Gun battle could be avoided had Navy been vigilant

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YOURSAY 'Letting the armed intruders to be entrenched there for weeks and then try to evict them later hoping there will not be any casualties, is a bit naive.'

14 killed in Lahad Datu firefight, including 2 M'sians

your say Be Fair: The Navy chief should resign for not doing his job and let over 100 armed intruders to easily slip into Malaysia. Anyway the Sulu gunmen won the day by internationalising their claim over Sabah.

Manila has requested clearance for a Philippine Navy vessel, AT-296 BRP Tagbanua, to proceed to Lahad Datu to enable Philippine medical personnel abroad to attend to the wounded and ferry them and the remaining members of the group back to their respective homes and families.

Malaysia should not let them go that easy otherwise this will encourage other aspiring invaders and the many "other" Sulu sultans in future. Be stern and charge them accordingly, especially for invading another country and killing its people.

Fire_rock: The Philippine Navy vessel should go back home. We need to capture all these intruders and prosecute them in our courts for waging war against our Agong and the murder of our two police officers.

Malaysia ABU: The Malaysian armed forces should have equipped with more patrol ships and powerful radar to detect any intruders from sea once they cross our maritime boundary, and intercept them when they are still at sea.

Once they get to land in Sabah and build their defences (after weeks of "negotiation"), it will be very much harder for our security forces to get them out or capture them.

How many patrol ships and radars can we buy instead of those two useless Scorpene submarines?

Mangodurian: Putting this incursion under the police jurisdiction means it is being dealt with as a domestic criminal incident. Perhaps this is some stupid diplomatic nonsense not to cause an international incident with the Philippines?

But this is irresponsible as the police are outgunned if indeed there were mortars involved. I am sure they didn't come to 'claim their land' armed with a few pistols and parangs (machetes). So why is the army not calling the shots?

MfM: My sympathy goes out to the families of the two commandos who died. Their blood is on the home minister's hands. The army would have solved this without any casualties on our side.

Hermit: These armed intruders should not be given time at all. Any armed intruder who land on our shore must either surrender or be shot.

When a teenager found driving his parent's car in the middle of the night was shot with a dozen bullets, it's totally absurd for the commander in chief cum PM to give time for the intruders to party around for more than two weeks.

Pl3gm4tic: Questioning the wisdom of politicians? Of course. Letting the armed intruders to be entrenched there for weeks and then try to evict them later hoping there will not be any casualties, is a bit naive. It should have been done on the day they landed in Sabah.

Sama Sama: It is interesting indeed that Hishammuddin said that these Sulu intruders are neither militants nor terrorists .

These foreigners just walked into the country and claimed sovereign rights over Sabah. Now two Malaysians are killed, several more are wounded.

What has former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad got to add to this now? The authorities treated these intruders far better than the peaceful Bersih marchers.

Starr: Has Project IC not compromised the security and sovereignty of the state? Has Mahathir and his cohorts considered the long-term ramifications and implications of granting citizenship to these people?

Mahathir now has the audacity of urging the security forces to tighten the borders security, especially along the eastern seaboard to prevent the recurrence of such armed intrusion.

Is he not slapping himself on the face? They don't have to come from the Philippines, they have already sufficient numbers within Sabah to launch an armed rebellion.

Anonymous #57883242: We could have avoided this bloodshed by issuing out another 100 ICs.

Raj 5503: My heartfelt condolences to the families of the two police commandos. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I salute you for your sacrifice.

To the injured police officers, we wish you a speedy recovery and to all other police commandos - thank you for a job well done.

I also wish to invite all Malaysians to pray for the souls of the gunmen who had died in vain for following their misguided leaders.

Two police commandos killed in mortar attack

Disgusted: Why is the police force tasked to handle the situation? Shouldn't it be the duty of our armed forces to protect our territory from external forces?

Billions have been spent on military hardware and yet we can't stop 100 or so small-time Sulu gunmen. It should come under the purview of Defence Ministry and not the Home Ministry.

What has the Navy been doing with all the heavy-duty boats and even submarines when they can't guard our coastal waters?

Iiiizzzziiii: And they said these intruders were not heavily armed, just some machetes and revolvers. Now they have mortars. So, what is next?

The initial statement by our home minister indicated that these intruders were friendly. My thoughts go out to the family members of the two police commandoes who were killed while carrying out their duties.

How many more lives must be lost before a solution can be found?

Who to blame for death of commandos?


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