in order to promote his own career and interests, as some have suggested.

Let's assume he is a sincere convert. How then can we understand his jihadist mentality?

His behaviour is similar to other religious converts, such as some Chinese Taoists/Buddhists becoming Christians.

When they reject their parent's culture and beliefs, and their own heritage, they tend to adopt a narrow identity and see the world in simplistic terms, taking their new belief as the sole and only truth and running down all other religions.

I am not against religious conversions but I detest converts who become a menace to society, while deluding themselves that they are good pious people.

Tee's behaviour shows very little genuine tolerance of religious diversity and in my opinion he has become a worse human being after his conversion.

Tan Kim Keong: "From what I see, we (Malay Muslims) have given up everything to garner sympathy and votes. This country has no identity anymore. The Islam and Malay agenda have since gone. I am confident that even if BN were to win in the 13th general election, the present situation will not change. We will continue to take care of others rather than ourselves," said Ridhuan Tee.

A certain murderous and fascist dictator also said the same thing in an European country in the late 1930s and then went on to order the progrom of six million Jews. I see some resemblance here.

Restless_Native: I find the timing of this racially-motivated article rather interesting. It looks like all Umno ministers and their lackeys have gotten their brief - "incite racial fears and uneasiness among the rakyat, create ‘sensational' news/articles, stir up racial feelings and create dissonance everywhere as we need to stop our ship from sinking..."

Isn't it interesting that the 100 or so "invaders" in Sabah are deemed "not terrorists"? I wonder if this is also a stunt by Umno to drive fear and insecurity among the rakyat?

The end is nigh and BN knows it. Articles like these are desperate measures. I wonder if Ridhuan Tee, by inciting or fomenting racial polarisation, is (in a sense) going against his religions teachings?

Cogito Ergo Sum: Ridhuan Tee's credentials say he lectures at a public university. If no action is taken against him, it means tacit agreement with his myopic views.

It also means the university and authorities subscribe to them. This serves as a perfect snapshot of the state of our nation.

Awakened: The trouble with Malaysia is that the press and media give coverage to those with psychotic problems. Ridhuan Tee is a man not of sane mind. He is a Chinese but claim himself to be Malay.

When federal or state government allocate money for temples, he took it that the money comes from the Muslims.

When he says we (Muslim Malays) give up everything, does he means that the Muslims have to use the ‘zakat' money collected from Muslims to be donated to build temples?

He forgot the fact that the building of mosques also came from federal or state money which were collected from non-Muslim taxpayers and businesses.

Does he implied that only Muslim pay taxes and other don't. He even forgot that his salary is also from taxpayers and not from ‘zakat'.

Thinkingmachine: To quote author Karen Armstrong: "Prophet Muhammad SAW is a respectful and compassionate man who lived a decent life who showed love and kindness to people of other faith and who taught tolerance and compassion toward other religions to all of his followers. Tolerance is the foundation and the measure of Islamic faith. The faith of a Muslim is as much as his tolerance toward other."

Most Muslims conform to the spirit of the Prophet's message, unfortunately others like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah distort his teachings. Now, we see religion is used as reason to incite violence and intolerance.

Apa Nama: Ridhuan Tee, please behave like a gentleman. Kindly refer back to Quran and Islamic history. During the Prophet (pbuh) time, freedom of religion existed even in the Holy land.

Moreover, our own constitution provide freedom to practice one's religion. Thus, your comment is gross and uncalled for in a diverse community like our country.

This is not the first time you are involved in controversy. Previously you have targeted the Chinese community.

Islam is actually a great religion. There are however certain people who give the religion a bad name. Do you want to be one of them?

Dood: Don't expect the authorities to do anything about it. However, if a non-Malay Muslim were to write a similar article, you can expect Unit Gerak Khas in balaclavas and submachine guns to descend upon the hapless soul. After all, "kesabaran umat Islam ada had."

Low Kok Kok: My only comment is: "God forgive him for he knows not what he said."

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