Rakyat ever ready to help spot 'instant voters'

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YOURSAY ‘Instead of wielding the stick, it might be better for Pakatan to offer the carrot to these ‘instant citizens'.'

PAS warns 'instant citizens' not to vote

TimeForChange: The rakyat must organise for posters to be put up at every street corner before the GE13, which will serve as a warning to these ‘instant voters' that it is a crime for them to vote, and that they will be hunted down after the election and deported as criminals. This will include those caught during the election day.

The rakyat must gather at the entrance of all polling stations. If there are sufficient numbers of citizens there on that day, you will be able to spot the ‘instant voters' easily, as they will be very nervous while queuing to vote.

Bender: I'd suggest that Pakatan Rakyat recruit as many volunteers as possible to keep watch over all the polling stations. They should be ready to use their cameras and camcorders (or more conveniently, handphones with both features) to keep watch and record every suspicious incident.

But Pakatan should also take precautionary measures to ensure that there will be no disruption to the voting process. Let these ‘instant citizens' know that they will be watched closely by us concerned citizens.

Yes, the police will be there, and more likely will be more ready to assist the ‘instants' rather than the concerned. That is the reason why we need to avoid any untoward incidents.

Although they did not say so, but from their actions we all know that the current government will be making this election their dirtiest ever.

Multi Racial: I support the idea of discouraging those ‘aliens' who were given citizenship through illegal means by Umno not to vote. But I disagree on using fear to scare them, otherwise Pakatan will be no different from those in BN.

Use rationale instead, and also counter any possible Umno fear tactics so that these people will do right thing by staying out of the general election until their status can be resolved amicably following a royal commission of inquiry (RCI).

Flamescanner: I agree, aren't we supposed to be different in our values and persuasion as compared to the ruling party? If so, why do we choose to say that "we'll scare them off from voting"?

We must be seen to be taking the right actions. Otherwise, who's to say that fear tactics will not be used once we have a change in government?

PAS leader Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli should be censured by Pakatan leadership. He must be advised to employ the right methods. He is trying to achieve the right ends, but two wrongs don't make a right.

Unspin: Instead of wielding the stick, it might be better for Pakatan to offer the carrot to these ‘instant citizens'.

For instance, Pakatan could offer an amnesty to those who choose not to vote in the next election - meaning that if they do not vote, their citizenship could be converted to permanent resident status (provided that they are not criminals).

However, if they voted, there will be zero tolerance to their ‘citizenship' status and they will be deported immediately once they are caught.

Ferdtan: I support the use of fear to make sure the foreign phantom voters don't come out to vote. Who is talking of bashing them up? Anyway, who would dare to do that knowing that the police are not on our side?

The warning acts as deterrence. It is made known that the opposition cannot tolerate the fact that we would be robbed of a clean and fair election.

If the people don't understand this strategy, let the professionals in the political parties do the job. It is just like you have been robbed and you still want to be nice?

Mushiro: I am sure the rakyat will be supporting this move. Go to all the hideouts of these 'instant citizens' and get this message across.

PAS should also send out information to Malaysians as to how we will be able to detect these 'instant citizens' so that everyone can play a part.

Unmasked: Malaysians should also keep a look out for groups being ferried to voting stations in buses or vans. They are probably outsiders (aka ‘instant citizens') who are not familiar with the local area.

Take pictures of the buses or vans and if possible, take down the drivers' personal particulars too.

ABU, Don't Play Play: Calling out to Malaysians employing foreigners... if any of your foreign employees vote in GE13, shame on you.

And to all the Malaysian businessmen and businesswomen, if any of your foreign contractors vote in GE13, and yet you continue to maintain your business with them... shame on you as well.

Ayoyo: I suggest that Pakatan set up booths at shopping malls, coffee shops, restaurants, banks, local councils and so on, to provide T-shirt printing facilities at nominal charges, say RM10, which will be used as donations for GE13.

Each person brings his or her own T-shirt (in yellow, green, red) to the booth for instant prints of ‘UBAH. I love Pakatan Government' or other such suitable wordings.

Lionking: This is an excellent idea. Should these fake citizens vote, then they should be subject to criminal charges for hoodwinking the country.

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