Najib and family quiet amid Bala's allegations

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YOURSAY 'I believe that the ball is now in the PDRM's court. Why wasn't Bala arrested for making a false statutory declaration?'

PI Bala: Razak regretted not paying Altantuya

your say Abuminable: Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu's cold-blooded murder may well be among the most disgusting and macabre examples of premeditated murder in Malaysian criminal history.

After nearly seven years, it's time to heal this ugly scar in the national psyche. We, the rakyat, will not accept any more clumsy attempts to cover up this shoddy event.

There is absolutely no way PM Najib Razak and wife Rosmah Mansor can continue to deny their intimate involvement in this dark episode.

In any civilised nation, Najib would have voluntarily resigned or at least taken indefinite leave, pending a full police investigation.

I'm sure most people will agree that murder is a great deal more serious a crime than wearing yellow T-shirts and partying in the streets in defiance of the Kuala Lumpur mayor.

JBGUY: I believe that the ball is now in the PDRM's (Royal Malaysian Police) court. Surely they cannot avoid taking some form of action.

Why wasn't Bala arrested for making a false SD (statutory declaration)? In the light of these new revelations, shouldn't Abdul Razak Baginda and certain other involved parties be investigated?

Restless_Native: Much of what is adduced by former private eye P Balasubramaniam is probably true (one cannot recall 100 percent of everything that transpired).

His first declaration is probably the true version. People ask for "proof", knowing full well that these are cloak-and-dagger activities and are confident that there won't be any.

Raja Chulan: To me, Bala is trying to make a hero of himself and to commercialise his relationship with Abdul Razak Baginda.

It reveals how low grade a private eye this fellow really is. Bala's credibility is also suspect - see all his actions and behaviour so far.

Anyway, the information he has so far revealed is useless in solving the crime. It is also useless for PKR in its bid to pin down Najib good and proper.

If PKR continues to rely on Bala, it could very well affect PKR's credibility in raising other valid issues against Najib and Umno-BN.

Simply Red: It is very sad that while various individuals are attacking our beloved PM - who is the country's CEO - there is total silence from him. Why?

Definitely the PM has his side of the story to tell. Sue Bala for defamation if the allegations are not true. Let us hear it from the horse's mouth.

The truth cannot continue to be swept under the carpet. Sorry, the ‘elegant silence' on the part of the PM is not the way to go, especially when we are about to elect a leader to govern the country for the next five years.

Hopefully the truth will finally prevail.

NewMalaysia: Somehow I felt that this thing is not so simple as we see it, what with Bala coming back so soon after businessman Deepak Jaikishan made his revelations.

I think someone in the corridor of power would wish this to badly affect Najib. As I see, BN has been riding on Najib popularity, this has made him arrogant and it might have upset some of the Umno leaders.

With the ongoing tussle for power and the infighting for seats within Umno, I am afraid this is only be the tip of an iceberg. Much more will be revealed once Najib has announced the BN candidates.

2zzzxxx: With other countries, the leader would have resigned and an investigation would have been launched over such serious allegations.

But it is not to be here as all the agencies with the power to investigate are protecting this one person.

Show us your proof, Perkasa urges Bala

Awakened: It is amusing that in Malaysia that we have many comedians. The people who have been talking without proof are asking for proof from Bala.

Why don't Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali ask for proof when Jati chief Hasan Ali alleged that the Christians were trying to convert the Muslims.

If you want evidence, take Bala to court. Oh, I forgot. You have no locus standi. Somebody probably instructed you to say that.

Hmmmmmmmm: Actually the evidence is staring you in the face. Bala is accusing our number one man of involvement in the murder but despite having the full weight of the biased judiciary at his disposal, our ‘numero uno' refuses to sue to clear his name.

Wira: It's not just Bala. It's now Bala and Deepak. If the PM is innocently victimised, he should come out with a point-to-point rebuttal and not just issue a statement of denial.

He can also sue Bala and Deepak and tell everything under oath in court. A Pakatan leader, wrongly accused, will do just that.

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