Environmentalist gets the boot, illegals get free passage

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YOURSAY 'Maybe Nick Xenophon and Grace Kan should have come armed to the teeth so much so our authorities have no choice but to grant them entry.'

Taiwanese environmentalist barred from entering M'sia

your say Geronimo: I must say I admire the efficiency of our immigration officers. They were so quick in barring Australian senator Nick Xenophon from entering the country, and now environmentalist Grace Kan from Taiwan.

However, I can't say much for their efficiency in barring about 200 armed Filipinos from entering the country and having them deported.

Maybe Xenophon and Kan should have come armed to the teeth so much so our authorities have no choice but to grant them entry.

BigBens_KL: They made a mistake, they should have entered through Sabah by boat and carried guns with them - they would have allowed in without any problem.

Tidakboleh: Anyone fighting for environmental conservation, good governance, against corruption, nepotism, apartheid-type policies, state-sanctioned racism, the misuse and abuse of power, is not welcome by the regime.

That speaks volumes about the integrity of the regime's leaders. They think this country belongs to their family.

The Mask: For goodness sake, Kan is only an environmentalist. Moreover, what has the fight for a safe environment got to do with national security?

The paranoia of BN is really unbelievable. But at the same time, the BN must have plenty to hide to take action against every single expose.

The people who still vote for the BN must have crap in their brains. Sorry about that, but any sane and patriotic Malaysian would have come to that conclusion.

2zzzxxx: The Umno government is now officially a communist government, as only in communist countries do they bar people who speak the truth from entering their countries.

The 'enemies of the state' are those in Umno, for example, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had given instant blue ICs (identity cards) to illegals and terrorists. Those are the real traitors.

Spirit of Malaya: Hail Malaysia, a country where even its own citizens could be barred from entering another state within the country. So, this Taiwanese deportation is nothing new. You want change and have transparency? Then get rid of BN.

AngryBird: A Taiwanese environmental activist and an Australian senator were deported from Malaysia for being enemies of the state, whereas the Suluk are allowed to enter bearing arms and remain in Sabah for as long as they want.

This is what the Najib Razak government has become. Malaysians, do you still want to support this wretched government?

Fair&Just: People of conscience and noble causes are being detained and deported immediately, while militant terrorists were being feted and treated with kid's gloves like those in Lahad Datu, until political pressure forced this farcical regime to take stern action.

The actions of a nation are reflective of their leaders and it can be concluded that the present crop of our so-called leaders are only interested in their own benefits and afraid to act.

They will lead this nation to destruction, lest they change their ideology and stop being pally with militants and terrorists.

Dalvik: Within a month, we saw two deportations of unarmed foreigners. And this month, we negotiated with armed invaders to return to their home country with a vessel waiting at sea. Three incidents, one fact - the government has a lot to hide.

No Racism: The Umno gangsters now prevent anyone who are associated with non-Umno ideologies from entering Malaysia.

However pirates, gangsters and Islamic militants are free to enter Malaysia. This is what Malaysia has come to.

Masai Kadazan: What goes around comes around. Malaysia has been pampering the militants of southern Philippines and southern Thailand.

So now we get a dose of the same medicine, dealing with militants on our soil. Good job by our PM. Malaysia Boleh.

MY Kee: It would be nice to have Australia and Taiwan bar our politicians from entering their soil.

Australia can say that Malaysian politicians do not understand English and they smuggle money in and out of the country. Taiwan can say, while we fight in our Parliament, at least we can disagree with our president and not be harassed by the authorities.

Unmasked: Immigration should immediately release the list of names of those barred from entering Malaysia. This would enable foreigners to check the list prior to booking a flight to our country.

2 Tim 1:7: "I'm not a prophet, but I always thought it was natural for dictatorships to fall. I remember in 1989, two months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, had you said it was going to happen, no one would have believed you.

"The system seemed powerful and unbreakable. Suddenly overnight, it blew away like dust." (Salman Rushdie)

Dood: These days, the only way a foreigner is able to get into the country is if he or she come invited with offers of free citizenship, or if they come with guns for a picnic on our beach.

Anonymous #57883242: Indeed, one needs to be an illegal to be allowed entry into Malaysia.

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