Stadium crumbling and now flyover collapsing

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YOURSAY 'And the government still thinks it is a good idea to build a nuclear power plant in Malaysia? God help us all.'

Overhead flyover near Cyberjaya collapses

your say Taikohtai: If this ever happens in Australia, you bet not only will the companies involved be thoroughly investigated, the authorities that gave the approval and even the state or federal government involved will be voted out.

So many structures collapse in Malaysia, yet each time it is said to be an ‘act of God'. So let's bother God one more time and let the fall of BN be attributed to Him as well.

Dark Knight: All buildings, airports, stadiums, housing and commercial developments, bridges, roads and dams - in fact, any structure built by BN cronies - will eventually fail and collapse.

So far, I believe, no life has been lost, but the time will come. This is going to be the sad episode of the BN administration that cares not for the rakyat but for the financial gains of its leaders, their children and their cronies at the expense of the lives and livelihoods of the rakyat.

All said, karma will catch up with all these thieves ... and their families. Be warned.

Datos: Kudos to the authority who monitored the situation and closed the bridge to the traffic, avoiding an even bigger disaster. However, those responsible for this shoddy work will have to face the music.

Cala: All properly designed engineering project is designed by a qualified engineer and counter-checked by another qualified engineer according to a prescribed code.

At the execution stage, the construction is undertaken again according to the prescribed code under the watchful eyes of the design engineers or his representative.

It is highly unlikely that the flyover will fail. If something like this happened, the first step is to ask who is the design engineer and who is the supervising engineer?

Starr: This is another damning indictment of our engineering profession. But they are not the only ones, other professions are also suffering from being in a state of decline, along with their standards of professionalism.

This is due not in small part to the politicisation of education, in particular tertiary education. The standards of education and training are being set aside so as to achieve the bumiputera quota in all profession.

Quality is being compromised for quantity, and it's just for window dressing only. It's not accidental that none of our universities including Universiti Malaya, is ranked within the world top 400.

This is downright shameful, especially when we had inherited a sound education system from the British but, like everything else, our politicians saw fit to destroy it for some dubious national agenda.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Apart from overhauling everything else, the next government has to make massive checks on all infrastructure built by the present government.

I saw a picture of a small pedestrian bridge that collapsed in Sarawak in the New Straits Times last year. The caption read: Bridge over troubled waters.

It's just the opposite! From newspapers that do not have even intelligent captions to crumbling infrastructure, these are the marks of the present regime.

Fairnessforall: The bridge may belong to Selangor State Development Corporation (PKNS) but remember it was build when Selangor/PKNS was controlled by BN.

The project to build the bridge was obviously given to a crony company by BN and not the current Selangor government.

This is the result of the BN crooks demanding millions of ringgit as commission for giving out the contract. Hence to reduce the cost, they use substandard material.

China: When a project is awarded, the cost has to factor corruption cost. If a contractor needs to continue with the job and still make reasonable profit, he has no choice to use under-specification materials to cover up the profit.

Another scenario is when a bumi is given the job, he will subcontract it after taking a hefty cut for not doing much (for example, the Shah Alam new General Hospital project has yet to be completed).

As such, the new subcontractor has to cover the cost, and hence the delay and the use of sub-specification materials, which will cause future problems and safety issues.

Versey: I have always been wary when driving on or below any flyover built in Malaysia and am absolutely nervous whenever traffic comes to a halt when my car is crawling or stationed on or below them.

Now I can finally prove to all my friends that my fear is not without reason though it has never been my wish to be able to do so.

Anonymous_40a7: So, we have a stadium crumbling (twice), a retainer wall failing and now a flyover collapsing. And the government still thinks it is a good idea to build a nuclear power plant in Malaysia? God help us all.

Intheair: Collapsed structures, compromised defence, infiltrated electorate, radioactive environment; hollow slogan and extravagant entertainment are all signs of a crumbling regime.

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