PM, another two months won't make any difference

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YOURSAY 'A few more weeks will not show much difference in the GE results. Najib has no mandate from the people and should go to the polls as soon as possible.'

Najib: More time needed to show results before polls

your say Chipmunk: PM Najib Razak, what does ‘Janji Ditepati' mean to you? As far as I understand, the English translation is 'Promises Fulfilled', but what I cannot understand (and I am sure most Malaysians share the same thought) is, when do you expect your transformation to take effect? One month? One year? Three years?

If you have so much of confidence in your transformation programme and have the people's confidence, I am sure you will continue to be PM (even though you may have another camp within Umno which is trying very hard to derail you).

The more you try to hold on to your seat, the more you are going to lose out. Trust me, I know as I am part of the grassroots. As far as I can see, whatever you have planned is backfiring on you big time. That is what we call divine intervention.

Quigonbond: Is Najib suggesting to postpone the GE? Negeri Sembilan state assembly needs to be dissolved by late March, and elections need to be carried out within 60 days. That puts GE absolutely latest in May.

Please, no more delays. Malaysians want to get on with their lives.

Swipenter: What are you really transforming? There is this perception that we are not moving towards a transparent, accountable and responsible form of governance.

Is there equal opportunities for all. What about fair play and equality before the law? Social justice based on needs? Equal treatment for all, irrespective of creed and culture? War against corruption?

All your transformation programmes won't work if they don't address these problems.

We are now facing both internal and external threats but the ruling elites are still playing politics with race and religion to score brownie points.

Mangodurian: What is this about 'not destroying the second-hand market for cars? There is always a solution. Sure, unlucky owners of pre-correction cars will see their value drop, but it is necessary medicine for the long term.

The car prices are distorted by high taxes. China also had high car prices, but went through this correction. Now its people have mostly new and safe cars instead of having to drive old junks due to high car prices.

It looks like the BN government would rather see the rakyat suffer than to cause short-term inconvenience to second-hand car dealers. There is something fundamentally wrong with BN's reasoning.

Calvert Yap: How long do you need, Najib? Another five years? So the country have to wait for you to show the results before calling for GE13?

If you cannot get your results, then we continue to wait? You are not making any logical sense at all.

The constitution says your term is five years. No matter whether you achieve whatever you are supposed to achieve or no matter what you want to show or prove, your term is over and you need to get new mandate. Simple as that.

Righteous: If after 55 years you still need a little more time to "show results", you have indeed told everyone that you are not the leader, and BN is not the party, we deserve.

Bert: "He (Najib) urged Malaysians to have faith in the BN government...".

Yes, we did put our faith in the BN government for 55 years. What have we come to now? We have corruption, nepotism, cronyism, money laundering, IC/citizenship given to foreigners and those living here for 30/40 years still can't get a blue IC/citizenship.

What is the PM's response to carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan's and private investigator P Balasubramaniam's accusations? What have you done about Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud?

Otak_Otak: Dear PM, I think you are in self-denial. Things are not what you claim they are. The GDP is up 49 percent probably due to increase in oil and palm oil prices, which only benefitted a certain sector.

Don't fool us with your figures. If your so-called transformation programme is working, then you should call GE13 without any further delay.

Anonymous #21828131: After 55 years, you still need another two months to show actual results of BN's work?

Luckily TV3 did not question you about corruption, gerrymandering , biased governance, especially when taking action against the opposition, but when glaring and highly questionable exposes are revealed, the government has not shown any transformation in these areas.

This is the very essence of good governance. Anyone can reply without a rebuttal to well prepared questions and answers and with the support of the government-controlled MSM (mainstream media).

Ahmed: A few more weeks will not show much difference in the results. Najib has no mandate from the people and should go to the polls as soon as possible for a mandate to continue to do what he is doing and wanted to do.

Ohakimm: Najib can give his opinion and we can give ours. Najib, when are you going to have the debate with Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim?

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