Focus on ending the bloodshed, not on Anwar

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YOURSAY 'Is this the time for the gov't to use this extremely serious security breach and the resultant loss of lives to politicise the issue?

I've nothing to do with Lahad Datu, fumes Anwar

your say LittleGiant: While our army and police personnel are being killed by the armed intruders in Sabah, the government is making a mockery of itself by politicising it and accusing Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim of supporting the intrusion.

The mainstream media, as usual, has no shame but to simply join in the attack. And what is wrong in Tian Chua, PKR vice-president, alleging that this whole thing is Umno's "sandiwara"?

And who would not think so, since it is the Umno-led BN government that has dragged its feet on this issue, that did not have the determination to deal firmly with the intruders and has now made a mess of itself with the loss of so many lives.

Isn't it the Umno-initiated Project IC in Sabah, which obviously started the free flow of illegal immigrants into Sabah, including people with illegal and subversive intentions.

Many of these intruders could be holding Malaysian ICs and travelled to Sabah many times to do their "homework" before embarking on their current mission.

Is this the time for the government to use this extremely serious security breach and the resultant loss of lives to politicise the issue?

Rezom: The most important issue now is that my fellow Malaysians have died protecting this land. No more should die.

Voice: At the end of the day, it is the federal government which is responsible for the security and safety of this country and its people.

They are in charge of the Malaysia's defence, army, police, customs, coast guards and all aspects of the country's security forces.

It is the federal government's duty to ensure all land and sea borders are properly guarded so as to not to give any chance of any intrusion, especially when Sabah is so close to the southern Philippines and pirate infested seaways.

The fact that they tried to shift the mess to other leaders or the opposition shows how irresponsible the current leadership in the federal government is.

Mahashitla: If the BN government can pay RM1.2 million for anti-Anwar propaganda in the United States, then I think to get such ridiculous story into the Manila Times and for Reuters to pick up is no big deal.

Is it logical for the opposition to invite an armed incursion and promise them autonomy for Sabah should it form the next government? Or is it much more logical and easier for the opposition to ask those Project IC instant citizens to support the opposition to gain autonomy?

Either way it does not make sense for the opposition led by Anwar to sell out Sabah to the Sultan of Sulu or to the Philippines. It's just bad spin. The Philippines government should investigate the source of the information.

Onyourtoes: We don't care whether Anwar was tacitly involved or not. We don't care whether PKR veep Tian Chua had made an irresponsible statement.

We must go back to the mother of our problem today in Sabah. Who created the environment for insurgency to thrive? Who made these foreign gunmen and illegal immigrants so bold and fearless in our land?

I express sympathy to our police officers who got killed. But I think they could have lower their vigilance due to years of indoctrination on Muslim brotherhood.

For years we think we are big brothers caring for little brothers who were repressed. Well, I don't think it is funny anymore when the little brother has grown up and now wants to take over.

It's about Malaysia's permanent interest, my dear friends. There are no permanent friends or enemies. A wise man did not say this for nothing.

Anonymous #68219004: Our government has failed to protect the country's integrity and the lives of its citizens.

And we have these two Umno-controlled media - TV3 and Utusan Malaysia - spinning news to discredit Anwar to hide the failures of this government in handling the situation which has cost needless loss of lives and there may be more to come.

Anonyxyz: ‘Wag the Dog' in Malaysia? With the GE13 delayed so many times until it reached a critical stage whereby the only reason to delay beyond the deadline of April 28 is have a security crisis, and suddenly we have this invasion.

Now the people need not worry about GE13 anymore or blame PM Najib Razak for not making a decision. Someone else will make the decision on when the general election will be held - if ever.

Thetruth: It looks like Umno-BN is running out of ideas and issues. They are the government of the day. They failed to protect our borders from being breached.

They failed to handle the situation in the right manner from the start, especially initially at early stage, leaving this whole issue to be handled by police and state MKN (National Security Council).

They have mismanaged the whole crisis badly. And now they want to spin and blame Anwar for all the shit created by them. Well, good luck because it looks like nothing is going right for them any more.

SMC77: If you know which party is trying to delay the GE, then you know why they have made such an accusation.

Najib is very clear that he wants more time to "ensure" he can win back a two-thirds majority. Najib is supposed to emerge from this standoff as a hero but the people surrounding him simply cannot do the job properly.

Now, they are trying to contain the damage and blame Anwar and later on Pakatan for the whole saga.

Bamboo: We know the outcome. TV3 and Utusan will be found guilty of defaming Anwar. Then they apologise. I hope Anwar won't accept any apologies from them this time but get as much compensation as possible to teach them what responsible journalism is.

Boycott MSM: Take TV3 and Utusan to the cleaners and give them a good wash.

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