And BN thugs were the intruders in Teluk Intan

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YOURSAY 'Why did the police not deal with the aggressors? Why escort the speakers away? After all, they were there legitimately.'

BN supporters disrupt Teluk Intan DAP ceramah

your say Milosevic: This police strategy of not curtailing or punishing the brown shirts and Umno ‘SS' Youth is deliberate.

Umno needs to rule through intimidation and to provoke destabilising conditions. The police have lost their independence and professionalism a long time ago.

Umno does not want to see the development of good, competent institutions because it goes against their political and economic interests. Their rule requires the conversion of all institutions to Umno servitude.

They cover up their nation-destroying ways by pretending to defend race and religion, when indeed they have made a mockery of the religion and the Malay community.

No wonder many Malays have become disillusioned but with enough propaganda and fear tactics, Umno still hopes to swing enough Malays to their side to continue their predation.

The slate has to be wiped clean, and maybe Malaysia can begin to become a proper, progressive nation one day.

M Manogaran: My main concern last night (Sunday) was the safety of the people gathered at Menara Condong (in Teluk Intan), especially with so many women and children. I am thankful that no one was injured.

Anonymous #68219004: Just like those terrorist invaders in Lahad Datu, these local ‘intruders' should be arrested immediately. And should they be violent then use force, if necessary, to stop them.

It's time our police force shows their independence and enforce the law against these Umno-BN hooligans. Don't be cowed by your political masters.

It's time the police flex their own muscles as guardians of the Malaysian people. Only then, can you be respected as a just, unbias and righteous police force. Stand up and be counted.

Ah Boss: Intruders? Sounds like the terrorists in Sabah. There is only one way to deal with such people - take them on.

I wish I was there. I would have carried on with the ceramah and told the police to stop them, not me. And if they dared to touch me, I would act in self-defence.

These kind are usually cowards and try to intimidate others only when they are in a group.

Onyourtoes: I am ashamed of police wearing a police crest on their forehead. It should be Umno-BN crest, at least it is more transparent and honest.

I do not believe this group of thugs is going around out of their own political conviction and belief. Even a nincompoop can figure out who is financing them.

Bystander: What kind of message is Hilir Perak district police chief Goh Kok Liang sending when he ordered the ceramah to be stopped and supporters of both sides to disperse?

The ceramah is legitimately organised, so why take such action just because some Umno troublemakers gatecrashed the event?

Shouldn't these rascals be arrested and taken away and let the ceramah go on? So the next time when BN holds a ceramah, Pakatan Rakyat supporters can do likewise?

Hmmmmmmmm: Why did the police not deal with the aggressors? Why escort the speakers away? They were there legitimately.

There is no such thing as being outnumbered. With the law behind you, which of the gangsters would dare to touch you?

You arrest the ringleaders and the others will all flee with their tails between their legs. The police force better wake up or it'll lose respect from the citizens soon.

Anonymous #07910507: "They were also angry that the police had asked us to stop the ceramah and so they held a sit-in protest for about 30 minutes," said Pasir Pedamar assemblyperson Seah Leong Peng.

Well done, people of Telok Intan. It is time more citizens around the country adopt this Gandhian tactic of sit-down protests like this in the face of Umno aggression and thuggery.

Since the police are "powerless" and act to "save" the speakers by escorting them out thus, forcing the ceramah to end early; the police are in fact fulfilling what the attackers want - an end to the ceramah.

It is time Malaysian citizens stand up for the right to freedom of assembly, by sitting down in the face such blatant racist aggression. Do a sit-down protest and send the Umno thugs away.

And I would also hold the Umno division chief, branch chief and pondok chief responsible. Who else would have ordered it?

Joker: A legitimate event was halted and its speaker escorted out and the hooligans were allowed to have their way. Not enough humanpower? The district police chief was present, for goodness sake.

Are you telling me that with the law and 1,000 legitimate event participants behind him, the police chief is unable to stand up and face off those thugs? Do police officers only carry out their duties when they outnumber and outgun their opponents?

AnonymousA: DAP must not hold ceramah alone in the future, they have to call in their partner, PAS, to come along for safety's sake.

Cantabrigian: It's embarrassing to see adults acting like small kids. One thing for sure, the rise of thuggery and gangsterism by Umno supporters provides ample proof that Pakatan is gaining the support of the rakyat in many places, and Umno is worried.

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