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Hindraf offers Pakatan a 'bunch of fig leaves'
Published:  Mar 1, 2013 12:38 AM
Updated: 3:36 AM

YOURSAY 'And Pakatan gave them the finger. But Hindraf can sway substantial numbers of Indians to vote for BN or tell them to abstain. Either way, it's Pakatan's loss.'

Hindraf 'very disappointed' with Pakatan manifesto

your say Magnus: When all manifestos, policies, speeches and actions cease to be race-oriented and are replaced by the Malaysian bedrock of equality, merit and needs-based assistance, then all Malaysians will truly be equal and free to pursue their own unique potentials in mutual respect and in dignity.

So it is highly regrettable that at this crucial time just before GE13, people are still stuck with the small details and not see the big picture. Perhaps reason will prevail soon. I hope it does.

Or else the real opportunity for a sea-change for all - after 55 years of wholesale destruction by Umno-BN, where so many Malaysians have lost out, been marginalised, disenfranchised and made to feel devalued and degraded as unequal citizens through the disgusting, elitist, undemocratic and indefensible racist policies of discrimination, like bumiputera-ism, Ketuanan Melayu-ism and other such undemocratic and unholy/unIslamic nasty-isms, will be lost. So be wise.

Ohakimm: The Pakatan Rakyat manifesto adopts a need-based policy as opposed to an ethnic-based policy (adopted by BN over the last 55 years or so).

The basic premise of this need-based policy is that all Malaysians, regardless of race, will be treated fairly and equitably. Affirmative policies for the poor, needy and the disadvantaged will be applicable to all races.

The only exception under this policy is to reinstate the customary rights of the Orang Asli and bring them into the mainstream Malaysian society. This change of policy will foster a truly Malaysian society and over time, will lead to the demise of race-based parties.

In this coming GE13, Malaysians have a choice - to either maintain their ethnic segregation, in which case they should vote for BN, or to embrace a truly inclusive Malaysian identity, in which case they should vote for Pakatan.

I call on every Malaysian to rise to the occasion and vote for change.

Anonymous e_68.474958: Most of us have shunned racist groups like Hindraf and even Pakatan has its slammed its door on them.

Why are they not running in tears to BN then? Why are they complaining endlessly about Pakatan and yet still sulking at Pakatan's rejection of their racist stance?

They obviously sound desperate. Perhaps, this is the reason why BN is not even warming up to them.

Anonymous_3f7d: I don't see how the Pakatan manifesto could be seen as neglecting the Indians. If the policies are needs-based then surely needy Indians will be included as well.

We just don't have to use the age-old formula of allocating things according to ethnicity. That way, there would be more equity and we learn not to see things according to our skin colour but according to general needs of the whole Malaysian society.

For example, Pakatan has said that SPM dropouts will be trained to take over from foreign labourers. That would mean any SPM dropout, regardless of race - and if there are any Indians who are SPM dropouts - will be eligible for such programmes.

Why do we need to label each policy as race specific?

Robert Lim: Saying we have moved away from racial politics is just a wild imagination of Pakatan members and leaders. In reality, they all practice race-based leadership and policies.

PAS has clearly spelled out their Muslim agenda and so has PKR. They have openly said the Malays need not fear losing their Malay special privileges. So what is wrong for Hindraf asking for a specific economic programme which is truly needed to help them?

Karen: Everyone in this country could demand, except Hindraf. When Hindraf gives a proposal in its blueprint, Pakatan chooses to ignore it.

Then Pakatan leaders go around saying they have moved away from racial politics but everything about them is racial. Only Hindraf is not permitted to raise such issues.

Now they are blamed for wanting to meet BN. Yes, better to meet BN which is now humbled by the voters rather than negotiate with an arrogant bunch of leaders.

Wira: Every interest group asks, "What is in there for me?" Please look at the macro picture.

If the Malays don't want change, accept corruption and abuses because they feel insecure despite their overwhelming dominance in the political sphere, no change is possible, regardless of Chinese and Indian votes.

So please don't deceive yourselves. Either we go for a two-party system with checks and balances or we stick to a one-party rule, which essentially have evolved into a corrupt system that, if not reversed, will eventually lead this country to ruin.

Awakened: The leaders of Hindraf must understand why they went to the streets five years ago. They did that because they felt that the Indians were marginalised by the race-based policy of BN.

Now, we have a stronger Pakatan which is providing an alternative by advocating a need-based policy. Hindraf should be happy to have such an alternative.

It seems like Hindraf neither wants BN's race-based policy, which favours the Malay, nor do they want a need-based policy as advocated by Pakatan.

Solaris: The long and short of it is that Hindraf offered Pakatan a whole bunch of fig leaves. Pakatan gave them the finger. Hindraf can sway the substantial Indian underclass to vote for BN or tell them to abstain. Either way, it's Pakatan's loss.

Comments: From the various Hindraf statement, it is more like they want to play the racial card, instead of working for the betterment of all with the marginalised getting uplifted.

It seems nick-picking is Hindraf's order of the day. I believe except for some die-hard collaborators of Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy and his group, Indians in general, having now been better recognised, are looking at the best way forward as Malaysians.

Hindraf hopefully will not now be the sick man after losing the limelight which they obtained for the Indian community in 2007 - a brave act that will be well remembered. They must know when to act wisely and smartly.

Hindu rights group sees itself as the new MIC

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