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YOURSAY 'Whether you are the PM or Petronas adviser, your family members should not be involve in any Petronas contract unless it is won through an open tender.'

Dr M: I had nothing to do with son's Petronas contracts

Milosevic: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad strangely did so little when he was at the epicentre of Malaysian politics.

His hands were tied when the king wanted chief justice Salleh Abas removed. His children got into businesses that would be defined by economic textbooks as pure rentierism.

None of the boys made a new product for the market or advanced any new technology. Their path was "no billionaires without government" but papa played no role. Such was their talent.

He also reluctantly sacked his then-deputy Anwar Ibrahim because he was just following the law and protecting the nation. He knew nothing about Project IC.

He would be more honest if he said he knew nothing of the car business, the airline business or the nation's foreign exchange business; then we would know why the nation lost billions.

Most of all, he knows nothing about the basic sentiments and dilemma of Malaysian citizens. This we can believe given his arrogant and fascistic behaviour.

Absalom: Dr M, truth and justice eventually catch up with you, perhaps 20 years late in your case but they do.

You speak of the injustice Anwar is doing to you, accusing you of misdeeds, but do you honestly not see what injustice you have done, to him and his family, and to Malaysians in general.

Most Malaysians are paying for your mistakes and misdeeds (which are all so well known and so well documented there is no necessity to listed them here) even long after you are no longer in control.

That's the other thing. There is no other ex-PM in the world who interferes with the running of the state and election process as much as you.

While you were in power, you killed off all your eligible successors. What is left now are the deadwood, the riff raff, the indecisive corrupt leaders who continue to play racial politics and are making a mess of an already bad situation inherited from you.

What can Malaysians do now, if not support someone who promises to get rid of this self-serving and corrupt regime.

Sinner: Mahathir, Anwar's wife and daughter are in politics now because in 1998, you threw their husband and father in jail on a cooked-up charge thinking that you and your cronies will be safe from being exposed by Anwar. Don't you forget that.

You even got your friends in the court to deny bail to Anwar and to ensure that every possible defence raised by Anwar was declared to be irrelevant by the trial judge.

TehTarik: Don't forget that he rescued his son Mirzan in the late 1990s. He used nearly RM1 billion of Petronas funds to bail out his son's loss-making shipping empire.

Throughout his political career, he has been involved in dozens of shady deals that has benefitted his cronies and family.

Tholu: Tun, your statements sound like you are trying to pre-empt any legal action Pakatan may take against you if it comes to power. You appear to be afraid that the next government may confiscate all of your and your families' ill-gotten fortune.

Tun, because you were ruling this country more like an autocrat than a democrat, you have forgotten the basic principle that the survival of a politician is at the mercy of the support of his people.

So, if the people do not support Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Nurul Izzah or Anwar, they won't be where they are today.

But for a businessman, the support of the people is irrelevant and unnecessary. All he needs is to have the right connections with the powers-that-be.

Once A BN Supporter: Mahathir, who are you trying to fool? If you are an upright man, whether you are the PM or Petronas adviser, your family members should not be involve in any Petronas contract unless the contract is won through an open and transparent tender where every contender is treated equally.

When you were PM even though you did not ask for projects to be given to your sons, those in charge of Petronas or other government-linked companies will favour your sons because you were in a position to sack them for whatever reasons.

Can you also explain to the public how your son managed to obtain the land fronting the Federal Highway previously acquired by PLUS for road widening purpose?

Why your son, why not the son of my good friend, Encik Ahmad? Was it quietly sold to your son for a song? Of course, you did not instruct PLUS to sell it to your son.

JT1E80: Dear Dr M, I am thoroughly convinced that you had nothing to do with your sons getting all the money that they get and all the business that they get.

After all, the people of Malaysia love you and your sons so much that we would want to give them all our hard-earned money and to lavish them with business opportunities.

It is truly amazing that educated people like us could even think that you might have something to do with your family becoming filthy rich. Enough of sarcasm.

Banish the BN and then go after all these corrupt politicians. Only then will we really know what else you have your grubby fingers in.

Vijay47: Perhaps what you say is true, that you had no hand in Petronas contracts and other perks going to your children. Perhaps these are all wrong perceptions arising from the false accusations created by the opposition and the makers of Avatar .

I suppose you and your comrades can take pride and pleasure in the success of your children. Your son and Ling Leong Sik's son are both billionaires, while S Samy Vellu's son is a millionaire. No doubt, due to sheer hard work and ‘daddy'cation.

'Mahathir, we know how nepotism works'

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