Najib breaks silence and trains guns on... Pakatan

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YOURSAY 'Najib, you should show proof that Anwar is involved. If not, you are as good as spreading rumours and instigating the rakyat.'

PM orders probe on opposition links to standoff

your say Starr: Prime Minister Najib Razak is so quick to react to any rumours linking the opposition to the armed intrusion in Lahad Datu, now spreading over to Semporna and Kunak.

When the intruders began their standoff with the police in Kampung Tanduo, Najib kept mum for weeks.

But now, he wasted no time in ordering an investigation into the allegations that opposition leaders met with Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) a few months ago.

This really shows what's his motivation is - killing off the opposition at the first opportunity. Just how much spin, allegations and smear campaigns against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim have been debunked in the end?

Meeting with Nur Misuri is only a matter of conjecture, nothing more. Haven't the government ministers and officials met up with Nur Misuari in the past when brokering the peace treaty between MNLF and the Philippines government?

SMC77: Najib, if you had concrete evidence, you would have arrested Anwar and those involved from Pakatan Rakyat weeks ago.

If you have no evidence, please keep your mouth shut as the more you talk about the involvement of Pakatan, the more we suspect the whole issue was engineered by you.

Pronto: Najib, you control all resources in the country. As such, you should show proof that Anwar is involved. If not, you are as good as spreading rumours and instigating the rakyat. You have the military and police under you. Arrest Anwar if it is true. Why wait?

Kit P: If there is going to be any probe, first and foremost it should focus on the failure of our security forces for allowing more than 100 heavily armed foreigners to enter the country completely undetected.

Second, there needs to be a probe on the bungling and mishandling of the siege which resulted in the deaths of the police officers. This is an armed foreign incursion, why isn't the military deployed?

Del Capo: How about probing your "mentor" why Filipinos think they can just come to our land and settle here? How about probing that missing-in-action defence minister on why armed groups can just ‘suka suka' land on our soil, group after group?

How about probing your numbskull cousin why our police officers are not sufficiently backed up in such missions? How about probing yourself and that government you run why we are in this mess?

2zzzxxx: Najib is trying very hard to divert attention from this crisis by dragging the opposition into it so that Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has something more to publish tomorrow.

Umno and former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad are the ones who had given blue ICs to these terrorists and let these terrorists treat Sabah as their ‘holiday resort'.

OMG: Najib, probe how you failed to protect our borders instead. You have failed to do your job. Don't deflect from your failures.

Anonymous_3e21: After eight police officers dead, is it all you can come up with, Mr PM? Have you no sympathy or respect for them?

Shiro: This incident is not a major embarrassment to the Philippines government but a major embarrassment to Najib and the Malaysian government.

How did a band of about 200 heavily-armed intruders managed to easily enter Sabah? How did they bring in mortars and grenade launchers?

What happened to our security forces and intelligence units? How did eight of our well-trained police commandos die at the hands of these intruders? Najib should stop this ‘sandiwara'.

Cannon: Najib, instead of communicating the facts of the situation and giving Malaysians a coherent account of the breaking events in Sabah, choose to resort to making allegations linking the incursion to the opposition.

He is reduced to running a government by slogans and accusations. His latest flavour of the month is IM4U, but he is no where to be seen at Lahat Datu where good men are fighting and dying.

Anonymous_40c3: The Sulu invasion shows the severity of the problem of instant immigrants not just in Sabah but potentially the entire Malaysia. The number of economic migrants in this country, both legal and illegal, is worrying and a threat to national security.

Those granted dubious and fast-tracked citizenships owe no allegiance to this country and will support and provide assistance to their own kind in the event of an uprising.

The whole country is saddened by the tragic loss of lives of our Malaysian brothers. Who takes the blame for this?

Gotcha: The peace deal between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Manila, in which Malaysia brokered and where the Sulu Sultanate was ignored is probably the root cause of their claim on Sabah.

Don't point fingers at the opposition for your own blunders, Umno-BN.

Anonymous #43051382: So Najib is the cousin of Nur Misuari's grand nephew. Please write that, Utusan .

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