Putrajaya has imported Moro militancy into Sabah

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YOURSAY ‘The security problem will be solved in a few days. The political instability remains as there are many relatives of these Sulu intruders who are M’sians.’

Dr M admits gov't misread Lahad Datu situation

your say Avatar_3e8a: In a civilised society, negotiations should always be the first step, and armed response must always be the measure of last resort.

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is right when he asserts that the government did nothing wrong in their attempts to find a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

However, the real issue is who is responsible for the lax immigration controls that allowed these illegal intruders to reach our shores so easily?

Because of Umno's criminal manipulation of the identity card (IC) issue to gain political power in Sabah, immigration control becomes a non-issue in Sabah.

Why enforce our immigration laws when the ruling party is implicitly encouraging illegal immigration by gifting Malaysian ICs to illegal immigrants to shore up their political hold on Sabah?

Wouldn't it be funny if it is eventually discovered that the illegal intruders were actually Malaysian citizens holding valid Malaysian ICs?

The question then becomes who is ultimately to blame? Mahathir?

ONG: Mahathir said: "At first we (the government) did not think the intrusion was as an external threat as they were on our shores."

Since when was the former prime minister appointed as the minister mentor or senior minister of the present government?

Frus: Of course, you were confused. It is what you get when you legitimised illegals to immorally subvert an entire state to become your pawns forever. You are reaping what you sowed. Sow deception, reap violence.

Mahashitla: Not only has the government failed to read the Lahad Datu situation correctly, you, out of greed, refused to acknowledge the horror of your Project IC which has maintained Umno-BN - but not for long.

These instant citizens have their hearts and minds with the Philippines and when their children grow up, Malaysia can expect Sabah to break away.

I think we have imported the Philippines’ Muslim militancy into Sabah already, thanks to Mahathir and Najib's handling of the peace process between the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), leaving out the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Seadragon: "The reason we didn't act was because they are Muslims and may have family members here," said Mahathir.

So if Indonesia sent a contingent to our soil we just smile and say 'welcome'? They are Muslims and have plenty of relatives here.

Joker: An external force landed on Malaysian shores with guns and dressed in military fatigues. Is it not clear that it is an external threat?

This further confirms that Malaysia has been led for almost three decades by someone whose decision-making prowess is lesser than that of a schoolboy.

And why he using 'we' as if he is part of the government?

LJC: I wonder why Premier Najib Abdul Razak is still allowing this man to be the ‘spokesperson’ when he is no longer part of the present regime.

Mahathir, who came up with the 'Year 2020' vision to make Malaysia a fully developed nation, has not matured to think like a progressive leader.

Just imagine his mindset when he says the following: "The government did not want to kill them because they also have families and friends in Sabah. After all, they are Muslims, and we are Muslims. We do not want to be hasty."

But when it came to our own people, he squashed them whenever they disagreed with him. Go figure.

Botak Chin: So if the terrorists were non-Muslims, the government would have dealt with them more appropriately? Unbelievable.

Joe Fernandez: The PM has the right to talk on behalf of the government. The opposition leader has the right to talk on behalf of the opposition and government-in-waiting. Mahathir has no right to do either.

Jaded: First of all, if a stranger appears in your house, they need to be kicked out or apprehended unless they have the proper papers.

Secondly, the issue of religion shouldn't even come into place. They need proper papers regardless of whether they are Christians or Muslims.

Thirdly, the fact they have friends and neighbours doesn't make it right for them to enter either. Mahathir, there is a warped sense of logic in what you are proposing.

Unspin: A logical explanation as to why these militants are classified as an internal threat as opposed to an external threat is because they have been in the country for a certain period of time.

The authorities want us to believe that these armed men came into the country in small boats over a few days but how are they going to bring in heavy artillery like mortar launchers and M16 assault weapons without being detected by the navy?

Could it be that they have been storing these weapons in the country for a long time to prepare for such an insurgency?

Ferdtan: Don’t worry, folks. You shall see firm and aggressive action taken soon. The de facto PM (Mahathir) has just spoken. He is calling for the armed intruders to be “eliminated”.

Now the security forces have been given the green light from the ‘real power behind the throne’ to use whatever force necessary to stop the ‘invaders’.

I can foresee that in a day or two, the troubled areas in Sabah would be swamped with our security forces - all armed to the teeth with heavy artillery - something never before seen in our current history of peaceful Malaysia.

My prediction is that the physical security problem will be solved in a few days. It will be bloody, no doubt.

However, political instability will remain in the area as there are many relatives and clan members of these Sulu intruders who are Malaysians.

Dr M, the religion of intruders does not matter


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