Ridhuan Tee, like Sinar, should also apologise

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YOURSAY 'Why should Sinar Harian apologise first. This apology should come later. After all, the paper is the publisher, not the author.'

Sinar Harian apologises over 'racist' article

your say Absalom: It's very commendable of Karangkraf's editorial executive adviser Abdul Jalil Ali to take charge, assume responsibility and apologise without hesitation (for its columnist Ridhuan Tee Abdullah's racist article).

Writers have a target audience in mind when they write and know exactly what emotional strings to pull to get the desired effect.

In this case, Ridhuan's target audience was the (Malay) man on the street and he sought to generate anger among them towards the other races.

He also knew that the Indians and Chinese who read his piece would also be upset. Is this what he wants? Stir up hatred among the races and watch them have a go at one another?

Does it make him a good Muslim? I don't think so. I wouldn't even consider him a good person. In fact, he is one of those who give religion a bad name.

Apa Nama: Actually these NGOs should approach the writer - the man who is said to be Malay but not a Malay in the real sense.

But why should Sinar Harian apologise first. This apology should come later. After all, the paper is the publisher, not the author.

Is Ridhuan going to apologise? He may argue that he merely said what other people think but dare not voice it out loud. This is the ‘putting the cart before the bulls' scenario.

1234567: Jalil's apology seems sincere. I think we need more editors of this calibre in Malaysia, one who is sensitive, calm and humble.

As for Ridhuan, I prefer not to mock his identity, but action should be taken against him and he should be banned from writing his column.

Solaris: I believe Sinar Harian is genuine in apologising. It is the only paper today that reports fairly on both ruling and opposition news. Get a copy and read it. I read it everyday.

Ksn: Words are cheap, Sinar Harian . Show it in your actions and writings to build harmony among our people, not divide and destroy it, especially by using fanatics such as this fake Malay. What do you say, sir?

Anonymous #37634848: To me, it looks like there are too many racial bigots out there eager to create racial polarisation. I understand that Ridhuan only meant to say how tolerant Muslims are in this country.

He only expressed some facts that are playing out in the streets and the Muslim minds.

Compare this. In India, Hindu extremists did violently tear down centuries old Babri mosque and then went on to massacre thousands of Muslims, including women and children, not so long ago.

In Malaysia, there are thousands of temples, including many funded by the government, not to mention the tallest Hindu statue in Batu Caves. Muslims here have exhibited extraordinary tolerance.

This is precisely Ridhuan's message. The extremists have twisted the facts and abused this Islamic scholar inhumanely.

In Islam, once you revert to the religion, there is no distinction of colour or creed. He is a Muslim not Chinese, Indian, etc. Stop this carnage.

Not Convinced: Anonymous #37634848, the reason why Ridhuan is being lambasted is because Malaysians want to avoid mistakes made elsewhere, such as in India, by allowing such people to whip up religious hatred .

If you stop such extremists, you will stop the carnage.

Hang Tuah PJ: For the sake of unity in Malaysia, people like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah should not be given any media space to spew their bile.

Ridhuan Tee, I am also a Muslim, please don't include me in your tirade. I have never agreed with you on anything. And there was a commentator to his article by the name of Mohamed Sediq insinuating that non-Muslims are upset about the traffic jam during Friday prayers.

Hello bro, not only the non-Muslims are inconvenienced on Fridays. I have seen ambulances being stuck. As a Muslim, you know about Jumaat prayers at the mosque, why do you wait until the last minute and park anywhere you want so that you can meet your own religious obligations at the expense of the general road users.

Is this what is expected of us Muslims? So much for half-past six converts who pretend to be more Muslim than the born Muslims.

Appum: These irresponsible people are always testing the waters to see if they can get away with murder. We shouldn't give them any more chance to do so.

Tholu: It is not enough that Abdul Jalil Ali alone apologises to the Indian community. The imbecile racist, Ridhuan Tee, should be the one who should seek apology from the people whom he mindlessly and callously hurt with his comments on Thaipusam.

It is extremist and non-tolerant bigots like him who is a persistent challenge in creating a religiously harmonious society in a multiracial and multi-religious country like ours.

As a human being, he would be the type of person who is considered to be vindictive, spiteful, self-centred and vain (toxic personality disorder?).

Even if he were to apologise, it would be insincere; it would be just to extricate himself from the quagmire he had inadvertently got into by his egotistical comments.

Such people often tend to be highly manipulative and without any shred of remorse for their actions, even if their actions have harmed others.

Otherwise, he would have not said that his own mother is doomed to hell since she is not a Muslim.

Apa Ini?: Sinar Harian should refuse to publish Ridhuan's articles from now on. He does Islam great harm with his blind allegiance to race and religion.

Blackknight: Well done, Sinar Harian . PM Najib Razak should take a leaf from the newspaper and say the right thing when controversies arise and not hide himself behind a wall of 'cowardly silence'.

Longjaafar: So will Ridhuan apologise? I doubt it.

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