Perhaps Psy hoisted the 8,500 BN flags

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YOURSAY ‘So Penang BN doesn't know where the 8,500 flags came from? I will tell you the answer - K-pop star Psy sent them.'

Penang BN leader blacklisted over illegal flags

your say Relevancy: The question that Gerakan need to answer is why would Pakatan Rakyat want to put up 8,500 additional BN flags compared to 1,000 approved by Penang Municipal Council (equal to 8.5 times more flags)?

Look at the cost of buying, printing and putting them up. Why would Pakatan waste that kind of money to promote BN? This is the most silly logic from Gerakan.

It is more likely that Gerakan-BN had lost control over its own machinery in trying to please PM Najib Razak.

YF: It has never happened before? Gerakan finally admits that under Pakatan, crooks like BN cannot do anything they like. State BN Youth chief Oh Tong Keong, thanks for your admission of guilt.

LiarsSlaughter: BN members are used to lawlessness. They still think they are above the law in Pakatan-ruled states.

Artchan: So Penang BN doesn't know where the 8,500 flags came from? I will tell you the answer - K-pop star Psy sent them. And the South Korean community in Penang helped put up those flags.

I Miss The Real Malaysia: I was in Penang for my Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations. The moment I left my hotel to go Butterworth, I could see flags along the highways and main roads.

I could even see some lorries unloading bunches of flags and sticks in bundles in distances apart and some boys on motorbikes still trying to put them up. And they did it such a manner which endangered others.

Heavywater: Yes, it has always been the fault of others and never BN's. Always blame others just like former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad blaming the lowly-paid civil servants for former MCA chief Ling Liong Sik's downfall.

BN's ways have always been above the law.

Awangku: I think there must be trust for both sides to work. We have got BN states and Pakatan states. Each will have to deal with each other. Let's be civil about this.

KnockKnock: BN flags are being put up everywhere in the country ever since the PM hinted that GE13 'could be any time soon'. It is their prerogative to do what they like even if it is against the law.

Doesn't that imply that BN is indeed arrogant? Carry on, BN. Show your might and make us dislike you more.

Anonymous #25595435: Yeah, let's buy the flags and build a bonfire. Let's convey the message that we never wanted a superficial 1Malaysia. It's utter nonsense.

Taikohtai: Dumping or burning the confiscated flags will only pollute the environment. I would suggest that they could be utilised for many other better use.

For example, I don't mind getting one myself to hang it in my toilet. Guarantee to fix any constipation problems.

Chipmunk: As usual, play "tai-chi" and not willing to take the blame. So how to take responsibility in wanting to govern Penang when BN failed on such a small issue?

BN Youth chief Oh's statement that this "never" happened under the BN goes to show how efficient and law-abiding the BN leaders are and why there are always 'oversights'.

Not Confused: Of course, it was not BN that put up all those flags! It was the state government who did it to welcome Najib - who else?

Then they proceeded to fine themselves. As usual, BN shoots itself in the foot and plays the denial game - what's new?

Chee: It is not fair to blame BN for the illegal flags, so is only fair to blame the Pakatan government and the rakyat?

Anti UMNO: Mr Oh, are you admitting that our education system under BN has deteriorated so much that your workers do not know the difference between 1,000 and 9,500 flags.

Stop pretending to be the ignorant party. Who else if not BN has this kind of ugly looking 1Malaysia flags?

JT1E80: Of course, it has never happened before under the BN. When BN was in power, you could put up anything that you wanted even when we did not want them.

The opposition, needless to say, could not put anything up and they could not complain either as you blacked them out.

The only thing I want to see now is for BN to be completely defeated - and defeated forever (that one is for a certain Dr M).

Vote4Change: Here comes the VK Lingam syndrome: "The flag looks like BN's, the colours look like BN's, the logo looks like BN's, but is not BN's."

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