Why is Aquino doing the talking for Najib?

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YOURSAY 'Our leaders are smarter than you think. See, they have the Philippine president doing all the hard work for them.'

Aquino warns Sulu sultan over M'sia stand-off

Starr: It looks as if Philippine President Benigno Aquino is more forthcoming on the Lahad Datu crisis than Malaysian PM Najib Razak.

It's indeed mind-boggling why Najib should see it fit to keep silent throughout the incident. Of course, he does have a handful of scandals to deal with and the decision to call for a general election.

Or like he said, he wanted to see his transformation programme bearing fruit before the elections. Indeed, he has been too busy to be bothered about the armed incursion in Sabah.

After all, he doesn't see any immediate threat to national security unlike the presence of Senator Nick Xenaphon from Australia on our shores.

Onyourtoes: I don't know what game the Malaysian authorities are playing anymore. At first, they want to engage and negotiate to send the intruders back.

When the Philippines government sent a warship and sought to take them back, suddenly our authority wants to throw the book at these terrorists.

Doc: It looks like Aquino is acting on our PM's behalf in calling for the self-proclaimed Sulu sultan to stand down.

ForTheNation: Our leaders are smarter than you think. See, they have the Philippine president doing all the hard work for them. Malaysia Boleh for sure.

Solaris: Here we are waiting for Najib to at least say something on the issue, but the Philippines is flashing its whip - in the interest of Malaysia.

Intruders snub Aquino's warning to leave Sabah

Headhunter: This is what happen when armed invaders and terrorists are treated as tourists. Imagine what would have happened had the group size been 10,000 strong. Sabah would have been declared as Philippines territory by now. Is our defence minister sleeping on the job?

Happily Writing: Our government tolerance on these invaders is amazing. Deadlines can be moved like shifting goal posts. This is a sign of weak government.

This is a sign of a PM who does not care about people, especially Sabahans. He only cares about his own popularity.

For him, real issues can wait.

Anonymous_4056: It is only right to return Sabah back to the Sulu sultanate if it can be proved that we only lease the land from them. After all, they are Malay and Muslim too.

Paul Warren: Who has a better claim to Sabah? The Indians, Filipinos, Indonesians and Bangladeshis who have been given citizenship or these Sulu people?

I reckon, if we have been paying rental to them then they certainly would have a far better claim to Sabah than those who were favoured by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Filipino intruders 'ready to defend' themselves

Ferdtan: The group of Filipino intruders have vowed to stay and defend themselves to the end. This is what happened when Malaysian authorities are seen to be weak and indecisive.

Najib is still mum on the Sabah invaders. His personal interest in the coming general election is more important than ensuring our country internal security is safe.

At least Aquino (who is showing more leadership than our PM) has warned the clan leader that he must end the stand-off.

Now the engaging authority, our police force under the clueless Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, has passed the buck to the Foreign Ministry.

We should have in the first place been tough - the Defence Ministry and the army should be called in to take charge, instead of the police.

The situation is now getting rather hazardous. It may end up a bloody mess. Our government has clearly underestimated the resolve of these ‘invaders'.

NoNoNo: This is 20th century, not 16th, not 17th and not 18th century. The Sulu sultan lost ownership of Sabah the day the British North Borneo Company took over the land.

And the day Sabah opted to join Sarawak and Malaya to form Malaysia, it is owned by Malaysia. The sultan can blame his ancestors for being cheated by British North Borneo Company which no longer exist.

ACR: Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali is not commenting on this threat to national security?

How about citizenship expert and know-it-all Mahathir? He was the brains behind Project M and also on ways of stripping a person of citizenship.

Send him immediately to negotiate with the Sulus, with Ibrahim in tow.

Wanderer: This group of Filipino intruders must be fully aware that our security forces are brave enough to tackle unarmed anti-establishment protesters.

Only 30 armed intruders and these "butt dancers" have no guts to move in.

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