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Tee Keat, the writing has been on the wall for ages
Published:  Feb 23, 2013 2:47 AM
Updated: 3:53 AM

YOURSAY 'One strategy for Ong Tee Keat is to sit out GE13, let MCA be humbled then challenge for the MCA top post.'

Tee Keat not on MCA's GE13 list

your say CQ Muar: Ong Tee Keat (OTK), do the right thing. It's obvious that MCA has left you in the lurch, especially after the fierce battle against Chua Soi Lek (CSL) during the tussle for the party presidency.

You don't expect him to give you any more favours, do you, lest you bite back some day? Openly declare your stand, though you may incur some criticism along the way.

You are still a credible politician and can contribute immensely, compared to many in MCA who are there for personal gains and glorification. I have respect for you, especially after your bold stand in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal.

Please wait no further, follow where your heart and conscience indicate, and pursue your cause without doubt and prove yourself to the rakyat.

Starr: The writing has been on the wall since OTK was ousted as president of the party. OTK is far more credible than CSL, not only as the party's president but also in the Chinese community.

OTK was ousted because of the PKFZ scandal and that commanded a lot of respect from Malaysians generally, but those involved in the scandal were simply too powerful to see him remaining in position.

The only question remaining is why does he even bother to stay put in MCA and BN. Men of integrity are not in Umno's script. For all the credit he has earned from his handling the PKFZ's scandal, OTK deserves an invitation from Pakatan Rakyat.

This country needs more leaders of integrity, not politicians.

Clearwater: There are no nice guys in politics, only winners or losers, and the situation can change rapidly as both OTK and CSL can attest.

I respect OTK for his unrelenting stand on PKFZ, but that was where he made too many powerful enemies. One strategy for OTK is to sit out GE13, let MCA be humbled then challenge for the MCA top post again in the next party elections.

Should he win, he has many more options as MCA head than just being an Independent MP in Parliament.

Cala: Like it or not, we should really consign MCA to the dustbin of history, not for the many wrong things it has done, but for allowing the party to give a false facade that BN is a multi-ethnic government.

After five decades, of course, we now know we have been taken for a ride by MCA. Dump it.

Anonymous_4031: To run a nation, the PM must get the best people as ministers. Instead of having a bloated cabinet of 35 ministers, 12 great men and women will do.

And don't discriminate against women; they also have brain-power. They can also contribute greatly for the nation. Gender, like colour, has no place in any nation's position.

It appears that MCA and BN have small minds; and small minds cannot be leaders. Pakatan should not follow MCA's style.

AnonymousA: When I look at these people, so-called principled men like Ong Tee Keat or Lee Lam Thye or Dr Lim Chong Eu (to some, they are heroes), my respect however goes to DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Dr Chen Man Hin.

The latter are truly the people's champions. They can easily migrate or sit in the office earning good money but they didn't, they chose to fight for a better Malaysia. Look at their grey hair now, and Karpal Singh in a wheelchair...

Titleist: The stakes in the 13th general election are very very high. It's a survival game. It's either Putrajaya or languishing in defeat.

Najib Abdul Razak will have to make hard choices. He has to resist the temptation to pander to the MCA president's idiosyncrasies. BN cannot rely on an unknown novice candidate in Pandan.

Heavywater: Tee Keat, you are the best MCA president I have seen in a very long time, MCA does not want you because you did right by exposing their master's intentions. Quit MCA, join PKR.

The fight for the truth lies within Pakatan. Continue your fight there... MCA is a dying party, soon to be blamed by Umno for their failure. The corrupt will always support the corrupt.

Anonymous #85701391: Yes, this is a typical example of abuse of power and money politics in Umno-BN. Look at Chua Soi Lek. He is totally shameless yet got elected as president.

Why? Because Umno wants him to be elected. He is easy meat for Umno which has all the evidence in hand and he will jump to their command whenever required.

But how? Examine the profiles of the MCA delegates and you get the answers. Majority of them are tainted with Umno connections.

John Goh T C: OTK is the only winnable candidates among all the potential MCA candidates and yet MCA dropped him.

Don't be surprised that MCA could be totally wiped out in GE13. It is no surprise MCA is trying to sell its many party assets now. I wonder where would the cash raised from such sales go at the end.

SRMan: "OTK considered the favourite to win the seat (again)" - that's exactly the reason why he was dropped. Because if he wins and CSL loses, then CSL is a dead duck.

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