Tanda Putera sign of BN leaders' desperation

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YOURSAY ‘The PM knows his days are numbered and ‘Tanda Putera’ was his last card to tip the balance of support to Umno.’

Malicious plan behind May 13 film, claims Bersih

your say LittleGiant: The nation has recovered, long ago, from the trauma of May 13, 1969 racial riots. Some small-minded tunnel-vision politicians are the ones bent upon using that dark incident which happened almost 44 years ago to their advantage and have the audacity to act like as if they are still traumatised.

These guilt-ridden politicians are caught in a 'time warp' and want to keep frightening the people with an incident that Malaysians want to forget.

As long as we have politicians or politically motivated people who have no qualms using the May 13 incident for their sinister motives, the country cannot move away from it and its people will be forced to remember those darkest hours that brought so much shame and indignity to the nation.

Lamborghini: PM Najib Razak and Umno are so desperate that they are willing to stoop so low by pulling out their last racial card to instil fear and hatred of the ‘pendatangs’ to get votes from the Felda settlers by showing this historically-twisted and government-biased film behind closed doors.

This is a most cowardly and dishonourable act, made even more shameful because it was done at the orders of none other our PM, who routinely and loudly trumpets his 1Malaysia slogan and has the cheek to proclaim that he is PM for all Malaysians.

This is hypocrisy, double-faced, double talk at its worst. The whole timing and nature of this action reek of sinister intent and bad motives. In this Year of the snake, our PM and Umno seems to be manifesting a snake-like character.

Quigonbond: I'm not too concerned if the show is shown to the public. In that case, we are in a position to praise or condemn it as objective or a piece of fictitious trash. To only show it to Felda settlers creates the following presumptions:

1) it is trashy propaganda,

2) it is calculated to influence the voting pattern of the settlers, and

3) it cannot see the light of Malaysian public scrutiny and that's why it's not shown to everyone. This in turn simply reinforces previous and ongoing criticism of the movie.

Acitizen: Desperation has blinded Umno leaders. There is absolutely no more consideration if its action can harm the rakyat or economy of the country. When will this madness stop?

Forcing voters through deceit, a web of lies, thuggery, fear, and bribery is a standard norm. Scary what men in desperate position can do. All we can hope for is for some sanity to prevail.

Starr: Clearly, the film was cast with ill-intent rather than a historical representation of the incident. How can we trust those people behind the film, those endorsing the film and those benefitting from the film.

It's politics of fear by the ruling party which is so allergic to change and resort to fear tactics to win votes. How can they be honourable?

What is left to be done is for the rakyat to say a resounding 'no' to Umno-BN, a resounding 'no' to Najib and a resounding 'no' to DPM Muhyiddin Yassin.

2LAN: BN is willing to destroy the nation in order to save themselves. They have no love for the nation only for themselves. What a shame for the government of the day to behave so irresponsibly.

MCA and Gerakan cannot pretend through their silence they are unaware that they are a party to creating racial tension.

Black Mamba:

The PM knows his days are numbered and ‘Tanda Putera’ was his last card to tip the balance of support to Umno.

A sensible, honest and visionary leader would not stoop so low to play the race card. A true statesman such as the likes of Nelson Mandela would take every opportunity to unite the citizens to move the nation forward than to split them into bitter fractional group destabilizing the country.

Tehachapi: Malaysia deserves to have a PM who is upright and has a strong conviction for the nation, and cares deeply about the people, not a coward, who is occasionally dumb and tongue-tied, often hides in dark places and out of sight, mostly dodges, or evades hard questions and is clearly indifferent to serious challenges to national security.

This is very wrong. Ask yourself, how can any citizen in Malaysia regardless of his/her political affiliation be genuinely proud of a PM, who is even afraid of his own shadows?

Tell me sir, why can't have the aspiring PM candidates openly engage in debates on what and how he or she can do for the nation with our mandate? Is this question forbidden?

Are we asking too much of our leaders when it is claimed that Malaysia is the world's best democracy?

Bert: BN is desperate for votes and they know they must use all available means, even to the extent of causing a racial division among the races. The Felda settlers are held "hostage" by the government. What is Anak going to do about it?

Habib: I remember singing ‘muhibbah’ in school and listening to speeches about how people from various races helping one another when May 13 was over. It had a great impact on me.

I am not so naive to say that the racial divide is easy to bridge, it is so deep rooted precisely, that we need to always water it with love and understanding. Those of us who have friends from various races should start doing it.

The racial bridge is not the only one, there is also the party bridge, the ideological bridge, religious bridge, etc. All these bridges to bridge...

We must build more bridges instead of walls.

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