Initial miscalculation may have cost lives

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YOURSAY 'It appears that our politicians may have blood on their hands for their initial miscalculation of the seriousness of the invasion.'

Nazri: Kg Tanduo incident an intrusion, not a war

your say TehTarik: What a stupid statement from Minister in the PM's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz. Two hundred foreigners invade our land and Nazri calls it an intrusion.

Instead of the army, they send in the police. If this had happened to any other country, the Army would have been deployed.

This might have saved the lives of the eight police officers. It appears that our politicians may have blood on their hands for their initial miscalculation of the seriousness of the invasion.

Mangodurian: You don't put a civilian force like the police in harm's way just because you want to consider the invasion as a domestic problem. Governments even unleash the army on their own citizens. You send in the best guys to do the job.

This is a sinful fiasco by the politicians which cost the lives of eight police officers because they didn't want to label them as "terrorists", "militants" or "invaders" waging a "war".

Even our own citizens are subject to "waging war against the Agong". What more these proclaimed subjects of another "sultanate" coming to invade the soil of the Federation of Malaysia.

There is something very wrong and twisted with our government to be playing semantics with our police officers' lives. This may appear to be the ‘Falklands War' moment for PM Najib Razak, but we should not be fooled by the government's incompetent handling of this fiasco.

The home minister especially should answer personally to the widows of those ill-equipped police officers who perished.

Swipenter: An "intrusion" into our borders is dealt with by our fighter bombers, mortar fire and our ground troops by our armed forces. If there is an "invasion", what kind of firepower would our armed forces use against them? ICBM missiles launched from our Scorpene submarines?

Our ministers think that we are all stupid fools. The home minister told us that these "intruders" (not invaders) were neither "militants nor terrorists" . Now our army and police chiefs tell us that these "intruders", after losing eight of our boys, are now classified as "enemies".

And the architect of Project IC is unsure of the loyalty of those granted blue ICs. One thing for sure is that our ministers, including an ex-prime minister, all talk to us as if we are little kids.

The ramifications and consequences of Project IC and closing an eye to the Tausug fighters moving in and out of Sabah are beginning to unravel and our nightmare has just begun.

Why bring in religion to justify your past and present actions?

Anonymous #68219004: Three hundred armed men from another country entering illegally and occupying our territory and it's called an intrusion? So would 3,000 or 30,000 armed men doing the same be also called an intrusion?

With such logic, no wonder we pussy foot for three weeks resulting in our police officers getting killed for nothing.

Apa Nama: This ‘war' against the invasion is not over even though this particular ‘battle' in Kampung Tanduo is over. The intruders are bound to repeat their actions in the future.

The fear of invasion is always there. Moreover, they had accumulated and hide the arms in Sabah, planning for future use. The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) commanders were Malaysian trained. We being backstabbed.

Radio: The guerrilla war has only just begun. The enemies will start to bomb our airports and create havoc to our economy. This war will spread to other states, and cities. Their aim is to force us to the negotiating table.

There you are, those are the people who bite the hands that feeds them. Umno has helped them so much in the past - funding them, arming them, training them, hosting them at the party's general assemblies. Even now, they are being lenient with them until eight police officers were killed.

Cks: If the intruders have been "totally defeated", how come the Malaysian police have not been able to ascertain the number of casualties amongst the intruders? After so much humiliation, surely they will be extremely eager to parade the number of body bags and the prisoners.

Surely they must have captured the leaders of the intrusion. Hopefully this is not a staged show of might in which all the intruders have escaped.

WeCANLive: What actually irks the Sulu tribes is the peace deal inked between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Filipino government that was brokered by Najib last October. The historic peace deal had left them out.

Nevertheless, this is a war of grievances and the Sulu people (who are already poor) has nothing to lose but to fight to the death as they have been marginalised.

Lin Wenquan: Reading through Malaysiakini's live reports, I cannot but help to notice this snippet of regarding the scarcity of fuel of the petrol station in Bandar Cenderawasih, 30km away from the conflict zone, that it is rationing petrol but reserving it only for military vehicles.

'"I only have 1,000 litres left and it's being set aside for our security forces,' said petrol station manager Hakim Razim."

This spine-chilling statement may escape the attention of a casual reader but it certainly begs the question, "How well are our security forces prepared for this mission?"

Even a military exercise will cover the whole works of logistics and supplies, what more a deployment to flush out foreign armed intruders. Are our military vehicles being subject to petrol rationing so that they can requisite and refuel at civilian petrol points-of-sales?

Something is very wrong with our military top brass if this oversight is true.

Idoc: The Malaysian-trained rebel fighters claimed to have a large cache of weapons in Sabah. Definitely not even former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad would have expected this.

Well, we reap what we sow - all those years of arming and training the rebels is coming back to haunt us. Mahathir's ethnic engineering programme has gotten out of hand.

Sunnyd: Ask the Pakistanis how they trained the Taliban. Now the Taliban is doing a jihad on them. The MNLF, which we created, is similarly going to do a jihad on us.

Starr: We may win the 'battle' in Lahad Datu, but the 'war' in Sabah is still at hand as casualty mounts. There are sufficient numbers of Suluk and Bangsamoro in the state to mount sporadic attacks from within with assistance from across the borders.

The situation is dire and complex. Suffice to say, the problem with the Suluk and Bangsamoro is not going away any time soon.

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