Don't expect BN to debate Pakatan

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YOURSAY ‘BN is full of intelligent men and women, it's just that many of them end up being embroiled in corruption scandals.'

Pakatan dares BN to public debate on manifesto

ABU, Don't Play Play your say : Why do certain Malaysians assume that BN is filled with morons? I beg to differ.

Actually, BN is full of intelligent men and women. It's just that many of them are corrupt. Look at their ingenious ways of siphoning ‘commissions' such as the cows-for-condos scandal and the Scorpene submarine controversy.

There are still good people (former MCA chief Ong Tee Keat perhaps?) in BN, but they are the minority who cannot do much to change the regime's debauchery.

"Give BN another five years," so the premier says. Even if you give them another 10 years, they will not change, and there is nothing that Ong Tee Keat - or any other well-meaning BN party members - can do about it.

Starr: It helps for Umno-BN leaders to take a look at themselves in the mirror before criticising the opposition. Criticisms don't win elections, but engaging in public debate on policy issues would. What are they waiting for?

The rakyat are longing to watch a debate between PM Najib Abdul Razak and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Even now, some of the responses from Umno-BN leaders are childish in nature - long on forms and short on substance.

Relevancy: So much from the ‘new and improved' BN. If there is indeed to be any public debate(s), it should be live (not by delayed telecast) and free from censorship.

Lawfool: I support open debates with figures and facts. If BN dares not debate, they will be deemed a coward and should be voted out.

BN is always arrogant in thinking that they are the only ones who really know how to run the government. And they are always forcing the idea into the voters' minds that without them, the country will surely go down the drain.

Anonyxyz: Those who can understand the manifesto will know what it is about, but those electorates who refuse to separate righteousness from the seduction of race, religion and rights cannot be convinced simply by debating.

Pakatan should organise more discussions and ceramah (talks) in the rural hinterlands to try to sell the message instead.

It should work to get those who have moved to urban areas and can understand about the country's health better to go back to their hometowns to spread the message.

If more urban folks can register their voting addresses in their rural hometowns and sacrificing some of their time to journey back on polling day, it might make a better impact.

Appum: Stick to your guns, Pakatan. We understand that your manifesto is just a broad spreadsheet listing out your macro-policies. You don't need to list the details now, when you can do that after the GE13 in Putrajaya.

Maybe after two terms under Pakatan, and after Malaysia has obtained developed status post-2020, only then Umno might be ready to debate.

Blackberry: Bankrupt Negara (BN) can only talk and hide behind the mainstream media such as TV3. Indeed, who in Umno-BN will actually dare to debate?

Apapunboleh: BN doesn't even give Pakatan any opportunity to have their say on MSM (mainstream media). Where in the world would BN have the courage to debate with Pakatan?

Anton: This is the best time to give Pakatan the opportunity to rule the country to clean up the mess caused by the Umno-BN debacle.

After these past 55 years, we must have a two-party system to enable a check and balance process. If Umno-BN dares, just name the date and time for a public debate.

Flamescanner: I have to agree that Pakatan should present details on how it plans to generate all that revenue, apart from just stating that it will come from reduction in corruption.

While reducing corruption is excellent, it needs to outline its plans in detail. How much does Pakatan expect to get from the corruption pool and how much time is it giving itself to achieve that?

The first draft of the manifesto is positive but more substantiation is required.

Kazakh: Pakatan should also consider canceling all the 4D gambling licences currently run by Berjaya Toto, Magnum and Da Ma Cai and set up a new board just like the United Kingdom's system where all profits from gambling goes to financing social works, education and scientific research, rather than helping a minority of rich cronies.

It's time to give back the wealth to the citizens.

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: This is because Umno-BN cannot debate well, and the figures will eventually turn against them.

Fantastic4: BN obviously would not dare to debate. They are not going against Pakatan alone, but the rakyat. The more they speak, the more foolish they appeared to be.

Anyway, the terms "good governance" and "accountability" are beyond their comprehension. How then are they able to debate?

Cantabrigian: Sorry, no time for debates. Najib is too busy siphoning cash out of the country at the moment.

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