'Some shortcomings, but Pakatan deserves a chance'

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YOURSAY ‘We want a government that is people-centric in every sense, not Umno crony-centric as has been the case.’

Manifesto to curb monopolies, spur economy

your say Raja Chulan: I have read the entire manifesto just now. A well-written manifesto indeed. I sincerely hope that the majority of voters will give Pakatan Rakyat a chance.

We have had Umno-BN for 55 long years and can see for ourselves the state we are in now. I see no big harm in trying out Pakatan for at least one term.

What this manifesto promises to do on the first day of Pakatan rule itself, if done, will be good enough already.

Progressive: Pakatan, unlike in the past or in the Buku Jingga, this manifesto of yours gives you the credentials to rule our country.

It is thorough, well-thought through, incisive, and with a hand on the pulse of the nation. My heart raced a little reading through it. Good luck. You’re on your way to Putrajaya.

Abasir: We want a government that is people-centric in every sense, not Umno crony-centric as has been the case till now.

We want a government that will not tolerate extrajudicial killings, that will install a truly independent anti-corruption body and a police force that is answerable to Parliament and not to the home minister, that will empower local government by bringing back local elections, and that will ensure the daily lives of ordinary citizens are made easier and safer.

We want a government that continually improves the quality of life in real tangible ways. We will never get these from the self-serving Umno and its underlings.

Pisasu 7: To be frank, nobody reads the manifesto anyway. Umno is for the rich and Pakatan is for the poor, period - that is, until Pakatan leaders start to behave like Umno bushjacket morons.

Cala: A new dawn is looming in the distance. In a nutshell, Pakatan's election manifesto is a pledge that once it comes to power, it hopes to do away with all forms of monopolies and rent-seeking activities.

Indeed, if it happens, it will be the end of Mahathirism which promotes elitism, cronyism and patronage politics. However, the existing rent-seekers will not surrender their booty easily. But I believe Pakatan will come up with a solution on this issue.

Otherwise, huge resources will be spent on tracking down the ill-gotten wealth of these looters and plunderers (like what the Philippines did in tracing the Marcos loot).

Lionking: So far we do not see anything coming from BN except “trust me”, “nambikei”, “give me the mandate for another term”, but not what is to be done with corruption, crime, economy, education and the needs of the people.

Chipmunk: What we want to see are the following: (1) Arrest Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his cronies for embezzling and raping the country and resources for their personal gains plus charge him with treason. (2) Get Najib Abdul Razak, Rosmah Mansor, Muhyiddin Yassin, Zahid Hamidi, Nazri Abdul Aziz and all other Umno cronies who benefitted from the rakyat but neglected the rakyat altogether.

(3) Restructure the judiciary, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Election Commission (EC) and all other departments that have worked glove in hand with Umno. (4) Freeze all Umno assets. (5) Arrest Musa Aman, Taib Mahmud, Abdul Gani Patail, Anifah Aman and the Borneo gang for using the law for their own benefit. (6) All monies that has been frozen to be channelled back to the rakyat to reduce poverty.

(7) Revamp the administration at all government departments to ensure transparency and efficiency. (8) Ensure the current education system is overhauled to meet international standards. (9) Reduces taxes for cars, houses and essential items. (10) Remove the race-based system and implement a truly 1Malaysia.

Anticommunalist: The Pakatan election manifesto as usual neglects the marginalised Indians. It’s very disappointing. The stateless Indians issue is not even mentioned. Practically every community is highlighted - Malays, Chinese, the natives in Sabah and Sarawak and Orang Asli - but the Indians are conveniently neglected.

Pakatan is recognising the Unified Examinations Certificate (UEC) for the Chinese. The special interests of Felda group protected. Pakatan do not deserve the Indian votes that they got for free in 2008.

Bumiasli: It's good to hope that there will be a change in government. BN has been too long at the helm and complacency has set in. It is not healthy and in fact disastrous if BN wins again.

We have seen and experienced the worst things a government can do when it is corrupt. We don’t want a repetition. So whatever it is, we will vote for anyone but BN.

1.2.Jump: I was sceptical reading the manifesto first time. I wanted to know more of the breakdowns for each promises made. But suddenly something struck me.

All this while the present government is no better. So I'm willing to give Pakatan the chance to prove that they can deliver their promises.

Cogito Ergo Sum: This is a real manifesto that's hard to top and one that we, the people, deserve after years of abuse. Now, get ready for the counter proposals and potshots about how it will bankrupt an already bankrupt country.

Geronimo: This is a game of chess. For the last few years, Pakatan have 'checked' both the king (Najib) and queen (Rosmah), but they always managed to avoid being captured as they have many pawns, rooks (judiciary), bishops (muftis) and knights (police) to do their dirty work.

Come GE13, we are going to checkmate them once and for all.

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